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Lean Banking By Ade Asefeso MCIPS MBA
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In response to the recent economy’s woes, banks have placed a growing premium on reducing costs and improving operational efficiencies and many banks have turned to lean programs as a useful... More > tool. Most of these banks will find themselves disappointed, however, because few lean initiatives, in our experience, deliver the expected results. The near and longer-term impact on costs proves to be far less than expected, and any gains in efficiency prove to be either temporary or too limited in scope to make a real difference. There is no fundamental, lasting change in the way the bank conducts its operations and hence little impact on long-term performance. The problem is not with lean itself, however. Indeed, we believe that lean has much to offer banks. The problem lies in the approach and implementation.< Less
Online Banking By $2 Publishing House
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Banking online can be convenient, economical and safe.. Learn How You Can Enjoy The Benefits of Online Banking! Banking online has grown increasingly popular as consumers discover the benefits and... More > convenience of online banking. As great as online banking is, much like any other business online banking is susceptible to fraudulent activity. Scammers can be found in most any business and the internet is no exception. Here are some of the concerns consumer have about banking online. Privacy Concerns Identity Theft Is the Bank Legitimate Fraudulent Transactions Afraid of Forgetting Access Codes All of these things are valid concerns, however there are ways you can protect yourself, and the truth is most of these things can be a problem with a traditional bank as well. We've put together this handy little guide to show you how online banking works and how you can deal with the potential problems as well, so you can start enjoying the benefits of online banking!< Less
Five Bank Robbers. By By Anthony & Yvonne Quinn
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Five Bank Robbers.This is a story about five men who really have it all.Girls,money,fast cars and all are ex army.But they have a problem greed.They are clever and well organised and noone dare step... More > in their way.< Less
Five Bank Robbers. By By Anthony & Yvonne Quinn
eBook (PDF): $7.10
Five Bank Robbers.This is a story about five men who really have it all.Girls,money,fast cars and all are ex army.But they have a problem greed.They are clever and well organised and noone dare step... More > in their way.< Less
Banking and Currency and the Money Trust By Charles Lindbergh
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The market prices of commodities vary from day to day and often several times a day. This occurs when there is no radical difference in the proportion of the supply and the natural demand. This... More > fact is conclusive proof that our system is controlled by manipulators and fundamentally wrong. I have sought to elucidate this problem within this volume and have suggested a plan which, if adopted, would make the people the master of the world, instead of the present master—THE MONEY TRUST. Charles A. Lindbergh, Author of the Money Trust Investigation.< Less
Bank Night Deluxe By Ken Dyne
eBook (PDF): $24.39
6 Envelopes. 1 Contains a cash prize. 5 Spectators try to win the money by freely and fairly choosing an envelope each. No matter how hard they try, you always end up holding the money. The problem... More > in past presentations of this routine is that the performer leaves the audience feeling like losers as they dont win the money. The presentation I offer here gets over that. What's more they actually see you putting the cash in to the envelopes, there are no thumb tips, nail writers or strange selection processes. PLUS FREE BONUS ROUTINE Gift Wrapped: 5 coloured gift bags. 1 contains something of value. Volunteers freely name any of the bags to eliminate until one remains. Of course they have left you with the ONE containing something so valuable that you cant do your show without it!< Less
Problem Loan Managent By Dion Alken
eBook (ePub): $8.00
Hello! Welcome to the module Problem Loan Management. My name is Dion Alken. I am a technical business consultant and will be your mentor. In this module we will focus our attention on two key... More > concepts that form an integral part of the bank’s risk management process: early problem recognition and the classification process. At the end of this module you will be able to: Name the remedial action steps necessary to prevent or reduce credit losses.< Less
A new policy tool for central banks By Massimo Famularo
eBook (PDF): $0.00
When short term interest rates are close to zero and economy is facing recession or even depression, expansionary monetary policy is not fully effective. Here is proposed the creation of a new... More > monetary policy tool to avoid this problem and improve the fine tuning ability of Central Banks. The proposed instrument is a fund held by central bank, it is financed by mandatory contributions of employed peopled and it grants subsidies to those who have recently lost their job. In some exceptional situations newly created money can be used to integrate the fund. The Size of both contributions and subsidies set as percentage of individual income is decided by central bank within ranges established by law.< Less
The Next Retail Banking Revolution - Management Summary By Hans Eysink-Smeets
eBook (PDF): $1.56
This is the management summary for the Lafferty Group report entitled "The Next Retail Banking Revolution - Lessons from the World of Real Retail". One of the easiest ways to generate... More > radical solutions to vexing problems in your industry is to look outside of your sector. This is why it’s vitally important for retail bankers to look at what is happening in the real world of retailing, and then apply those insights in banking terms. The Next Retail Banking Revolution offers over 100 lessons from the real world of retail; tips that will help you to re-invent your bank and re-evaluate your retail banking strategy. The Next Retail Banking Revolution offers insight and practical lessons from the industry sectors the authors specialise in: retail chains, fast-moving consumer goods, post offices and automobiles. They use their in-depth knowledge of the retail banking sector to identify and apply their retail strategies to banking.< Less
LOOZER By Norman Bank
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The sequel to Camp Ago-Nee, Loozer finds Ben and Herbie, now a year older, at a posh New England Prep School where sports are valued over all else. Together with their odd group of dorm mates, they... More > investigate the mysterious doings at night in the chem lab, only to discover a criminal gang cooking up methamphetamine. Who is the mastermind behind the gang? How did they get to use the school's chem lab for their evil work? These and other questions lead to life-threatening danger, as the friends find themselves at the bottom of an old abandoned mineshaft. Their problem is to figure a way out before their oxygen runs out, and before the gang of thugs returns. When Herbie's father comes to drive him home at the end of the school year, he asks,"how was school?" Herbie says,"good."< Less