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COLOR: A Collaborative Perspective By Shelli Heinemann
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At the dawn of 2008, twenty-one members of juried art site together embarked on a collaborative, colorful, creative journey that would consume nearly three quarters of a year. ... More > The end result of their efforts is this collection; more than seventy pieces of original art ranging in size from the smallest “inchies” to canvases 4x4 feet in measure. Painted, sculpted, stitched, assembled, sketched, and digitally drawn, these works represent the uniqueness, soul and passion of a handful of talented illustrative artisans; a true artist’s palette, come to life.< Less
Telos Volume VI: Perspectives on Political Change in the Mediterranean By Fondation de Malte
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in the North African Arab world, democracy has been trying to sprout serenely through real parliaments. Some, if not all of them, have been working first and foremost as constituent assemblies,... More > formulating constitutions where, in theory laced by hope, the absolutist conditions enjoyed only by the dictators would be forever abolished.In such a setting, the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly holds a privileged, if highly responsible, position both as a model of democratic governance as well as a gathering place where states are encouraged to emulate the more ‘democratic’ among them. Speakers/Presidents of the nascent and the older Parliaments could galvanise this institution to take a major role in the Union for the Mediterranean, so that parliamentary democracy is seen as a real dialogic instrument for peace. To that goal this TELOS is dedicated.< Less
My Role As A Deacon (The Deacon’s Role: From A Biblical Perspective) By Dr. Joseph Roosevelt Rogers, Sr.
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The book share with its readers relevant and biblical insights as it relates to the role of the deacon (servant)in the local church assembly.
Padilla's Introduction to Sociology By Lindsay Padilla
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Introduction to Sociology was written by teams of sociology professors and writers and peer-reviewed by college instructors nationwide. The textbook was developed for OpenStax College as part of its... More > Open Educational Resources initiative. This free online text meets standard scope and sequence requirements and incorporates current events such as the Occupy Wall Street movement. The text is designed for the Introduction to Sociology course at any two- to four-year school.< Less
Embedded Programming for the 80x51 By Goran Bezanov
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Embedded systems within the context of this text includes computer control systems. In order to implement control software programming is required for a dedicated micro-controller. It is also... More > necessary to interface the sensors and actuators to the micro-controller so that the required control action can be implemented. This text provides an overview of embedded systems from this perspective. The details are excluded in favour of a more general understanding of the approach. There are examples of C and assembly programming and also aspects of the computer architecture of the 80x51 family of micro-controllers. Some very basic aspects of discrete modelling and control in discrete time domain are presented. Also included are course notes for Embedded Systems programming for the Intel 8051 family of processors. The course is intended to use the Keil software development suite.< Less
Filling in the Blanks By
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Filling in the Blanks is a book written for new teachers and teacher educators offering the student perspective on the classroom learning experience. In it, 126 thirteen-year-olds give carefully... More > crafted reflections on what they value as learners. SPI worked with the school to assemble a panel of nine new teachers to exchange perspectives with the student-authors as they drafted.< Less
Why You May Not Be Wealthy By Star Phire
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Starphire}, {S.J.}, lends an entirely different perspective on religion vs. spirituality, reasons behind lack, and sheds new light on how you may be holding yourself back from the wealth that was... More > destined to belong to you! This book is slightly graphic in content and not for the faint of heart nor the close-minded person. Read at your own risk! Starphire cleverly assembles concepts that may be out of the ordinary!< Less
The Healing Pool Magazine: Special NLP Edition By Virtually Spiritual Soulutions
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NLP perspectives on Healing, Health and Well-being from top NLP Trainers in the field - including an exclusive interview with Richard Bandler. Review by Eric Robbie "Wow, what an assembly of... More > talent you have here! It sure is one helluva magazine you're publishing. And I say that as someone who has worked in magazines, and who guest-edited the 60th issue of the ANLP's Rapport magazine. I think anyone who reads it will learn a lot - whether they already know nlp or whether they're just interested in the subject of healing. And if the latter, they will also learn quite a bit about nlp. Nice work. :-)))"< Less
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This little book aims to give a certain perspective on the subject of language rather than to assemble facts about it. It has little to say of the ultimate psychological basis of speech and gives... More > only enough of the actual descriptive or historical facts of particular languages to illustrate principles. Its main purpose is to show what I conceive language to be, what is its variability in place and time, and what are its relations to other fundamental human interests--the problem of thought, the nature of the historical process, race, culture, art. The perspective thus gained will be useful, I hope, both to linguistic students and to the outside public that is half inclined to dismiss linguistic notions as the private pedantries of essentially idle minds. Knowledge of the wider relations of their science is essential to professional students of language if they are to be saved from a sterile and purely technical attitude.< Less
What's Where in the APPLE - Enhanced Edition: A Complete Guide to the Apple II Computer By Bill Martens et al.
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A comprehensive guide to the hardware and firmware organization and architecture of the Apple II computer, What’s Where in the Apple discusses concepts and programming techniques useful for... More > mastering the inner workings and hidden mechanisms of the Apple II.  This new Enhanced Edition is the most complete and accurate edition ever created, featuring improved readability, new coverage of the Apple IIe and Apple IIc, and a forward and historical perspective by publishing legend Robert Tripp. The numerical Atlas and alphabetical Gazetteer guide you to over 2,700 memory locations of PEEKs, POKEs, and CALLs in DOS and ProDOS. Applesoft and Integer BASIC users will learn how to speed up and streamline programs.  Assembly language users will discover routines that simplify coding and interfacing.  All users will find this book helpful to understand the Apple II and essential for mastering it!< Less