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Stonehenge Alignments By H Jenks
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Stonehenge has hidden its secrets in plain view. Form follows function. We can now see that it functioned as a precision scientific instrument, to measure the angles of sunrise, sunset, moonrise,... More > moonset, and to measure angles outside of these ranges, implying that the entire visible sky was mapped. The astronomers of Stonehenge divided the circle into 36 segments, and were more than 1000 years in advance of the Babylonian astronomers in this regard.< Less
Astronomia Flamenca By Ian Beardsley
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In a journey from Spain to Italy and back to America, a student of astronomy does flamenco, picking up hidden anomolies in the solar system, science fiction, and time.
The Exploits Of Manuel By Ian Beardsley
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The exploits of a Gypsy Shaman in business, science, and the business of science. The discoveries that were made, and the life he lived.
The Uranus Enigma By Ian Beardsley
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It is called The Uranus Enigma because whether or not extraterrestrials left their thumbprint in our physics as well as a message that seems to come from the same region of space as SETI’s Wow... More > signal, or randomly evolving systems and Nature converge on one number (nine-fifths), the Uranus integral is one compact statement that embodies everything. It is my belief, if you read this story, you might agree it is what happens if Gypsies do physics.< Less
Manuel's Integral By Ian Beardsley
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A compact statement that embodies a great deal, a message from extraterrestrials embedded in our physics.
ET Conjecture By Ian Beardsley
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Here we present my comprehensive work to date Jan 2015 in my work The ET Conjecture.
The World's First Cities By Brian J.L. Berry
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The World's First Cities were created when three forces converged: the emergence of states and god kingship; the ability to plan, design and build monumental complexes; and the desire to match the... More > rhythms of life on earth and the movements of the heavens. Convergence occurred at different times in each region that invented cities. In this insightful book, Brian Berry tells the story of this timing and discusses the planned cities that were created.< Less
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169 Photographs & Graphics. The research work of Debbie Johnson has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the past. This book redefines the Egyptian civilization by introducing... More > two new discoveries which reveal the enlightened state of the ancient culture. The first topics covered in archaeoastronomy are sun alignments and symbolic art that demonstrates amazing correlation when compared to the orientation and placement of temples and pyramids. The second subject involves the phenomenon of rock formations called simulacra that appear in the mountain cliffs in the likeness of the Egyptian deities. The Egyptian gods emerge as supernatural beings at dawn, transform throughout the day, and fade at dusk respectively with the sun. Both discoveries unite to prove that the Egyptians were both seekers and teachers of the natural world, building their structures to honor realities in nature that are based on cosmic principles of the solar cycles.< Less
Mindprint, the subconscious art code By Edmond Furter
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Visual archetypes are the DNA of culture. In artefacts and artworks, where archaeo-astronomers see ancient star maps, archaeologists see cultural traditions, and anthropologists see initiation... More > secrets, appear a standard sequence of types, on an axial grid. Structural archaeology uses constellations as myth maps to find the structure of our perception. All inspired artists, in the Stone, Ice, Bronze and Iron Ages; Babylonians, Egyptians, Chinese, Celts, Mayans, Vikings and moderns, subconsciously express mindprint, our eternal artefact. The sixteen clusters of attributes are demonstrated in 200 examples of famous art and rock art works from every continent and culture. Archetypes are statistically proven, and their 'camouflage' is explained in terms of archaeology, anthropology, art history, psychology, philosophy, archaeo-astronomy, esoterica and spirituality. Readers will never look at art, artists or culture as a cumulative, learned or evolved craft again.< Less
The Mysteries: Unveiling the Knowledge of Subtle Energy in Ritual By Bernard Heuvel
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1 Between Myth, Magic, and Science 2 Archaeo-astronomy and Myth 3 Earth Spirit 4 Numbers 5 Megalithic Structures, Ley Lines and the World Grid 6 Subtle Energy 7 Alchemy 8 Creating the Matrix 9... More > Astrology 10 Astronomical Alignments and Magical Rituals at Sacred Places 11 Temple design 12 Initiations and the Mystery Schools 13 Subtle Energy Knowledge in Religion 14 Egregores: The Creation of our Gods 15 The Occult Influence of Government and Religion on Society 16 Consecration and Desecration of Sacred Places 17 Monumental Masonic Magic 18 Ancient Occult Warfare 19 New Religion for the Aeon of Horus (Satan, Lucifer) 20 Esoteric Ancient Science and Technology 21 Hermetica and Paleophysics 22 Esoteric Modern Science and Technology 23 Tachyon Energy 24 Channelled Information on the Subtle Energy Grid 25 Escaping the Matrix Appendix I: Glossary of Elements of Ancient Subtle Energy Technology Appendix II: Numbers of the Canon Appendix III: The natural Meaning of the Alphabet Literature< Less

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