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Vestiges of the Mayas (Illustrated) By Augustus Le Plongeon
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This work is an account of the archeological research on the ancient Mayan civilization. Augustus Plongeon, the main researcher and the author of the book, provides facts that proof the existence of... More > communications between the ancient Mayans, Africans and Asians.< Less
Vestiges of the Mayas By Augustus Le Plongeon
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Augustuas Le Plongeon, MD, was a famous archaeologist who dug up important Mayan artifacts. He shows that the Mayan Language was spoken in the ancient Middle East before it was spoken in America.... More > The common consent among some authorities is that Jared (Jerah of the Bible) and his brother brought the Adamic Language to Mesoamerica where it became the Yucatan-Mayan Language. Yucatan is derived fron Johtan which is the Biblical name for the father of Jerah (Jared) and his brother Abimnael.< Less
The Mayas, the Sources of Their History Dr. Le Plongeon in Yucatan, His Account of Discoveries By Stephen Salisbury
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Augustus Le Plongeon (May 4, 1825 – December 13, 1908) was... More > a British-American photographer and antiquarian who studied the pre-Columbian ruins of America, particularly those of the Maya civilization on the northern Yucatán Peninsula. While his writings contain many controversial notions that were discredited by later researchers, Le Plongeon left a lasting legacy in his photographs documenting the ancient ruins. He should also be regarded as one of the earliest proponents of Mayanism.Le Plongeon wrote a lengthy history of Maya culture, going so far as to propose a theory that Maya had been in touch with the lost continent of Atlantis and were ancestral to Ancient Egypt, a theory which has since been challenged by the scientific community. Excerpt from:< Less
A Mayan Temple in Pompeii By Ronald Ritter, Sussan Evermore
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The archaeological site of Pompeii in Italy was an ancient Roman town. It was covered in six meters of ash and pumice by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. The site lay undisturbed until... More > 1599. The town is a fully preserved time capsule of Roman life in 79AD. What you see today has not been tampered with over time and therefore the structures are true historical records. So what has this to do with this book? What we found in one of the fully excavated villas is an exact scaled reproduction of a Mayan temple at Chichen Itza. The conclusion is obvious that either Roman or Phoenician traders travelled to Mexico and returned to Pompeii prior to 79 A.D. We have the photographic evidence and the measurements for you to make an informed decision. This discovery will change the perception of the age of the Mayan archaeological site of Chichen Itza. It also changes forever the question, did early Roman of Phoenician traders travel to Mexico and now the answer is, yes!< Less