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Issues in the Analysis of Behavior By Richard W. Malott
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This book is designed to be an intermediate–level text in the analysis of behavior that should all, in concept, somewhere between introductory texts, such as Keller and Schoenfeld's Principles... More > of Psychology, Ferster & Perrott's Behavior Principles, or Whaley and Malott's Elementary Principles of Behavior; and more advanced works, such as Honig's Operant Behavior: Areas of Research and Application. However this textbook is self-contained and could, therefore, be read by the more diligent student without a background in behavioral analysis. Most of the issues discussed in this text are somewhat controversial, even among professional behavior analysts. So while we might hope to win a few minor controversies along the way, the primary purpose of this text is to increase the skill of the reader in using behavioral concepts in the analysis of complex behavioral phenomena. In addition, we do with selected topics in the philosophy of science in which the behavioral analysts will most likely be interested.< Less
Mind Behavior By Naomi Hollimon
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This a self-help guide dedicated to those suffering from mental health related issues and those caring for those dealing with those issues. The guide outlines coping techniques and key factors in... More > treating bipolar and depression. As the author I dive into the topic from the perspective of a bipolar myself, that is still coping and treating the disease on a daily basis. My desire is to reach out and inform my readers, giving information that their doctors and therapist don't know or won't tell them in treatment. Every reader will come away with not only a better understanding of bipolar and depression, but also a better way to live a normal life in light of their mind behavior.< Less
Mastering human behavior By Tony Nwoye
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Uniqueness of humans does not end with talents alone but with behavior also. While human being may be difficult, there are ways to manage them. One of the associations you can enjoy very well is... More > human cooperation, but it does not come cheap, in that you have to learn skills to coping with their faults. Humans have qualities that can make up for fellow human’s inadequacies. However, inability to master these qualities will result to difficulty in relating with them. Humans are not bad in themselves rather the issue with human’s various characters lie in the things that formed their behaviors. You can make excellent use of every human quality and you can find it hard to cope with even the easiest part of human character.< Less
Duct Tape Is Not A Behavioral Intervention: The Sequel By Laura A. Riffel, Ph.D.
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This book is used with a training from Behavior Doctor Seminars. It is the Sequel to Duct Tape is Not a Behavioral Intervention. It focuses on three strands of behavioral intervention and how to... More > eradicate behavioral issues in the classroom.< Less
Crowdsourcing the Collection of Transportation Behavior Data By Christopher Bone
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Understanding the travel behaviors of individuals who use public transit is essential for enhancing the performance, sustainability and efficiency of public transportation. Contemporary methods for... More > collecting data on transportation behavior are focused on manual or automated procedures for counting the number of individual passengers entering or exiting transit vehicles. While such methods provide useful data for understanding transit demand throughout a network, they ignore the important details of how passengers travel to and within a network as well as their personal experiences during their commute, all of which can enrich the ability of transit agencies to provide sustainable transportation. To address this issue, there has been a proliferation of location-based services (LBS) that allow for new methods of data collection involving passengers volunteering data about their commute. In this light, passengers engage in a crowdsourcing effort to generate data about experiences across the network.< Less
Credence Independent Advisors Key Considerations of Behavioral Finance By Akira Chiyou
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The central issue in behavioral finance is explaining why market participants make systematic errors contrary to the assumption of rational market participants.
Trust Issues By Jessica Riley
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Are you tired of failed romantic relationships and friendships? Have your previous partners told you that you are “too possessive” or “jealous”? Do you feel yourself burn with... More > jealousy when you see your partner talking with some attractive acquaintance? Do you go through your partner’s things or demand detailed explanations of where they have been? Most people know this isn’t the foundation for successful relationships, and they would like to stop reacting this way, but how? Author Jessica Riley outlines a 10-step plan for overcoming these hang-ups in her new e-book Trust Issues. Riley pulls no punches here - she gets straight to the heart of the problem from the first chapter. She addresses right from the start your thinking process, which is leading you to exhibit your possessive behavior.< Less
Inside My Head - Homeless Children’s Mental and Behavioral Health By Dr. Toi Neshae Dennis
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In side my head, Homeless Children's Mental and Behavioral Health is a book written to bring awareness to the issue of homelessness in children. Especially those that are raised from the streets and... More > the eventual impact on the mental health.< Less
Bye Bye Food Dyes: Are Food Dyes Affecting Your Child's Behavior? By B. Krause
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Are artificial food dyes making our children crazy? Bye Bye Food Dye is the story of one family's experience with food dyes and the effects dyes were having on their children. A must read for... More > parents of children with ADHD or any behavior issues.< Less
Handbook of Health and Behavior: Psychological Treatment Strategies for the Nursing Home Patient By Joseph M. Casciani, PhD
eBook (ePub): $19.95
This Handbook represents an innovative response to the trend toward increased medical complexity in nursing home patients, and to the demand for greater behavioral health collaboration in their... More > treatment plans. It is a portable reference guide for health care professionals who want to understand the recommended cognitive-behavioral approaches for the co-morbid psychological issues impacting medical conditions in nursing facilities, including diabetes, respiratory disease, obesity and chronic pain, and diagnoses requiring rehabilitation, such as stroke and fractures. An array of assessment measures are discussed, and cognitive-behavioral treatment protocols are reviewed for twelve acute and chronic medical conditions. This Handbook will serve as an indispensable tool to help patients mentally manage their disabling medical conditions.< Less