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Le cheval de base By Maurice ROUSSET
eBook (ePub): $81.93
Pour jouer au jeu simple placé dans les tiercés de trot, plat et obstacles. Cette méthode est une de mes préférées pour faire du bénéfice... More > rapidement. Elle a l’avantage d’être simple à préparer et aucune connaissance hippique n’est requise. Elle n’utilise pas de critères hippiques. Elle est extrêmement régulière et depuis l’an 2000, l’écart au jeu simple placé n’a jamais dépassé 3, avec une réussite moyenne de 75% et un seul cheval à jouer, jamais plus. Bien qu’elle soit rentable à masse égale, de part de sa très grande régularité, elle ouvre grandement ses portes aux gestions financières.< Less
INFORMATICA di BASE By Claudio Lolli
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Il libro è l’unione pratica degli argomenti di due testi: Manuale di Informatica Mod 1–2 e Manuale di Informatica Mod 3-4. Con il lemma computer si intende un dispositivo fisico... More > che implementa il funzionamento di una macchina di Turing. Internet è percepita come la più grande rete telematica mondiale ed anche detta rete delle reti e collega alcune centinaia di milioni di elaboratori per suo mezzo interconnessi. Conoscere le basi per la videoscrittura che vengono poste con l'immissione nel mercato delle prime macchine per scrivere elettriche con supporto esterno di memoria. L’Excel serve per facilitare la gestione e l'analisi di un gruppo di dati correlati, è possibile trasformare un intervallo di celle in una tabella Microsoft Office Excel.< Less
The Authentic List of Nigerian Presidents from 1960 to Date Based On Digital Recognition As Decreed Inside the Nigerian Programming Software In Figures: 2780915250612=3 By Rahali Lawali
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Regardless of geographical location, I am not exaggerating by challenging any product of knowledge who has control over his faculty of reasoning: either a professor, a doctor, or a master’s... More > degree holder or a graduate with first class to criticize or rebuke the authentic list of Nigerian presidents from 1960 to date on the bases of the day, the month and the year in which one of the Nigerian presidents was sworn in or remove out of office; a single day, month or year find out to be unavailable inside any of the two versions of the Nigerian- Programming Software would render the entire research study absolutely irrelevant.< Less
Toward a Christian Public Theology of Grace-based Justice - A Theological Exposition and Multiple Interdisciplinary Application of the 6th Sola of the Unfinished Reformation - Volume 3 By James Waller
eBook (ePub): $29.00
Gospel and Kingdom and New Covenant coherent Theological system, Church and Public praxis, inclusive of the theological discussion and application of the 6th Sola of the Unfinished Reformation, viz:... More > Justice by Grace Alone WITHOUT the ongoing Retributive, (or partially Retributive, Purgatorial, Expiational, or non-Redemptive Church and State atoning) Punishments of the Law, whether of God or man. This breaks major new ground for the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth in the here and now!< Less
EGW's Starting Your Own Home-Based Business By EG WILSON
eBook (ePub): $1.99
This is a guide, running about 3,000 words, taking the reader through a general overview of the process of going into business for yourself
A Handbook of the Practice of Forensic Medicine, Based Upon Personal Experience. By Johann Ludwig Casper
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A Handbook of the Practice of Forensic Medicine, Based Upon Personal Experience.: Thanatological Division: Translated From the 3rd Edition Of the Original by George William Balfour
Blender 3D tutorials - Volume 1: corso base, Materials By Francesco Milanese
eBook (PDF): $11.48
"BLENDER 3D tutorials – Volume 1" è un pdf contenente le versioni testuali di 100 videotutorial su Blender 3D pubblicati gratuitamente da Francesco Milanese sul suo canale... More > Youtube e sul sito web. In particolare, nella prima parte sono presenti i testi dei 3 tutorial sulle basi di Blender 3D 2.5 per principianti assoluti; nella seconda parte, i testi degli 80 tutorial del corso base su Blender 3D; nella terza parte, i testi di 17 tutorial su altrettanti Materials per Blender Internal. L'ebook, che consta di 566 pagine in formato A4, è rivolto a chi ha seguito i videotutorial gratuiti e desidera avere un testo in pdf... oppure a chi desidera ringraziare in maniera concreta l'autore dei videotutorial, ottenendo comunque una piccola guida su Blender 3D. ---------- Per maggiori informazioni:< Less
Catalogue of Gregory Zorzos Works' Audio CDs and Music Data Bases By Gregory Zorzos
eBook (PDF): $9.99
This catalogue has some of the author’s works that have been published with more than 3,300.000 books, board games, DVDs, cdroms, DVDroms, audio CDs, MP3s, ebooks, epubs, ABC notations etc... More > about ancient and modern history in the fields of ancient Greek music modes.CDROMS are not more in publish.< Less
Three Short Stories Based upon everyday things the average person ignores. By Rebekah Rose
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Monday 8:00 June 3 Cell #3 Heat wave! I felt it this afternoon. I didn’t expect it to be like this all day. God if I knew what it was going to end up like this I would have asked for cell... More > #9. It was the only cell with air-conditioning. Sometimes I wonder why I’m here. I wish I could just get away from it all.< Less
The Arts of VLSI Opamp Circuit Design - A Structural Approach Based on Symmetry By Hongjiang Song
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This text is developed from the notes of a VLSI circuit design class (EEE598) the author offered in Engineering School at Arizona State University. The materials cover the structural design... More > approaches of single-stage, two-stage, and 3-stage VLSI operational amplifier circuits based on the symmetry principle, symmetry circuit structures, prototype circuits, and symmetry scaling/transformation techniques.< Less

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Bootstrap Student Workbook Bootstrap Student... By Emmanuel Schanzer et al.
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Curious Peach Curious Peach By Denise Provost
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B Inspired B Inspired By Brandon Warren
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