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Language and Globalization: The History of Us All By Mark David Ledbetter
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Language and Globalization: The History of Us All is a short book combining my two interests, Linguistics and History. Linguistics contains some intriguing hints about the entirety of the human... More > journey, hints which have been confirmed in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century by genetics. How do History, Linguistics, and Genetics connect? What do they tell us about the fifty-thousand year human journey condensed into the contentious word globalization? This short book hopes to open the door to the answer, and hopes also to inspire some awe at both the grand cycles of human development and reconnection, and the way spontaneous order works to uplift us in spite of ourselves. Mark David Ledbetter is a visiting professor of linguistics at Hosei University in Tokyo; he has spent over thirty-five years teaching in Japan. He has published a number of books in both English and Japanese, including three volumes of America’s Forgotten History. He is presently working on the fourth volume of that series.< Less
The Circle of Life By James David Audlin
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THE CIRCLE OF LIFE presents traditional oral Native American sacred teachings from the Iroquois, Lakota, and other traditions. The author has been receiving these teachings from elders since his... More > youth. The wisdom embraces cosmology, ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, sociology, psychology, healing, dream interpretation, and more. Audlin calls himself neither a spiritual teacher nor an authority, but a conduit through which these oral traditions can be presented meaningfully to people in a modern world. He outlines universal principles common to many traditional peoples worldwide. The Red Road is available to all —regardless of religion or ethnicity — willing to follow its paths. These paths, however, are often not easy and require deep personal and spiritual commitment. Audlin says in his introduction: “If this book serves any purpose, let it be to help us bring the Sacred Hoop of All the Nations back together again, so we and all that lives may stand as one in silent awe before that Great Mystery.”< Less
User Guide & Handbook for Understanding the Universe & Mortal Experience By Bob Maddison
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CONTAINING VALUABLE DATA & INFORMATION IN EASY TO READ FORM THAT YOU WILL NEED TO OBTAIN MAXIMUM BENEFIT AND ENJOYMENT OF YOUR MORTAL EXPERIENCE. Primarily its designed to find fast accurate... More > reliable information about a great variety of questions. For example I get asked a lot of questions about “god”, without a hint of their meaning or definition of the “god”, subject of the question. Is there a “god”, or even any form of “god”? The answer is “yes” or “no” depending ENTIRELY on your interpretation &/or understandings – or even unfortunately influences external to yourself. We say “thank god”. Should we all freely say this? Yes of course, and with grace and gratitude. But who, what, where and why is this “god”? Is he/she/it internal or exterior to yourself? Or indeed both of those? We can confidently and freely remove the “awe”, sacred or grovelling fear or reverence, and endless “worship/adoration” imposed by millennia of vain religion. Its all inside this user guide.< Less
At the Edge of All-That-Is, A Journey into the Art of the Universe By Stefan Schadwinkel
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This book unfolds a non-dualistic world view, a view of Unity. That view is applied to topical scientific and philosophical issues, like Time, the Brain, Chaos and Order, the Human Immune System and... More > Quantum Physics. It is a practical guide to navigate around common scientific, philosophical and spiritual pitfalls. With powerful, inspiring lyric and vivid metaphors, the reader is guided to realize and engage the full human potential. Awe inspiring sacred geometry is described and very advanced Mer-Ka-Ba activation techniques are unveiled. The nature of Mer-Ka-Ba fields is explained and related to the universe as a whole. Connecting the eternal teachings of the ancient masters with state of the art quantum mechanics, the book is the perfect add-on to all systems of co-creation. If you have been delighted by movies like "What the bleep do we know ?!", then this book will open the gates to the mystery right before your eyes. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for your Journey into the Art of the Universe.< Less
IKAR High Holy Days Map By Rabbi Sharon Brous
eBook (PDF): $100.00
IKAR is happy to share its irreverently pious guide to the High Holy Day experience, which will make the services both accessible and spiritually challenging. The IKAR High Holy Days Map is a... More > publication of IKAR by Rabbi Sharon Brous. This booklet is a unique companion piece to the High Holy Days mahzor - an original booklet of kavanot, explanations and guidance to help all of us get the most out of our Days of Awe observance. If you select the download option, please be aware that there are restrictions on its use. Each download is only for use in one community (please do not forward or share the pdf) and we request that you make no more than 250 complete copies (if you want to make more copies, please contact IKAR for permission at Thanks for your cooperation. All the written material in this booklet is the sole property of IKAR, copyright 2005, all rights reserved. Please do not reproduce without the express written consent of IKAR.< Less
