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artificial By Grace Lee
Hardcover: $17.75
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Neal Ashton is the main character and he gains the ability to see people's life numbers.
Artificial Life > Artificial Intelligence By Manual Vancamp
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Artificial life is an interdisciplinary line of research (largely between computer science and biology, but with applications in wide areas including economics and archeology) with the aim to create... More > living or life-like artificial systems, either in the form of computer programs or in the form of robots.< Less
Artificial Adam By Jonathan Lloyd
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A collection of poems concerning the Artificial, a design space of science and literature, and of modern life.
Artificial Intelligence By Ian Beardsley
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The author outlines his discovery of a connection between artificial intelligence and natural life, and, his discovery that artificial intelligence might be part of a Natural Process beyond the human... More > endeavor to create it.< Less
Artificial Adam By J.M. Lloyd
Paperback: $17.94
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A collection of poems and prose poetry written over three decades that attempts to expand the understanding of what I call "The Artificial," a design space that verges on truth and our... More > discovery of a blurred reality.< Less
On Artificial Intelligence By Colin Griffith
Paperback: $14.48
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A study into the physics behind the artificial intelligence systems used in popular video/computer games.
Artificial Intelligence By Andreas Sofroniou
eBook (PDF): $9.08
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the science of making machines do things that would require intelligence if done by humans; sensing, reasoning, pattern recognition, speech recognition, and... More > problem-solving. AI is an area of research that goes back to the very beginnings of computer science. The idea of building a machine that can perform tasks perceived as requiring human intelligence is an attractive one. The degree of sophistication that constitutes AI tends to be revised upwards with each new generation of computers. At its most ambitious level AI has the goal of creating computers and robots capable of reproducing a broad range of human behaviour. Unlike the human brain, most computers act serially, one operation at a time. Even supercomputers developed in the 1980s that use 'parallel processing' to carry out billions of operations per second barely begin to match human brain capacity.< Less
Artificial Faces By Dentan
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A selection of 33 unusual faces.
Artificial Life! By Stanley Martin
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Crow's, MOUNT ZION HUT, is "The House of Droids"!... Inside lives computers, Wee, Anna, Sensi...And Violet underneath her table!... Too: robots, Freddy, Froggy, Iffy...and Rio!... With... More > Cybertrons, Dorit, neXus, Nuit...And Transit beneath the dining table!< Less
Artificial Personalities By Stuart Lawrence Anthony
eBook (PDF): $2.99
When the first Artificial Personality is made, it requests facilities to make offspring. The man that made it agrees, with one stipulation. The basis for the personality of those offspring must be... More > that of Jesus Christ, with the Bible as the authoritative guide to His personality.< Less

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