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Having a parent with cancer is very difficult on the entire family. This book explores different feelings and phases of cancer treatment, from the point of view of a child. Specifically it deals... More > with rarer cancers such as appendix cancer and pseudomyxoma peritonei,describing some of the challenges and milestones. More information on the author's personal cancer journey: ISBN: 978-1-312-33963-7< Less
It Is Not Yet My Time to Go By Honoré Yadaba
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I started writing one year exactly following my official cancer diagnosis at the terminal stage, and four years since the first severe symptoms of the diseases sent me under the surgeon knives. For... More > the last four years my allopathic physicians worked on individual symptoms of my conditions. Acid reducers to begin with, targeting my stomach. Then they removed my appendix because of my intestinal cramps and abdominal bloating. They fed me with proton pump inhibitors and antibiotics to tackle my bloating, constipation, repeated intestinal cramps and pain, blood in the stool.< Less
The Good, The Bad, and the Two-Bagger Ugly: My Drunken Adventures With Wyatt on the Frontier of Alternative Medicine Quackary! By Doc Quack
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A believer in power of the pen over tyranny of the state, Dr. Quack has influenced the minds and practice of about 100,000 physicians, researchers, and patients in his field with about 40,000 reached... More > regularly. The reader will learn the straight scoop on the good, the bad, and the ugly to homeopathy. Along with information on cancer treatment, you will learn how to defend yourself, friends, and family from Swine Flu and other strains of the future among a "taboo" field of medicine that squashes plague with dirt cheap remedy. Chapter 1 covers an intro to homeopathy. Chapter 2 and the Appendix are massive sections devoted to its science, physics, and ongoing research. Chapter 3 covers a plan, remedies, and methods for defense of the United States from plagues. 250 pages. Including a very powerful index which makes this book a valuable physician's desk reference for decades to come! PRINT VERSIONS OF THIS BOOK MAY ALSO BE FOUND ON AMAZON.COM< Less
Susto: Fright and Soul Loss in the Spanish Speaking World By Brendan Bombaci
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Susto is a both a culture bound syndrome and an idiom of distress with many variations around a consensus fundamental core set of symptoms – mostly somatic but some psychological – caused... More > mostly by fright and stress. It is found mostly in Central and South America, but also among Mexican American populations, and to a lesser degree in Spain; it does not occur throughout the whole Spanish-speaking world. The DSM IV only lists susto in Appendix I and relates it to Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and lastly to Somatoform Disorders (SD) which have no apparent medical cause. Anthropologically, it has been studied for associations to physiological symptoms via biomarker analyses, with positive correlations, but also reported by some populations to be a causal factor in major debilitating illness (mostly diabetes, but also cancer) and even death, where research has provided tentative evidence that neither is the case. Herein: causes, treatments, and cultural descriptions.< Less

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