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Blood Bash By Haley Thellman
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Diary of a Mortal Series: Book 4--- Will’s cousin Luke is coming to town, and his reputation isn’t so good. Molly is curious about him, but Thomas and Will’s opinions of him... More > aren’t so pleasant. Molly wonders if he’s a friendly vampire like Will and her own boyfriend, or if he’s just as sly and evil as Zachary. That is if he’s a vampire at all. . . . Thomas is turning eighteen in a few weeks and is serious about wanting no party. But with Molly’s strong love for him, she knows she has to plan something. She wants to invite Thomas’s parents, but there’s one problem—neither her nor Thomas know where to find them. But Molly knows that there is one person who would know the exact location of them both—the one and only Jay Howard. Once Jay helps her out, Molly emails Thomas’s father the birthday party invitation. She doesn’t really expect to hear anything back, but when she does, she’s more excited than ever . . . at least until she finds out the secret he and Jay Howard have been keeping from Thomas for years.< Less
The Holiday Bash By Brandon D'Agrosa
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This Story is about a little boy named Jimmy who is selfish and ignorant in the beginning of the story. Towards the end he learns his lesson, and loves everyone. This book is a Parody of A Christmas... More > Carol.< Less
Bush Bash By natasha valos
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Against Men Bashing By Collectif Stop Men Bashing
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In all Western countries, in Europe as well as in North America, men are victims of permanent and systematic harassment by the press, politicians, the government, intellectuals and artists. They are... More > denigrated, calumniated, despised. They are represented as ferocious beasts or as idiots. Western societies are religious societies. Their religion is feminism. For Western societies, there is a good principle that created light, order and woman, and a bad principle that created darkness, chaos and man. In order to extend the arguments set out in the original petition, we have extended it with twenty or so notes on a variety of subjects, the purpose of which is to give an insight into the politics of men's differential oppression applied by power. in the westernized nations. We thought that these tickets might interest people other than the signatories of our petition. They compose this ebook.< Less
Bash Shell Scripting By Georgios Giannoukos
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Bash Scripting
Bash Reference Manual By Chet Ramey & Brian Fox
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This text is a brief description of the features that are present in the Bash shell (version 4.1, 23 December 2009). This is Edition 4.1, last updated 23 December 2009, of The GNU Bash Reference... More > Manual, for Bash, Version 4.1.< Less
Extreme Earth for BASH By Joe Bardales
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Extreme Earth is a supers campaign setting inspired by the Iron Age of Comic Books. With eye-popping art by Jon Gibbons and evocative writing of Joe Bardales, Extreme Earth will transport you to a... More > dangerous, dystopian world that can be described as 24 meets Heroes by way of the Iron Age of Comics. Extreme Earth will present information about the history and current state of affairs of this dystopian world, background dossiers on major players and organizations, rules for character creation, campaign advice for game masters to help bring the EXTREME EARTH setting to life, and a full introductory adventure. PARENTAL ADVISORY: THIS BOOK CONTAINS SOME MATURE LANGUAGE< Less
The Blunders of a Bashful Man By Metta Victoria Fuller Victor
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Metta Victoria Fuller Victor (née Metta Victoria Fuller;... More > nom de plume Seeley Regester) (March 2, 1831 – June 26, 1885) was an American novelist, credited with authoring of one of the first detective novels in the United States. She wrote more than 100 dime novels, pioneering the field.She was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, the third of five children of Adonijah Fuller and Lucy (Williams) Fuller. The family moved to Wooster, Ohio in 1839, where she and her elder sister Frances (who also became a famous writer) attended a female seminary; they both published stories in local newspapers and, later, in the Home Journal. Excerpt from:< Less
Bash The Keys Until They Scream By Brenton Booth
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"BASH THE KEYS UNTIL THEY SCREAM is a goddamned bombshell. Each poem I dug in. Hooked. Like being slapped in the face. I am simultaneously dissapointed and relieved that I am incapable of this... More > level of honesty in my writing (or life)." —Robert Hanson, Poems-For-All< Less

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Learn Work Play: Twenty Years of ETC Stories Learn Work Play: Twenty... By Brad King et al.
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