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Intellectual Property for Producing Theatres By Matt Davis
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In today’s cultural atmosphere, new art increasingly borrows from preexisting work, references today’s popular culture, or incorporates fact or rumor. However, few artists or managers... More > have ready access to a lawyer in their organization, or even know someone to turn to when questions arise. Unfortunately, the legal environment surrounding these concepts is slow to adapt to new trends, and increasingly complex and difficult to understand. This text outlines the core principles of copyright and other protections that are often mistaken for copyright, such as reputational torts and trademark law, to give the reader an understanding of the terminology and basis for each protection. Everything from the brand logos on props and costumes onstage to the TV show an actor parodies in an ad-lib opens your theatre to some degree of legal risk. The difference between an immoral theft and an inspired homage is slight, but important for producers of new work to ask of each piece they create.< Less
The Producer BDB: Birth of A Global Empire By Erika Hirugami
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The Producer BDB | Bryan Avila Is an emergent contemporary artist born in California and raised globally; primarily known for his depictions of pop-culture icons though street art. His renderings... More > include Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso amongst many other contemporary culture producers to the extend of Karl Lagerfeld or Anna Wintour. His unique articulations amalgamate street culture with pop, fashion and a heavy doze of fine art. The Producer BDB’s creations can be spotted around the globe in such cities as Paris in France, Madrid in Spain, Rio De Janerio in Brazil, Miami in the United States, Berlin in Germany and all over Los Angeles in California (even Delta’s Sky Lounge at LAX). His artwork can currently be purchased through Bruce Lurie Gallery in Los Angeles CA., Mouche Gallery in Beverly Hills CA or Maui Wailea, HI and Rosenbaum Contemporary in Boca Raton FL along with every other major art fair in the United States.< Less
Art 104 & Art 140 By Tyler Bingham
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A collection of photographs produced by the student artists of Western New Mexico University while working with adjunct faculty member, Tyler Bingham (Fall Semester 2016).
Art portfolio By Temitope Owosela
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Series of artworks that I was able to produce over the years.
Art 2015 By George Fischer
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Catalog of art produced in 2015, listing the size, medium, inspiration and month completed.
"Words Of Art" By Nick Calais
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This Poetry book contains an insight from words within, it produces words that has an array of self emotions, self reflection and hope of knowing yourself more and will appeal to both men and women.
"Words Of Art" By Nick Calais
eBook (PDF): $4.58
This Poetry book contains an insight from words within, it produces words that has an array of self emotions, self reflection and hope of knowing yourself more and will appeal to both men and women.
Ottoman Art By Adem Cetinkaya
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The greatest contribution of Ottoman art is in the fields of manuscript painting and ceramics. Ottoman ceramics, mass-produced to supply both local and foreign markets, enjoyed the widest circulation... More > and the highest reputation of all portable Turkish objects. By contrast, illustrated manuscripts were zealously guarded in the Palace libraries throughout Ottoman history and only a meager amount were given away as presents, captured during battles or, as in the past century, sold or taken from the imperial collections. Consequently, limited quantities of miniatures were accessible to the outsiders. With the advent of the Republic all the imperial libraries became public museums, enabling students and scholars to study this unique form of Ottoman art. The art of the book is basically an Islamic tradition with court-sponsored poets, calligraphers, illuminators, miniaturists and bookbinders working together to create an illustrated manuscript.< Less
Evolved Art By Tim Endres
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Evolved Art: Turtles - Volume One is the presentation of a collection of computer generated images created by evolving algorithms that draw. The author has discovered a new form of computer generated... More > art that merges the fields of computer graphics, evolution, and art. The book presents images evolved by a program named BioLogo that evolves "turtles" which are programs written in a computer language similar to Logo. The turtles draw images based on very simple commands. The user then applies the principle of evolutionary fitness by choosing which turtles are to mate to produce the progeny that will draw the next generation's images. This volume introduces the concept of evolved art, and documents the history of its discovery by the author. The book then presents some of the author's favorite turtles from his personal collection evolved over the last 15 years.< Less
The Work of Art By scott trent
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Artists practice the art of being creative every day. Most have spent a lifetime perfecting this unique approach to life. Insights are found in the artist’s process, their actions, their... More > perspective, and approach to problems. The process is easily documentable and each step reproducible. The artist utilizes the creative process to make art, while the designer creates by following the process of design thinking. Design thinking takes the creative process and tailors it to the structured, hierarchal, restricted environment of a business and provides guidance for innovation to occur. This book follows the creation of a work of art. It captures the insights of the artist’s process by describing each step and pulling practical steps across the gap to the ideals of an innovative organization. This book illustrates what must happen for an organization to build a creative culture and produce innovative products and services.< Less

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