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The Passing of Time By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $4.19
Novelist Gary Beers guides us through “The Passing of Time,” his first trilogy of short stories, demonstrating the author’s versatility with his various styles of writing. In... More > Part One, Mr. Beers demonstrates a medieval style of writing as he tells the biblical story of Cosmic Erdello, the God of Life, who, like many of us humans, falls prey to sins of the flesh and, as a result, loses his station in life. Gary Beers exhibits another of his many talents in Part Two, as he makes use of an Irish dialect and his extremely descriptive approach to make his readers feel like they are part of the story while he brings us into the world of the characters. This is a story with which most of us can identify. Part Three of Mr. Beers’ trilogy depicts his journey from childhood into maturity, detailing some of the true-to-life hardships and obstacles he endured, for which he credits his success today.< Less
The Book of Songs -- Lyrics for Everyone: Volume Two By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $4.06
Gary Beers wrote “The Book of Songs” for music lovers who enjoy creating their own melodies to his lyrics. Since then, scores of friends and lovers have gathered together, trying to come... More > up with their own unusual melodies for his words. And now Mr. Beers has filled the demand for more lyrics with “The Book of Songs -- Lyrics for Everyone: Volume Two.” You, too, can create a fun-filled evening, as others have done, while you try your best to ‘make your own kind of music’ with this unique work of art.< Less
A Poem of the Jewel: A Poetic Confession of the Heart By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $2.63
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A Poem of the Jewel is an insightful masterpiece by Gary Beers! If not his best piece yet, Mr. Beers has presented a demonstrative work of art for the public, for a secret love he has named Jewel. ... More > Do you have a "Jewel" in your life? What a great download for that someone special in your life? With a combination of standard quo poetry and his world renowned "free-flow" method, he utilizes these genres to write an awesome piece of work for your enjoyment. This poetic confession of the heart will bring you to your knees as you get a sneak preview into the life of the author who invites you to see the next love of his life... You will absolutely love it!< Less
Words Forever - Volume III By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $14.94
With this collection being the third in a series of "free-flow" poetry books, Mr. Beers captivates us again with his mystical vernacular and the use of his writing style. He will take you... More > on a trip through the unconscious boundaries of your mind as you find yourself enjoying the true art of what poetry was meant to be. He closes 2007 with his submission of this work and leaves us with a masterpiece of endless stanzas that have already fascinated many worldwide! Words Forever - Volume III will surely be a piece that will intrigue you for years to come. When you read Mr. Beers' latest work, you will want him to keep writing those "Words... Forever!"< Less
Poésie d'art de Word pour tous or Word Art Poetry for All. By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $9.69
In an effort to bring you joy in poetry and song writing, Gary Beers does it again in “Poésie d'art de Word pour tous,” which, in English, means “Word Art Poetry for... More > All.” A leap of faith occurs when the author combines poetry with song writing. This is quite interesting in that it affords the reader a glimpse at the successful attempt by the author to demonstrate his unique ability to bring together song and poetic prose. Sure to please the avid reader, Mr. Beers introduces us to a new way of communicating. Imagine what poetic prose would sound like if we added music to it? Come take a ride down the newfound way of musical, poetic prose for all to read. You’ll be glad you did!< Less
Words Forever - Volume II By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $8.50
Gary Beers has done it again with his free-flow poetry in "Words Forever - Volume II!" With his medieval genre style of writing, he takes us all on a ride through the history of modernity... More > to a time when all else seems to fail. As seen in his prior work, Mr. Beers affords his readers a classy approach to the method of free-flow poetry, allowing them to experience the richness of modern-day poetry while taking the readers through a recapitulating moment and giving them a rush! Take that ride down the road and capture the power of what free-flow poetry is all about. See what readers have been writing and talking about all over the web and the world!< Less
A Composed Allegory and a Diary of Poetic Reflection By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $5.81
Gary Beers affords a rare opportunity to his avid readers as he relates some of the most romantic and intimate moments from his past. Mr. Beers shares with his readers a glimpse of his biographical... More > history, including his years as a youngster and adolescent to his growth into manhood. Recollections of poems and love songs written for past loves will touch your heart with warmth and love. As a versatile writer, Gary utilizes many literary genres within this book, including his renowned "Free-Flow" Poetry. Let this author take you on a memorable tour of his life through "A Composed Allegory and a Diary of Poetic Reflections." His words will surely remind you of your own past and, as you visualize your youth, even YOU might want to write a book!< Less
Pocket: Pumpkin Roo, the Novel -- Creation of the Majestic Jewel Kingdom By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $25.00
Finally, Gary Beers has written this long-awaited novel, The Creation of the Majestic Jewel Kingdom. Many have awaited its completion and arrival to the public. Mr. Beers will take your child on an... More > unforgettable ride to the confines of the energy of love, which created Pumpkin Roo. The author has demonstrated his true ability in writing this fifth in the Pocket series about Pumpkin Roo. Although this will be the only novel written for the series, your child will enjoy a total fascination of how the silhouettes of the universe, the God of Life, and Pumpkin Roo created the Majestic Jewel Kingdom. It is truly a unique children’s novel that will not only entertain your child, but will offer them, through serious thinking, a sharp interest to become educated. Good manners, excellent behavior, health, oral hygiene, and love are the true focus of this novel. Allow your child this rare opportunity to become part of a world where children are truly honored and loved for all that they are! < Less
The Book of Songs --- Lyrics for Everybody By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $4.06
For all the music lovers who may read this book, Gary Beers has created lyrics to various song titles in the hopes that they will inspire you to be creative and produce your own melody for each. ... More > This is a fun book, which can also be considered romantic, as friends and lovers gather and try to make beautiful music together! It may even inspire you to come up with your own lyrics, as well. Devise contests among friends to see who can create the best melodies, and have a good time with it!< Less
She Lives On Love Street - A Diary for Tricia, The Love of My Life By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Using a combination of English vernacular and various styles of genre along with "free-flow poetry," Gary Beers chronicles his relationship with Tricia, the love of his life! He opens his... More > heart to his readers and tells it like it was, and many of you will probably be able to identify with his story. He offers a profound glimpse into his past love life that will shock you and send waves through your bones as he recounts the times he shared with the love of his life!< Less

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