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Hands Up Poetry Poetic Prose By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $12.48
There is no doubt that you will enjoy this piece of standard English vernacular created by Gary Beers. He shows the power of his versatility, while making the power of words come to life! He... More > affords an inside look at his astonishing ability to deliver high-quality, intellectual poetry that stimulates your senses. You are sure to be pleased by the great work of this master who challenges the minds of our society. Guaranteed to be a sure pleaser, “Hands Up Poetry” is a wonderful work of art for the many who crave the power of poetry!< Less
She Lives On Love Street - A Diary for Tricia, The Love of My Life By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Using a combination of English vernacular and various styles of genre along with "free-flow poetry," Gary Beers chronicles his relationship with Tricia, the love of his life! He opens his... More > heart to his readers and tells it like it was, and many of you will probably be able to identify with his story. He offers a profound glimpse into his past love life that will shock you and send waves through your bones as he recounts the times he shared with the love of his life!< Less
Psycho Circus-Volume Two-The Never-Ending Night of Lust By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $8.73
As in Gary Beers’ first horror novel, “Psycho Circus: Dawn of the Reckoning,” the Devil himself is back by popular demand to once again wreak havoc on innocent people. This time... More > the action takes place in the Amish countryside of Pennsylvania, where two priests are summoned to save an eight-year-old girl from the clutches of the Dark One, who stops at nothing to win her soul. His treachery is unnerving as he defames the Church, embarrasses the clergy, and plans to kill anyone who gets in the way of his desires. The circus is here again…and the psycho is loving it! Come see the circus—if you dare!< Less
Pocket: Victoria's Adventure with Pumpkin Roo - Part 2 By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $9.42
In Part 2 of "Victoria's Adventure with Pumpkin Roo" Mr. Beers' hero takes us on a tour of the Majestic Jewel Kingdom when he carries groups of children in his pouch and they fly through... More > the air as he hops from place to place over mountains and the mystical Land of the Jewel. While in the air, they encounter a slight problem: they lose altitude and quickly plummet to the ground as the Roo uses his bag of tricks to save them! Will their landing be perfect? No! But Pumpkin Roo and his young charges have a laughing good time anyway! Join them for the fun and frolic as they turn possible disaster into a "mess" of fun.< Less
Pocket: Victoria's Adventure with Pumpkin Roo - Part 1 By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $9.42
In his first children's book, Gary Beers introduced you to Pumpkin Roo, a fictional pumpkin-like character who lives in the Majestic Jewel Kingdom. This second in the "Pocket" series,... More > centers on "Victoria's Adventure with Pumpkin Roo," the first of a two-part story about her fascination with Roo and their fun times. As the series evolves, readers will meet many friends of the Roo and experience new adventures with them. Will Zyro, the Evil Lord of Justice invade the Majestic Jewel Kingdom and destroy Roo and his friends? Find out as the series continues...< Less
The Soul of the Sparrow --- Volume One By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $12.50
Gary Beers presents an excellent work of art for those who love the standard English vernacular taught to us in the classroom! The Soul of the Sparrow underscores life’s many trials and... More > tribulations. Set forth perfectly, this book gives compelling insight into the genius mind of the author. Capture the moral fiber of the Holy Spirit while experiencing death, love, friendship, and the hope of mortal life. You will be thrilled by the style of poetry that affords you a rare opportunity to explore the confines of what English poetry has set out to do over the centuries. Guaranteed to be a sure pleaser to every reader, this book will deliver the high quality semantics and jargon of good poetry from the sixteenth and twenty-first centuries.< Less
"Pocket: An Introduction to Pumpkin Roo" By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $11.88
The work promotes health and eating habits to all children and encourages good foods that children should eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is Mr. Beers' first children's book, depicting an... More > imaginary character called Pumpkin Roo, was carefully written with your child in mind. Although it is intended to stimulate the imagination of your child as well as in classroom, it is a great way to grab the interest of those very young readers at home who may, only now, be learning to read prior to school age with the help of their parents. "Pocket" introduces its young readers to the imaginary but wondrous world of Pumpkin Roo, where children will go when they fall deeply into their dreams as they sleep. A peaceful and wonderful place to be, the Majestic Jewel Kingdom is an adventure that allows children to explore what an educational and exciting book should be all about. Your child will absolutely love this piece and will enjoy it for many years to come. The work includes Pumpkin Roo's inspiring theme song.< Less
Adventures of Pumpkin Roo -- Part Six in the Series By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $19.38
In this mystical story, Pumpkin Roo introduces the children of the world to Kurthrow, a ten-foot tall giant and the chief guardian of life to the children. Magical wonders are used to promote... More > learning among the children. This story offers your child an educational experience which will carry them through their years of grade school. Mr. Beers does a wonderful job with this sixth book of the series by fostering goodness and encouraging your child to explore the fascination of a fantasy world offering endless friendship and love. As with all Pumpkin Roo adventures, this one will have a very positive, lasting effect upon your children regarding their health, good behavior, and it will teach them respect that comes with loving those in life. You will not go wrong with these fictional characters, sure to please a youngster’s yearning for loveable, imaginary friends who offer and display a wonderful example for your children to emulate in their personal lives. < Less
Pocket: Adventures of Pumpkin Roo -- Volume Ten -- Your Final Adventure in the Series By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $16.59
In this final volume set in the Majestic Jewel Kingdom, innocence is saved by the persistence and undying love of Pumpkin Roo and his subjects. This volume has a wonderfully exciting and happy... More > ending, which any child will enjoy. The excitement, educational experience, and ending provide an outstanding impression for children, as they learn to be responsible and mindful of their actions. While reading the entire ten-volume series about the Adventures of Pumpkin Roo, your children will fall in love with this mythical and magical character, as they learn all about who he is to all children—eternal love, guidance, and an unforgettable storybook experience. Mr. Beers has done a remarkable job in bringing Pumpkin Roo to life for the enjoyment of all children. He hopes that Pumpkin Roo will be the ideal character for your child to emulate for years to come. < Less
Autumn Flights: A Compilation of Free-Flow-Poetry By Gary Beers
eBook (PDF): $11.19
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Autumn Flights is a colorful and compressed book of fall poems written purposely in the fall for the strict enjoyment of adult lovers to read. Uniquely written in the morning, afternoon, and... More > nighttime, Autumn Flights offers lovers a taste of autumn, giving each the spirit to nestle with one another and to share those special moments on those cold, dark nights. There are also recipes to be shared, offered only by the author and made public for the first time. With this book, free-flow-poetry comes alive at its best...right in the palm of your hand. You will be amazed as you become part of the author's thoughts and made one with the world of fall. Become one with Mr. Beers as he brings you into the world of Autumn Flights!< Less

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