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Angels: God's Messengers and Spirit Army By United Church of God
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Angels are God’s messengers and His spirit army, and they are very numerous. Make no mistake, angels do exist! They exist to serve “those who will inherit salvation”. But because... More > they are invisible, we tend to forget their role in carrying out God’s purpose and plan. Many angels have been given the duty of serving our needs, and their responsibilities and assignments may change with circumstances. Inside study aid: -- The Origin of the Spirit Realm -- The Vast Multitudes of Heaven’s Armies -- Should We Worship or Pray to Angels? -- Appearing in Human Form -- Did Angels Interbreed With Women to Produce Giants? -- Popular, But Wrong, Ideas About Angels -- Where Did the Idea of Angels as Babies Originate? -- Leading Angels: Michael and Gabriel -- What Is the Origin of Satan and Demons? -- Different Kinds of Angels -- Serving God and Mankind -- Personal Stories of Angelic Encounters< Less
The Coming Army of the Lord By Henry Epps
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The coming army of God talks about the last days church of the Lord Jesus Christ. anointed men and women that will change the world and reform the church of Jesus Christ.
The Coming Army of the Lord By Henry Epps
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The coming Army of the Lord is preparing the body of christ for the age of the apostles and the prophets and the spiritual warfare that is about to take place in the earth.
One Woman Army By Dr. Joretta Brewton Akpo-Sanni
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Have you ever found yourself in life, seemingly, stuck like a fly on fly paper? The more you thought you had it figured out, the more you became stuck and just can’t get loose? Looking beyond... More > the circumstances into the future and hoping for the best, yet stuck! What do you do when you’ve done all that you know to do? Never live and walk in fear. There are people waiting to help, even family members. Never think family members do not see what is going on. They want to help but are waiting for the cry for help! God Almighty will send help from the sanctuary, but we have to make up our mind that we need and want help. Never be afraid to ask for help! If anyone should ever write my life story, truly that person would say, “Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me.”< Less
The Grand Army Of The Golden Eagle By H.L. Dowless
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What you see before you is a true one of a kind American battle epic! Learn why God became angry with man. Learn who the son of Odin was! Learn who the great"Author" was how he defeated the... More > evil Teutonic Kights and the Kingdom of the Dragon! Learn what his secret weapon was and join in the great victory celebration! Look into the future and see what awaits the mortals of earth! Get your copy today while you can!< Less
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The second wave of ascension begins. The lost cities of Earth must return for the sleepers who have awakened at this time need to return to their rightful place, to the cities that were so cruelly... More > taken from them, Heliopolis and ancient Jericho just two of several that will return. The Seeker and her companions go in search of the Messenger for he has led many to the dark path, but they are stopped in the nick of time by Gabriel, an Enlighten One who tells of seven new travelling companions that are now on their way to meet with them, sleepers that are more aware, but there is one within their midst with treachery on her mind, seeking out an Enlighten One, for she worships another, the Darkest of all the Sentinels that only now comes into the game, proclaiming he is God and that Earth is his domain.< Less
Armies of the Silver Mage By Christian Warren Freed
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Malweir was once governed by the order of Mages, bringers of peace and light. Centuries passed. Unknown to most, one mage desired power above all else. He turned his will to the banished Dark Gods... More > and brought war to the free lands. Only a handful of mages survived the betrayal and the Silver Mage was left free to twist the darker races to his bidding. The only thing he needs to complete his plan and rule the world forever are the four shards of the crystal of Tol Shere. Delin Kerny and Fennic Attleford never thought that one day they would be forced to flee their town in order to save their lives. Hunted by a ruthless mercenary, the boys are forced into the adventure they only dreamed about. Ever ashamed of the horrors his kind let loose on the world the last mage, Dakeb, lives his life in shadows. His chance finally comes through the hearts and wills of Delin and Fennic. Dakeb bestows upon them the crystal shard, entrusting them with the one thing capable of restoring peace to Malweir.< Less
So Help Me God: Adventures of a WWII Army Nurse By Elizabeth Czizek Feldt
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Libby Feldt treats the reader to a delightful first-person account as a young nurse commissioned in the Army Nurse Corps and deployed in France and Germany during World War II, 1944-1946. We see her... More > commitment begin by taking the oath of office from her father in their Dubuque, Iowa living room, develop at basic training in Colorado, and get honed during the Atlantic Ocean crossing to England. Her unit's orders are to establish the 200th General Hospital in France after its recent liberation from Germany. We follow Libby and her friends through England, France and Germany and hear of their encounters with the Glenn Miller Band, Bob Hope and General Patton. We celebrate Armistice and mourn the ravages of war. Libby Feldt's story is a tribute to the indefatigable spirit of a young nurse.< Less
PREPARING THE ARMY OF GOD - A Basic Training Manual For Spiritual Warfare By Patrick J. Hession
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You are involved in a war, not of your own choosing, but one that is having a profound and personal effect on you. What you do about it will determine where and how you will spend eternity. You... More > must choose sides, but you cannot avoid the war. On the basis of your choice, you will become a winner or a loser. This book is designed to prepare and equip you for that war.< Less
Armor of Light: The Christian in the Army of the Lord By Gary Barnard Dotson
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This book is for Christians who are serious about engaging the spiritual darkness that has always been around us, that is invisibly manipulating and influencing everything on earth. The Church... More > cannot be satisfied with simple church attendance and conferences and workshops; we must move as the army we were saved to be, protected by the armor of God, and fight with the weapons God gives: the written Word and prayer.< Less

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