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This book describes the development of an intrusion detection system for online poker, which uses player’s game strategy as the behavioral profile. The system is improved by modifications to... More > the similarity measure functions and different ways of representing behavioral signatures. The system is further enhanced by inclusion of spatial, temporal and contextual information about the environment alongside the user’s behavior. Possibility of creation of artificial behavioral profiles and use of such profiles for spoofing of behavior-based security systems is investigated and promising results are achieved. In a somewhat related research, recognizing importance of games in our experiments, it is proven that poker is a game of skill. Finally, a number of games are analyzed in terms of their spatial ontologies.< Less
Treating Obesity With Personalized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy By Riccardo Dalle Grave et al.
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Written by leading experts in the field Provides both theory and clinical experience Illustrates how the new treatment programme develops a mind-set that promotes both weight loss and weight-loss... More > maintenance Explains how the treatment can be delivered within a stepped-care approach that can be applied, with appropriate adaptation, at three levels of care (outpatient, day-hospital and residential) This book describes a novel therapy for obesity that associates the traditional procedures of weight-loss lifestyle modification with specific, individualized cognitive behavioral procedures to address some obstacles that have been indicated by recent research to influence weight loss and maintenance. The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Obesity (CBT-OB) can be used to treat all classes of obesity, including patients with severe comorbidities and disability associated with obesity, who are not usually included in traditional weight-loss lifestyle modification treatments.< Less
Behavioral Problems In Children: The Untold Secrets to Mastering Child Behavior Management In Just 3 Days By Janice White
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Behavioral Problems In Children The authentic child behavior management guidebook Behavioral Problems In Children has turned out to be excellent reading for mother and fathers as well as experts... More > throughout the world. This well-respected handbook provides the essentials of child behavior management. The author not only discusses how to handle certain behavior concerns but gives advice to mother and fathers on what to do to prevent many common problems. The author's practical tips address a handful of problems, which include: • How to deal with disrespectful kids • 5 ways to stop kids from talking back • 5 best practices to stop kids from stealing • Little known ways for getting rid of temper tantrums • And much more< Less
One Step at a Time: ABA and Autism in the Classroom; Practical Strategies for Implementing Applied Behavior Analysis By Jennifer Krumins & Jennifer Krumins
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Finally! A book for those who need practical, down to earth help in planning an authentic and meaningful classroom program based on sound science and experience for a student with autism! This is... More > what you’ll get...guaranteed: * Personal down to earth, common sense advice that I have gained through research and experience as a mother and a teacher of individuals with autism * A comprehensive account of what autism might look like in the classroom and practical strategies about how we can teach to these core deficits using ABA principles * A personal account of the perspective of a teacher and a mother in educating a student with autism * Help with possible accommodations, modifications, goals and objectives * A whole section that is devoted to creating “ABA style” Individual Education Plans and transition plans * Examples of IEPs written with ABA language and methods * Sample forms for data collection and skill tracking * AND MUCH MORE!< Less
Fix the Kid!! By Harold Renshaw
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This is a small manual designed to help the parent learn from their children and use that knowledge to make everyone happy.
Breaking Down Barriers: For A Chance To Heal By Crystal Barker
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Case Study Using The Points Method
Domestic Violence In The Church ? By Brenice FireAngel
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Have you thought about why there are so many dysfunctional homes and families to which the church does not address the issues of domestic violence,abuse and misuse of children,wives,husbands. Many... More > times the pastors take a passive,repetitious rhetorical position when dealing with family abusive behavior. This is a book addressing the problem in a biblical way and applying logic of The God Kind.< Less
A Fearless Classroom By Barbara Rubin
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A climate of intimidation unfortunately exists in many institutions of higher learning. These twelve pages provide a window into the creation of fearless classrooms, able to fulfill the inherent... More > contract between teachers and students.< Less
knew world order primitive poetry By sylvester marshall
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This literature is design to offer all-inclusive opportunity for all walks of life to set the prime condition, so their best collective needs can be met. All-inclusive soft sell help, now everyone... More > can know the hampering linchpin.< Less
Inspired By Tollie Schmidt
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It has been 653 years since Plato's dialogue of Timaeus dawning man's search for the lost city of Atlantis. A conscious quest to discover Plato's Republic a perfect utopian state. As human's we seek... More > external forces to create a better life for ourselves. Why? Inspired: The Art & Science of Personal Transformation will show you how to achieve the unprecedented quality of life you thirst for & deserve. Tollie has proved to scores of people worldwide that by exploiting the dominance of your mind you can do, have, achieve, and create anything you want for your life. -Discover what it is that you truly want -reThink 180º to reFormat your brain in minutes to eliminate fears and phobias -Implement the Art of Persuasion and Influence to gain the edge of likability with anyone you meet. -Break the code of success from the world's greatest achievers. -Lose fat, get in shape and overcome an eating disorder permanently. -Create deep and lasting relationships with others. -Discover your life's purpose!< Less

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