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Attracted! By R J Woodhams
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We are people who are achievement driven. We are impressed with big things, clever things… but in our world of scrabbling to the top are we in danger of missing the point when it comes to God?... More > Society’s dream of acquiring more and more has ended up with people feeling empty. Why does the church look so different to the radical Jesus of the gospels? Today, people are living a more pressurised life than ever before. People are being ‘squeezed’ from so many directions, in an environment where they are feeling increasingly alone and isolated. Is there a way of turning this around so that individuals feel they are right in the middle of relationship, learning to love and be loved with bonds more powerful than blood-family? This book unpacks God the extravagant lover as we find him in the gospel. When we’re attracted to his love we are captivated by him. We find there is a life-changing message of hope… and it’s beyond our wildest dreams...< Less
Transcript: Building Attraction through Storytelling By JT The ABCs of Attraction
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Here's the transcript for "Building Attraction through Storytelling" DVD by featuring JT the Asian Playboy. BONUS: Don't forget to purchase the "Building Attraction through... More > Storytelling" DVD! WARNING: Do not download this file if you have not seen the DVD. This document is meant to be read in conjunction with watching the aforementioned DVD. Jam packed in the DVD & Transcript: How to properly structure your stories for the best results!How to use the woman's five senses to captivate her!How to include DHVs and hit Attraction switches!How to come off as natural and NOT bragging!How to cut out all the B.S.! LENGTH: 15 pages Click here for the complete store desciption.< Less
The Law of Attraction By White Dove Books
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One of the most well documented theories of New Age thought is the Law of Attraction. Simply put, it suggests that you will always encounter, in your life, those things which you think about on a... More > regular basis.< Less
Attraction Artist By Zahid Ameer
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In This eBook, You Will Learn: + The Basics On Attraction + Know Who You Want To Attract + Getting Out And Meeting People + Learn To Be Interesting + Develop A Personal Style + And so much more!
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This seal works on the principle of the law of attraction which states that like begets like and you draw to yourself people that are similar to yourself. Basically the seal cultivates love,... More > friendship, romance, and relationship between people that have a lot in common. Our eyes and ears are limited and often do not know the other person well. This seal draws to you people that you have a lot in common with so that you can share and enjoy similar things.< Less
The Science of Attraction By Marcin Belvet
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How to attract more women almost instantly. The Science of Attraction teaches you how to attract more women with scientifically proven attraction triggers.
Attraction Artist By JUI MING CHANG
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Attracting the opposite sex is fairly easy to do if you are someone who responds well to emotions, touch, and body language. If you have talent for picking up certain signs or hints people give off -... More > you'll have no problem with identifying a potential mate who is interested in you. In This Book, You Will Learn: - The Basics On Attraction - Know Who You Want To Attract - Getting Out And Meeting People - Learn To Be Interesting - Develop A Personal Style - And so much more !< Less
Attraction Artist By Best Publications
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When it comes to learning the basics on attraction,you need to look for certain signs in order to know if someone is interested in you or not.They may flirt with you often or laugh many times at your... More > jokes, but this does not necessarily mean they are interested in you.It may just be a part of their personality and how they act but you won't know this unless you've known them for a few years.“Attraction Artist”looks at The Basics On Attraction,Know Who You Want To Attract,Getting Out And Meeting People,Learn To Be Interesting,Develop A Personal Style,Learn How To Flirt,Develop Your Self Confidence,Be A Good Listener,Learn How To Be Attentive and When Attraction Turns To Obsession...< Less
The Keys To Attraction By Karen Walker
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Have you began to use the Law Of Attraction but are still finding that you are having setbacks, or maybe you don't know how to impliment them into your life?
The Law of Attraction By Alain Yaovi Dagba
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This book explains the law of attraction in a very simple language adapted to every mind. It exposes the key-principles that make the law of attraction easy to understand and easy to practice. This... More > book is useful to individuals, business men and women, and anyone who is really serious about working in consciousness with spiritual principles in order to see his desires manifest.< Less