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Backwards By Chelsea Burgess
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Backwards is an exciting first novel, by new ten year old author, Chelsea Burgess. This novel is written for readers between 8-12 years of age, but its gripping tale of the quest to find family will... More > appeal to readers of all ages. Six nine year old siblings are living alone. What will become of them in their search to find their parents?< Less
Backwards By J.S. Clark
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For nearly two-thirds of the Bible, God's people lived by a standard called the Torah (teaching) handed down by revelation to Moses. In the modern church we call this Torah, law, and say that it no... More > longer applies. But do we know why we say that? Does it seem odd that our proof texts come from the portion of scripture that was not even available when God's people were being asked to make this huge paradigm shift? Backwards examines this question in the process of coming to see the Bible as a single cohesive work by one God.< Less
The Backwards School By Angelita Freeman
Hardcover: $12.00
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A story, written by 8 year old Angelita, about a school where everything is backwards.
Backwards Sailing By Joel Brand
eBook (PDF): $1.99
For a sailor to claim the ultimate mastery of boat maneuverability, they must be able sail their boat when the boat is pointed in the wrong direction. Need to back into that tight space at the dock?... More > Need to move away from a jetty or mooring? Need to set that anchor? Need to avoid a collision? Then you need to learn how to sail backwards.< Less
A Backward Glance By Edith Wharton
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Originally published in 1934, A Backward Glance is a memoir written by Wharton in her last years. The book dwells on Wharton's early and middle life leading up to and including her experiences during... More > the First World War. The final chapter covers her life after the war, close on twenty years, emphasising a Mediterranean cruise and the unexpected death of her friend Geoffrey Scott. This is most certainly a writer's memoir rather than an autobiographical narrative. The writing itself is poised and mature; Wharton here reads like a confident artisan, at ease with her profession and happy to reel off her thought and remembrances. The reason it isn't an autobiography in the strictest sense is that Wharton leaves so much of her life out of the book, some of it for obvious reasons – such as the Morton Fullerton affair – and others maybe because she just can't be bothered. That aside, it's a joy to read.< Less
A Backwards World By Aidan Triantafillou
eBook (ePub): $4.75
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A Backwards World is a short poetry book that will open your mind on the world we live in. Aidan Triantafillou is young poet born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has spent many days traveling... More > with his family and friends. This is his first published work.< Less
Walking Backward By Rik René Gwin
Hardcover: $23.85
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Poet/artist, Rik Rene Gwin offers a unique contemporary collection of non-linear poetry, which follows the examples of the Dadaists and Surrealists of the 1920's, and with a touch of Dr. Seuss.... More > Random gestures in the form of illustrations accompany and mimic the poems. The "Walking Backward" collection is also available divided into 4 volumes: Volume 1 - "Walking Backward: Pink Lady"; Volume 2 - "Walking Backward: Family"; Volume 3 - "Walking Backward: Hatman Harry"; and Volume 4 - "Walking Backward: Another Dream".< Less
Looking Backwards By Edward Bellamy
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The book tells the story of Julian West, a young American who, towards the end of the 19th century, falls into a deep, hypnosis-induced sleep and wakes up one hundred and thirteen years later. He... More > finds himself in the same location (Boston, Massachusetts), but in a totally changed world: It is the year 2000 and, while he was sleeping, the United States has been transformed into a socialist utopia. The remainder of the book outlines Bellamy's thoughts about improving the future. The major themes include problems associated with capitalism. The young man readily finds a guide, Doctor Leete, who shows him around and explains all the advances of this new age; including drastically reduced working hours for people performing menial jobs and almost instantaneous, Internet-like delivery of goods. The goods of society are equally distributed to its citizens. A considerable portion of the book is dialogue between Leete and West wherein West expresses his confusion about how the future society works and Leete explains.< Less
Backwards Day By Mark Hernandez
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Cappy decides that today will be "Backwards Day." See how his day becomes the wackiest ever.
Walking Backwards By Maureen Miller
Hardcover: $33.11
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Walking Backwards is a story about Maureen Miller growing up in New York, meeting her soulmate, and starting a family.