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This is the intimate pocket edition of WAKING DREAMS. It was mostly written throughout 2010 and the first half of 2011. Poetry is the process of dreaming in words. Like dreams, it often defies... More > defies the boundaries of convention in language and speaks in metaphor, in images, in feelings that seem to surpass the constraints of logic. It touches an inner nerve and evokes vision, a state of mind that breaks with routine and our daily lives. It gives resonance and creates echoes of memory and places and spaces far removed from the common view of our daily existence and allows the imagination a path of escape.< Less
Jimmy's Way, Vol 1 By Sean McCabe
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Jimmy moves to Harlem and finds a job in an Irish joint called Duggan's Bar & Restaurant'. He discovers that half of the crew here are crazy, and resemble one big dysfuctional family. He settles... More > in, however, and is trained by Linda the alcoholic ageing waitress who loves to sit down at the bar after each shift and drink rum and cokes...She warns him to do his best to 'dodge the bullets'. It doesn't take Jimmy long to understand what she means...Caught up in the 'Wild West' of Duggan's Bar & Restaurant, Jimmy almost forgets that he has come to New York to make it big on the Irish pub Music scene...< Less
DRENCHED By Mark Mcall
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DRENCHED is a concise guide to the varied and vibrant Seattle bar scene. Inside you will find brief descriptions and recommendations for over 100 local bars, organized by neighborhood, from Ballard... More > to West Seattle. In addition are interviews with local bar staff and spotlights on the best dives, speak-easies, and gay bars! Explore Seattle the best way possible- one watering hole at a time. Just don't forget your tiny umbrella. Written by Mark Mcall, who has personally drank in 350+ Seattle bars, dives, taverns, and breweries.< Less
Edinburgh: The Capital Guide By Godwin Osigwe
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Edinburgh: The Capital Guide is the most comprehensive and definitve Guide to Scotland's Capital.
Edinburgh: The Capital Guide By Godwin Osigwe
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Edinburgh: The Capital Guide is the most comprehensive and definitve Guide to Scotland's Capital.
NIGHTCLUB PHOTOGRAPHY: Beginners Guide By Rauf Ashrafov
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This easy to understand ebook contains all the information a beginner nightclub photographer needs to know about equipment, techniques, settings, creative lighting. Techniques and tips discussed in... More > this guide are supported by photo illustrations to help you better understand principles of nightclub photography and produce photos that stand out! Some of the topics covered in the NIGHTCLUB PHOTOGRAPHY: BEGINNERS GUIDE are: - What type of lenses and equipment to use - ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed settings for nightclub photography - Use of off-camera flash - Creative lighting tips< Less
I Retired Before The Age Of Forty. So Can You. By Evan Wilkinson
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Title - I Retired Before The Age Of Forty. So Can You. The unbastardized by my copyeditor version. Evan Wilkinson is from New Zealand where he trained to be a Primary School teacher. His first... More > employment was in Vanuatu. He enjoyed the experience so much he decided to teach in a country very similar and Thailand was where he chose. In Thailand he met his wife and now has two lovely daughters. He opened a pub, a restaurant, bought real estate and shares. Evan Wilkinson is now semi retired and enjoys spending his time talking to customers and spending time with family. He likes to travel, read and of course sit by the beach drinking beer and eating prawns. He accomplished all this before his fortieth birthday. This book tells of how he accomplished his dream and gives insights as to how others can aim for and achieve their dream. From gambling his last one hundred dollars in New Zealand to the running of a pub and restaurant in Thailand this rags to riches tale is thought provoking, inspirational and different.< Less
The Rule Book By Martin Peter Kielty
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Welcome to the Golden Rule – it’s been ‘just a country inn’ for three centuries, nestled in the oldest part of Ambleside in the picturesque Lake District. Enjoy a journey... More > from its earliest days to the present, as a procession of landlords, regulars and visitors add their own colours to a canvas of conversation, accommodation and diversion… and only the best in beer. Meet the innkeeper who lost everything (twice), the old man who believed God had forgotten him, the Rule’s last brewer, a ruthless con-man, a would-be racing driver, two war heroes, several painters and poets, and many of the characters who have make this remarkable pub such a unique place. The Rule Book is a series of short adventures and anecdotes, based on events that really happened in and around the pub, or on stories told to the author during his own many happy hours at the bar. Foreword by John Lockley, landlord since 1981. Includes historical timeline from 1508 to recent years.< Less
Draught! By Ronald Pattinson
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The inspiration for this book comes from a few pages of that most wonderful of documents, the Whitbread Gravity Book. For, in a few years in the early 1920’s, in addition to recording OG, FG,... More > acidity and colour, they also included comments of the appearance and flavour of the beers being analysed. It’s only a very specific subset that received treatment: the draught beers of their main London competitors. What it provides is a unique window into the public bars of 1920’s London. Allowing us to see how good – or bad – draught beer was back then. The results are sometimes surprising, others disappointing. One thing they never fail to do is fascinate. At least they fascinate me. Maybe I’m not normal.< Less
Your Starter For Ben By Ben Baker
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Your Starter For Ben is a quiz-master's dream. Hundreds and hundreds of quirky but fun general knowledge questions for all the family, perfect to fill the awkward silences during that Christmas... More > dinner lull, a particularly boring bit in a film or awaiting sentencing. And it fits right in your pocket too! Although all the answers are completely true (except for the false ones in the True or False rounds), there's a sense of humour and nonsense throughout the book that represents the finest real life quiz nights in the UK and beyond. I'll see you at the bar...< Less

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