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Surviving Reaction Attachment Disorder By Parents and Foster Parents
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Surviving Reaction Attachment Disorder is a book designed by people who have direct first-hand knowledge by experience in the home life who chose stories to share on the good the bad and the ugly,... More > and the fantastic and the success, or sometime the reasons behind lacking in success, in order to help others. This should be either a free or extremely cheap bok once it is done and completely published, because it is supposed to help. In fact, ALL profits will go toward supporting the local pediatric unit in the hospital, not a penny toward personal gain of any of the kind souls extending their lives out to help others. Only pennies to increase the help of others. Be well, read on, cry, laugh, feel, and learn. And may your journey be more blessed after.< Less
Learning the Dance of Attachment By Holly van Gulden
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Learning the Dance of Attachment, An Adoptive/Foster Parent's Gude to Nurturing Healthy Development, is a child development guide specifically written for adoptive and foster parents. It explains... More > the normal stages of childhood emotional development and contrasts it with disfunctional behaviors caused by early life deprivation and abuse. This book is helpful as a training tool for potential foster and adoptive parents. Parents already facing frustrating and unexplained behaviors can read this guide to understand the causes of their child's misbehavior and learn tecniques to overcome problems. Child welfare professionals should use The Dance of Attachment as a support tool for clients and families.< Less
Ava's Bedside: Making Sense Through Attachment By Nobo Komagata & Sachiko Komagata
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How many of us are fully making sense of our lives? Ava’s Bedside introduces a fable in which a dying hippo struggles with this question. Through conversation with other hippos, she finally... More > realizes what is missing from her life. This book also contains a detailed commentary on the fable. The commentary discusses the importance of secure child-parent attachment for a meaningful life, referring to ideas in attachment theory. Half-priced Compact Edition is available as ID 6177254.< Less
Restorative Parenting By John Ehrhart
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7 Ways to Transform the Parent-Child Relationship 1. ATTACHMENT: Developing positive connections that transcend competing forces. 2. DEVELOPMENT: Promoting healthy maturation of children and... More > self. 3. EMPATHY: Ability to connect with feelings and needs being expressed. 4. PATIENCE: Capacity to stay with what is happening in the present moment, without reacting. 5. ADULTHOOD: Taking 100% responsibility for the state of ones life and ones relationships. 6. RESTORATION: Willingness and the skillful means to repair the harm. 7. RELATIONSHIP: Prioritize relationships over all else. About The Author: John Ehrhart holds a master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University, and bachelor of arts degrees in Psychology and Philosophy from Creighton University. He is the co-founder of the Colorado Center for Restorative Practices. John lives in Erie, Colorado with his wife, Peggy, and their four children. He enjoys writing songs, camping with his kids, playing in the mountains, and writing.< Less
One Amazingly Powerful Technique That Reduces and Eliminates Whining By Yes Parenting
eBook (PDF): $9.99
In this report you will learn how to stop your child's whining for good. This light read is chalked full of time tested proven techniques to get your little one to stop whining fast! This formula... More > also works for a myriad of other behavioral problems such as biting, hitting and aggression .< Less
The Adoptive Parent Toolbox By Mike Berry & Kristin Berry
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Sharing insights and real-life stories from the adoption journey, The Adoptive Parent Toolbox is designed to be a guide to any stage of the journey, whether you are thinking about adoption, just... More > starting the process, or thinking about starting all over again. Each chapter delivers real-life perspectives from the Berry’s 14-year journey as well as the advice and wisdom of hundreds of other families who have adopted both internationally and domestically. Everything from what to expect when you first begin the process, to handling difficult adoptions, the different costs involved, to post adoption advice when it comes to trauma or attachment issues. The Adoptive Parent Toolbox is a comprehensive guide to just about any aspect on the adoption journey.< Less
The Parenting Of Children And Young People By Allan Powell
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This book is a summary of child and adolescent stages of development in the modern family. It includes the parental difficulties associated with early emotional development and attachment; and with... More > teenagers and education.< Less
The New Parents' Journal By Maka Laughingwolf
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A lovely place to preserve memories of your child's birth and early development. Does not assume the place of birth, so it is excellent for families who don't choose a hospital birth. Geared toward... More > attachment parents.< Less
Instant Romanian For Parents And Caregivers By Teri Doolittle
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Instant Romanian for Parents and Caregivers is a supplemental language guide for people who will be living or working with Romanian-speaking children. The book focusses on practical social... More > communication, with an emphasis on emotional regulation and attachment skills. Originally designed for adoptive parents, the book has been revised to help health care workers, teachers, missionaries and others who work with Romanian children find the information they need to do what they love. The format of the book is similar to standard phrase books, with unique, child-friendly vocabulary that is not available in travel books and dictionaries. Extensive grammar and vocabulary tables provide an easy reference for instant communication between Romanian and English speakers, after the translators have gone.< Less
LIVING IN CHAOS SURVIVAL: A Parenting Journey... By Betty Jo Hilger
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Life is not just sweetness, it is a journey. Mountains and valleys, laughter and tears, when the stresses faced by your child are more than a stage… This is the story of one mother’s... More > struggle to adjust to and accept the reality of facing her adopted son’s life being challenged by BIPOLAR DISORDER, FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME, and REACTIVE ATTACHMENT DISORDER. Then finding that her birth-son’s life is being irrevocably changed by the devastation of SCHIZOPHRENIA… It is a story of spiritual struggle and tested faith, as forced to hospitalize her son, she faced the tragedy and torment, the heights of hope, and the depths of despair as she searches to find a meaning, a reason, a knowledge about these diagnoses' and treatments, and a positive end to this disease... Recorded introspection and inspiration in the form of poetry, short stories, and reminiscences… This is the story of: Questioning Life Questioning God Questioning Hope and Questioning the limits of Love…< Less

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