Travails To Truth: My Peace From Prison By Roger Chiang
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The sequel to "My Peace I Offer You." "Travails To Truth" is a jarring yet heartening memoir about Roger's tenuous twelve months in prison. Now it's Roger's turn to tell his side... More > of the story: Roger is maliciously persecuted by a police foe. Imprisoned in the cosmos of abuse and corruption, prison officials coerce Roger to prevent him from being interviewed for a documentary about his sister's murder. Meanwhile, Roger has enrolled in a prison drug program that is a guise for mind control. Then, just months shy of his release, Roger is condemned to solitary confinement for fighting although prison officials are guilty. Roger boldly fights back by blowing the whistle and an unlikely ally comes to his aid. Still, Roger shows that his human spirit will not be broken by adversity. Join Roger as he sheds a sobering light on America, calls for changes to the beleagured criminal justice system and tells an awe-inspiring story about faith and God.< Less
Advice from an Angel By Lin Lacy
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He’s a young, low-ranking, art-loving member of the angelic hierarchy, and his name is Joe. In 1998 I “met” him while experimenting with using my less-dominant hand to write... More > answers to the big questions I had about my life. Soon my left hand was channeling this loving, helpful, funny, sometimes painfully honest spirit as he explained his role (and mine) in the cosmic plan, offered daily support, and helped me to come into my own as an artist. In the wide-ranging angelic observations that fill Advice from an Angel, Joe helps me — and all of us — do what’s needed for a fulfilled and joyous life. This is an “angel book” with a big difference: Joe isn’t an awe-inspiring spirit with an ancient pedigree — he’s a regular-guy angel with a certain amount of self-doubt (and some envy of the human condition) whose wisdom is refreshingly down-to-earth.< Less
The Quantum God: The Testament of John the Ignorant By Johnie Edwards
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I tell you now that you will never know and appreciate God (that indefinable something which we all feel but which we do not fully know and understand thus leaving us unable to articulate) simply by... More > reading a holy scripture. If it were possible, then I would know and you would know, and I could stop typing now and go commune with God in a state of Nirvana (the ultimate utopia or “heaven”). But it is not possible! I have found that a lack of knowledge and a continuation of bad ideology have cursed mankind to suffering. One must embrace a life of humble existence and experience the creation around him through the senses as much as possible with awe and reverence to the Creator. Could a man ever truly appreciate a flower by simply reading everything ever written about one? No matter how poetically written, words can never fully transmit the essence of a rose. A man must see a rose with his own eyes, he must smell it with his own nose, and he must touch it with his own fingers.< Less
The Book of Gardens: A Lover's Manual for Planet Earth By Philip W. Sarsons
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"I'm breathless! This journey through "The Book of Gardens" touched me so deeply. Day after day I was bathed by the words. I was comforted and confronted. I was overwhelmed by... More > curiosity and calm, urgent intellectual stimulation and an emotional embrace. I am in awe of Phil's ability to lead me one step at a time as if he were holding my hand and pushing me at the same time.... I'm full to the brim, shaken up, like love, at a stand-still with gratitude." - Maggie Merritt Nevada USA - "The passion and beautifully crafted language unites the subjects of I-Ching, meditation, economy, and ecology. I emerged with renewed excitement for meditation, and a deepened understanding of the choices we face for humanity to survive on this world." - Nicolas Albright Nelson Canada - A practical manual for decision making, The Book of Gardens includes a summary of how to use the I-Ching and learn Mindfulness Meditation. Amid the Changes upon us all today, what direction will you take?< Less
David and the Amethyst By Geraldine Solon
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When David discovers an amethyst in his old cupboard,he is in awe by the treasure he has found. Little does he know what is in store for him? Ten year old David is a small town farm boy who grew up... More > milking cows. His father who was also his best friend had recently passed away. In his world of sadness and constant bullying from school, he hungers for friendship. While looking at old toys in his cupboard, he discovers an amethyst that is more magical than he can ever imagine. Inside the amethyst is a beautiful purple butterfly named Amy who was trapped more then a hundred years. Together Amy and David venture into magical worlds battling good and evil in search of clues that could leadAmy to her long-lost father. Their quest reveals secrets of the past and links to their future. A story about true friendship between a boy and a butterfly who share the same loss and seek answers to their past.< Less