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Practical Autism Manual By Dawn Lucan
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Autism Spectrum Disorder can be a scary diagnosis for parents. You do not know what to expect for your child because the diagnosis is so complex. There are so many different characteristics causing... More > your child problems on a daily basis. Through this book, she offers practical, and sensible advice on educational, dietary, sibling, sensory, shopping, friendship, and marriage issues for parents of Autistic children and teens. She also includes a glossary of common terms and website resources in her book. Her advice is based on her many years of experience with Autism. She also has more than a decade experience as a volunteer parent educator in the disabled community. I do speak in generalities since no two children diagnosed with Autism are the same. This book is recommended for parents with children diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and High Functioning Autism.< Less
Mugs and China Cups
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this book was compiled from a group of photographers helping to raise money for a good cause.
Borrowed from Rainbow By Dr. Wasif Haq
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“Borrowed From Rainbow” is a story of a Pakistani girl who is on Autism spectrum disorder who has not been diagnosed because of the lack of awareness about it in the society. She... More > experiences a troubled childhood where she is not understood by most people. She is ridiculed, humiliated and mocked everywhere. This has not only caused the shattering of her self esteem but also stressed her family. She finds a person in her life who seems to give her all what she needs. Gradually her life improves but sooner or later; she has to find her 'inner strength' to survive through several ups and downs in her life. She is challenged time and again with some hard situations which must be solved before she can discover the real joys and happiness in her life.< Less