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Babies and Sleep: The Baby Sleep Solution Every New Mother Needs By Baby Mia
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Are you a new mother who's getting a hard time to make your baby sleep? Does your baby can never sleep at night but doesn't have any problem to sleep at day? Are you looking for the right baby sleep... More > solution or the right baby sleep training book? In this book you'll learn -What causes your baby to NOT sleep -Tips and techniques to force your baby to sleep -How to make your baby sleep on his/her own crib -What should you do when your baby is sleeping -How to make your baby sleep longer during the night -Some common problems and how to handle them -Baby sleep safety you don't want to miss -How to make your baby sleep on his/her back -How long should you let your baby sleep during the day -Setting the right environment to make your baby sleep -and many more.... This baby sleep solution guide will definitely help you in your quest to your baby sleep problem. Still not convinced? Go get the sample to satisfy your curiosity Are you convinced? Great, click the buy button now!< Less
Sleep Solutions for Children: Healthy Sleep Healthy Body By Cathy Wilson
eBook (ePub): $3.99
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Sleep Solutions for Children: Healthy Sleep = Healthy Body by Author Cathy Wilson is a breakthrough approach for a good night's sleep--with NO FUSS! Two Hotly Debated Sleep Techniques for Children,... More > Babies, and Toddlers Ferber Technique - Let your child cry it out! Sensible Sleep Solutions for ChildrenPointers From Wilson’s Sleep Solutions for Children *Uncover interference sleep factors helping your baby sleep better through the night *Sleep help for disorders *Discover your child’s natural sleep rhythm and work with it *Establish a sleep schedule that accommodates both you and your child *Teach your child how to drift into restful REM sleep by themselves *Children sleep medicine Sleep Solutions for Children: Healthy Sleep = Healthy Body has your answers for your child’s restful sleep under the stars. I am not perfect…But I am REAL< Less
Baby Sleep Training In 3 Days By Sharon Parks
Paperback: $8.95
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Baby Sleep Training In 3 Days - The Complete Guide To Teach Your Baby Sleep Through The Night (FREE BONUS INCLUDED) Ah, parenthood. One of the most important jobs in the world, and one of the most... More > fulfilling. Perhaps you spent your entire life waiting to become a parent, perhaps it was one of those things that sneaked up on you when you least expected it. But now, you know you wouldn’t want your life to be any other way. That is, except for the sleeping side of things. Wouldn’t it be nice for your baby to sleep through the night? Wouldn’t you like to sleep yourself? That’s where this book comes in. In it, you are going to learn how to everything you need to know to get your baby to sleep through the night – in just three days. Learn how to teach your baby to sleep through the night, every night, Get restful sleep yourself every night, Wake up with energy and increase the bond you have with your baby, And much, much more!< Less
The Sleep Formula By Nathan Johnson
eBook (PDF): $19.99
This book will help you sleep train your baby. Learn how I got my baby boy to stop waking up crying in the middle of the night. I tried everything I knew to get my boy sleeping through the night.... More > Nothing was working. Regardless of what my wife and I did nothing was getting us the sleep we all needed. When I had enough I decided there was only one solution to this problem. And when I told my wife about my idea, she thought I was a little, ok a LOT, crazy. But we tried my weird idea. And it worked. Find out the answers I accidentally discovered to get your little one sleeping all night.< Less
Infant Care: The Truth About Infant Development By Terri Horrocks
eBook (ePub): $2.99
New parents have many things to learn. Bringing home a new baby changes everything about the life of a family. A baby adds challenges to balancing work and home responsibilities. New parents need to... More > learn how to get enough sleep and continue making progress in all of the areas of their lives while still making time for their new child. Learning proper baby care is one of the most new but important things that parents need to learn – quickly! There is more to excellent baby care than just changing diapers or heating bottles, though every experienced parent knows the importance of those things. The true road to becoming knowledgeable and skilled in baby care is much more complex and requires more of a parent. GRAB A COPY TODAY!< Less
The Nation's Most Influential Source Book On Infant Care By Kathleen Garrity
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Touch is a basic human instinct each of us is born with. Reaching out and touching another person is a universal action that conveys love and care. Communicating with hands comes second nature to... More > speaking with voice. Through certain gestures we can convey affirmative and healing messages such as blowing kisses, clapping our hands to show appreciation, giving someone a thumbs up, and so on. Discover everything you need to know by grabbing a copy of this ebook today.< Less
Breastfeeding Quick-Reference Guide By University of Rochester Medical Center - DCPM
eBook (ePub): $0.00
This quick reference guide on breastfeeding is ideal for physicians, nurses, medical students and other health care providers who would like some basic knowledge to help counsel their patients about... More > breastfeeding. It contains information on the benefits of breastfeeding, contraindications, solutions to common problems, helpful tips on positions, as well as normal infant eating and sleeping habits. Additionally it has a short section on New York State Law regarding breastfeeding and a list of resources for parents. This guide was developed by the Department of Community Preventive Medicine at the University of Rochester to help residents and medical students learn how to counsel their patients about breastfeeding.< Less