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Baby Boy By Dr. Ross Gordon Cooper
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This book is a nice, page-by-page account of the birth of a baby boy supported principally by photographs and cards given to the boy's parents. Other cards included were given during his subsequent... More > early birthdays. The book is a nicely illustrated colour, page-by-page account of the growth and development of a baby boy, supported by simple phrases and statements. It's a useful read for a new mother and her baby. Keeping one's baby cards is always important - it lead to the creation of this cute little book!< Less
Boy Baby Book By Tameka Jones
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Baby book for a little boy
Baby Name For Jain Boys By Shushmul Maheshwari
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The word Jainism is derived from a Sanskrit word “jina” which means the conqueror. Mahavira or “the great hero” is the founder of Jainism. Mahavira is believed to be the most... More > recent mentor out of the 24 who owe the credit of bringing Jainism to the world. The Tirthankaras or teachers told people to abandon the world by practicing strict religious asceticism. Followers of Jainism do not believe in creator God but they put special emphasis on ahimsa or non-violence. They believe that strict self-denial can help them get rid of the never-ending cycle of life-death-and-rebirth. Mahavira had founded the monastic community of monks and nuns, who keep their mouth covered with muslin clothes to keep the insects or flies away< Less
BABY NOTES - boy By Susan DeRobertis
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a notebook to keep track of your baby's day. Also helps Mom remember what happened durning the day. Great for care takers too. use as a reference before doctor's visits or to jot down questions... More > for the doctor.< Less
The Mothersong: The Baby BOY Edition By Michael Gray Ross
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This is the fable of The Mother Song, the mystical, enchanting melody that every mother sings from her heart to call the spirit of her baby to her to be born. Each child hears only its own song... More > – and it’s only sung one time, to one baby − ever. It will never be repeated in all of eternity. The gift of The Mother Song is the same as it has been since human time began − and it stretches out into the future and destiny of all the people of the world. This little book tells the story of a baby BOY being sung into Earthlife by his mother. (Note: The Mother Song: The Baby GIRL Edition is available too. Get the BOY or GIRL hardcover books at The hardcover editions include a FREE BONUS: The Mother Song Diary is included in the back of the book. Get the Kindle Reader e-book versions at in the Kindle Store.)< Less
The Invisible Boy and the Baby Giant By Giang Hamai Matthews
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The Invisible Boy And The Baby Giant is the third in a series of books which trace the adventures of Vu, a young boy who lives with his mother in a Far Eastern country. In this humorous third book,... More > Vu must deal with a mischevious baby giant and save his kingdom yet again.< Less
Mummy's Baby Boy By Jimbo Baggins
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What do you do when you 9-year old son messes himself in school? Put him in nappies to teach him a lesson?
Mummy Baby Boy By James Garland
Paperback: $7.86
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Larry Harrison is 9 years old and very lazy so he is put in nappies
Baby Boy Toy By Sara Tyr
eBook (ePub): $3.99
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Kevin has some competition. One of his coworkers doesn't like the threat he represents, so she has him...taken care of. Of course, this care is going to include: force diapering, wetting, tickling,... More > and lots of humiliation. By the time these girls are done with Baby Kevin, he's going to be sucking on his thumb and crawling along the floor like a good little boy. This book is 25,000 words long.< Less
Baby Boy 2: Corrupted By Alex Anders
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Drunk, naked and full of lust, Baby Boy knocks on Rex’s door ready to seduce the man that dominates his fantasizes. Things take an expected turn though, when Baby’s actions grab the... More > attention of Rex’ soul-less father, who is in town to collect on Rex’s debt. Rex’s father, seeing Baby’s beautiful naked body and 10 inch tool, entangles Baby in his greedy world of sex. And Rex, unable to stop Baby’s pact with the devil, swears to stay by Baby Boy’s side and protect him from the endless parade of lustful men that follow. Rex’s protection, however, comes at an unimaginable price that will change the boys’ lives forever. This story includes BDSM and threesomes. 14,000 words *Please note that this story contains very explicit descriptions of erotic and sexual situations written in part for extreme genital arousal which will lead to self-pleasure. Mature readers only.< Less