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Between the Bronx and the Balkans By Fron Nahzi
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An ethnic Albanian from the Bronx returns to the turbulent Balkan region in the 1990s. The journey is told through a series of short, reflective and often satirical stories that juxtapose childhood... More > memories with the reality of the return. Just as much an immigrant in his homeland as he was in the Bronx, the stories capture the ups and downs of an expatriate trying to survive in the Balkans during the fall of communism in Albania and the wars in former-Yugoslavia.< Less
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This book represents a number of the author's speeches from 1999 to 2008 on the Euro-Atlantic future of the Western Balkans, the area that Slovenia borders on. The title of the book reflects more... More > hope than naïve belief that the Western Balkans could become just another boring part of Europe, by urging the people and especially the leaders of the Region towards Euro-Atlantic integration. The texts also plead for a common strategy of NATO and the E.U. to bring all the 7 countries of the Western Balkans into both organizations. While initially the author encouraged these countries to decide on their own to start towards Euro-Atlantic integration and even "invented" a sort of a GPS navigation system so they would not veer off the road, he later on came to believe that it was necessary that they all join both NATO and the EU. If they were able to pick and choose between the two organizations this could prove to be both detrimental to the Region as well as to already poor relations between NATO and the EU.< Less
Germany's Conquest of the Balkans By Philadelphia Church of God & Gerald Flurry
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What has happened in former Yugoslavia over the past several years reaches far beyond the boundaries of that region. It is so shocking that the nations of this world would be paralyzed with fear if... More > they truly understood! Shamefully, America is its chief architect. In this booklet: • The First Military Victim of World War III • How German Fascism Conquered Kosovo • German-led EU Conquers Former Yugoslavia< Less
World War 2 Into the Balkans By Ronald Ledwell
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Into the Balkans: On the eve of Hitler's invasion of Russia, Mussolini, the Italian Dictator, decided to invade Albania, fearful that the Germans were conquering all of Europe and that there would... More > nothing left for him to conquer. So, he launched his "eight million bayonets" across the Adriatic into Albania, with an eye towards claiming all of the Balkans for Italy. The small Albanian army fought his forces to a standstill, eventually bringing the Greeks into the war against him. Hitler, furious at him, came to his rescue by subduing all of the Balkans, but this operation caused the Germans to delay the invasion of Russia and and forced them to station garrison troops in the conquered areas. A decision that would come back to haunt the Germans on the frozen stepps of Russia.< Less
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"...A book of short essays that encopasses the past legacies; the present challenges and the future projections of the Balkan nations is rarely accentuated in the international circles of... More > scholars and regional universities. Ambassador Lisen Bashkurti, just like the 19th century humanist August Comte who attempted to unite every study of humankind through the scientific perception of the social realm, is tackling some of the substantial challenges that have and continue to be encountered by the governments of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Kosovo and Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia..." - Peter Tase, October, 2016.< Less
Twenty Years of Balkan Tangle By Tobias Levison
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life seems to be to tell home truths to the Balkans. It is very good for them. But I wonder that they put up with it." Both gentlemen commented on the grim matter-of-factness of the telegrams.... More > "Business carried on usual during the alterations," said Bollati. His blood was badly curdled by the fact that when he was in Belgrade he was well acquainted with Colonel Mashin, the ill-fated Draga's brother-in-law, who--according to the< Less
Italy and the Balkans: short stories By Victor Canning
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Thirteen short stories and a novella set in Italy, Yugoslavia and Albania by the novelist and thriller writer Victor Canning.
War In The Balkans, 1991-2002 By R. Craig Nation & Strategic Studies Institute
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Armed conflict on the territory of the former Yugoslavia between 1991 and 2001 claimed over 200,000 lives, gave rise to atrocities unseen in Europe since the Second World War, and left behind a... More > terrible legacy of physical ruin and psychological devastation. Unfolding against the background of the end of cold war bipolarity, the new Balkan wars sounded a discordant counterpoint to efforts to construct a more harmonious European order, were a major embarrassment for the international institutions deemed responsible for conflict management, and became a preoccupation for the powers concerned with restoring regional stability. After more than a decade of intermittent hostilities the conflict has been contained, but only as a result of significant external interventions and the establishment of a series of de facto international protectorates, patrolled by UN, NATO, and EU sponsored peacekeepers with open-ended mandates.< Less
Mountains & Sea: Through the Southern Balkans By Jordan Mendenhall
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This is a photographic journal of a trip I took through the southern Balkans in fall 2005.
The American Army In The Balkans: Strategic Alternatives And Implications By Steven Metz & Strategic Studies Institute
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Since 1995, peace operations in the Balkans have been an important part of the Army’s contribution to U.S. national security. When these operations began, the Army institutionally focused on... More > conventional warfighting. Since then, it has made significant changes to become more effective at peace operations, but this evolution continues. The goals that led the United States into the Balkans have not yet been fully realized. To meet them requires both sustained involvement in the region and continued refinement of the Army’s peace operations capabilities. In this report, Dr. Steven Metz examines U.S. strategy in the Balkans and the Army’s role in it. He recommends continued U.S. involvement, consideration of a long-term American military presence in the region, and some significant changes in the role of the Army. From a broader perspective, Dr. Metz argues that, if U.S. political leaders decide that involvement in protracted peace operations will be an enduring part of American strategy...< Less

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