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Beyond The Chair By Arlene Hill
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Beyond The Chair is a space adventure where young Bradley becomes an astronaut at age six. Bradley is convinced that his best friend, Tommy Sullivan, will never believe it. Well, he is having a hard... More > time believing it himself; and more particularly that he is a vital part of the three-man crew … well, the one man, one woman and one kid crew. But with his inquiring mind (there is no end to his questions) and given his delight in all things "space," Bradley is having the time of his life. At first he worried about things like going to the bathroom in space and whether or not there were dead men in space that would float by his window, but when he was informed that there was no way he would be required to take a bath or shower in space, he was in seventh heaven … literally.< Less
Return to Outpost By Elizabeth Braun
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Jack sat on his deck watching the launch preparations for the next mission to Mars. He was envious of the astronauts traveling to what he considered his Outpost. He had been a part of the first... More > “one-way” mission to Mars and had lived on Mars for over 20 years. Eventually, technology caught up with him and he returned to Earth with the first “round-trip” crew. Now, after a few years of retirement on Earth, he was ready to return home, to Mars. When fate intervened in his favor, Jack manages to stowaway on the spaceship and began his second adventure of a lifetime. Elizabeth began writing the novel, Jack’s Outpost, when she received a copy of a Houston Chronicle article entitled “Travel to Mars – on a one-way ticket?” from her Uncle Jack. Jack was 90 years old at the time and a retired employee at NASA. After completing Jack’s Outpost, the two continued their snail mail correspondence and wrote the sequel, Return to Outpost.< Less
A Dictionary of Space Cornish By Nigel Ayers
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Space Cornish is something truly unique. While there have been other artificial languages, Space Cornish marks one of the rare times when a non-specialist organisation has been called upon to craft... More > an official language for space. Space Cornish was developed by the Cornwall Community Space Program in 2007. They invented Space Cornish by taking a ready-made language that already existed and adjusting it slightly to create a whole new vocabulary suitable for space travel.< Less
Wake up By Shawn Lachance
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An engineer crash lands on a strange planet.
The Blue Sphere By Massimo Corso
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Lost secret on the wild jungle will be discovered by a lone explorer on the verge of death. Cannibals and wild animals will test his sanity, a harsh travel will give him a new doom.
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A Space Odyssey in Four Acts. This is an abstract narrative about two lost space-time travelers from the year 5002 AD who voyage into our dimension looking to get back to their time.
The Mission By Charlie Rooke
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Finn Rustle and his friends were asked to go on a mission to help make a plan to destroy the aliens. Do they have what it takes to take on the biggest mission of their life? Read The Mission and find... More > out.< Less
Jack's Outpost By Elizabeth Braun
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Travel to Mars – on a one-way ticket? “I would go, but where would I find tonic water on Mars?” was Jack’s initial response. Logistics resolved, his life in the Outpost on... More > Mars centers around tending his vegetable garden and playing simulated golf on the state of the art entertainment system. This tranquil scientific assignment changes when budget cuts create new alliances and foreign space agencies start sending their own Martian explorers. The author began writing Jack’s Outpost, when she received a newspaper article from the Houston Chronicle on one-way missions to Mars from her Uncle Jack Morledge. Who in real life is a 90-year-old retired NASA employee. She sent him the first chapter and Jack responded with storyline and technical suggestions. Over a period of two years, this book was created in this way.< Less
The New Right Stuff: Fulfilling What You Came to Earth to Do By Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides
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Loretta Whitesides takes you on a deeply personal journey to help you be the person you have always wanted to be. Whether your mission is to be the first person on Mars, or to be an awesome steward... More > of Spaceship Earth, the New Right Stuff will help train you to be ready to be effective, present and connected in your personal and professional life. Filled with stories from across the space industry, exercises and assignments it will guide you as you take the next steps on your path to fulfillment, self-expression and joy.< Less
Three Theses for the Space Renaissance By Adriano V. Autino et al.
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Lorenzo De 'Medici meets Bill Gates. Lorenzo: "In my time, by means of my wealth, I sponsored the Renaissance of arts and culture, and I was of great help to the scientific genius of Leonardo Da... More > Vinci ..." Bill: "Thanks to the people's thirst for knowledge, and their aspiration to communicate, I got wealthy more than anyone else, in my time ..." Lorenzo: "So, my dear Bill, the important part of your work has still to be completed!" As the De' Medici family sponsored the first Renaissance in 1500, nowaday we need the "Medici" families of today to sponsor the Space Renaissance, in order to allow our seven billion people civilization to continue. Our three theses: The Status of the Civilization, The Status of the New Space Economy, A Program for the Ignition of the Space Renaissance.< Less

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