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In All Directions By Will Beach
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Many different styles of poems are in this book from Romance to War. These poems are from experience and easy to understand.
The Beach By Antonio Nevarez
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A turtle named Sharc visits the beach and enjoys a day of doing all the activities he loves.
Beached By Charles Perry, Jr.
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Various poems by Charles Perry, Jr. The poems are written with a theme that focuses on the beauty of the sea and shore along the coast of New Bedford MA. to Cape Cod, MA. Seeing the sea just beaches... More > the heart, mind and soul.< Less
The Beach By Mark Springer
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Children do different things on the beach... some play, some sunbathe, some pretend, some hide, some seek.
Beach By Harrison White
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A man is sent to prison... when he gets out the only thing he can do is keep walking... down the beach
The Beach By Peter Paul
eBook (PDF): $22.95
They say that tall men nearly fifteen feet in height, prowl around the beach during the night. It is said that a few people have been killed by these tall men. Then there are stories about a ghost... More > horse-carriage...< Less
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At The Beach By John Vincent
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This effect can be performed by anyone! It gives the impression of being a genuine hypnotic 'mind control' type trick, that has a pseudo-hypnotic rapid induction at the beginning... You look at a... More > spectator and they drop into a trance, while in the trance they experience your suggestions as if they are actually happening to them, and act accordingly! “To your volunteer your suggestions seem as real as anything else that is happening to them…” To begin with there is a rapid induction of trance, effortlessly performed by you. Then you correctly predict ‘coconut’ Next you have your volunteer act as if they can feel something, something that is not really happening to them. Finally… you ask them to think of anything associated with a beach and you predict in advance what they will think of!< Less
The Beach By RR Silone
Paperback: $6.52
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It's the eve of September 11, 2001 and Ronnie James "The Rocket" DeRenzo has gone missing. His family begins a frantic search for him and he turns up in a casino hotel in Atlantic City, NJ.... More > An intervention ensues and Ronnie struggles for his freedom. An escape fantasy and the continuation of Rock and Roll Love Story: The Two Volume set< Less
The Beach By Pilar Bomba Hortelano
Paperback: $14.43
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