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Women's Guide to Men's Infidelity: The Secrets Behind Men's Cheating Behaviors and Mindset By Nelson Yang
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This book is a complete guide to men’s cheating and infidelity written from men’s perspective with the help from a group of honest and frank men who enthusiastically participated in... More > discussions and researches that cultivated many key concepts and theories in this book. This guide is intended to help and empower women by covering every important aspect of men’s cheating behaviors and their mindsets with no shame and no holding back. It provides everything you need to know about men’s infidelity; all answers are unfiltered and came from our hearts! It is definitely worthwhile to thoroughly study the tips and methods from this book; your acquired and digested knowledge could save you from frustration and heartbreaks caused by men’s infidelity.< Less
The Project MKULTRA Compendium: The CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification By Stephen Foster
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In the 1950s and 1960s, the CIA undertook a series of research and operational programs aimed at gaining control of human behavior, commonly known as mind control. The most famous and notable of... More > these was MKULTRA, which from 1953 to 1964 spawned 149 subprojects that developed and studied “a number of procedures for influencing and predicting human behavior by chemical and psychological means.” The intention for the techniques was to “have both defensive applications ... and offensive applications (e.g. the use of psychochemicals to control or discredit an individual).” The Project MKULTRA Compendium presents the results of investigations into these programs, offering views on the ethics and limits of medical research.< Less
The Invisible Matrix: The Evolution of Altruism, Culture, Human Behavior, & the Memory Network By Andrew Jennings
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Why did we evolve to be altruistic? Why did we evolve to value a society of equals? How did we become capable of culture? For the first time promising clues to these puzzles are emerging from an... More > unexpected field – computer science. Delicate living systems and bulky computers, according to a growing body of research, are both information systems engaged in the storage, transmission, and processing of information. This shared characteristic of life systems and our information technology devices gives us an opportunity to study human evolution using concepts from computer science. Such analysis points to the existence of an important ‘invisible’ adaptation in human beings. This ‘invisible’ adaptation is the reason we evolved to be cultural beings, who are altruistic, who value equality, and our aging elders.< Less
Managing Energy Costs: A Behavioral & Non-Technical Approach By John Eggink
eBook (ePub): $99.99
This book discusses the numerous reasons why many organizations fail to manage the behavioral aspects of energy consumption, and shows you how you can apply proven management techniques to... More > significantly reduce these unnecessary energy expenses within your own organization. Included are a broad array of examples of companies who have pioneered these efforts, their actual savings (often millions of dollars annually), step-by step methodologies and typical energy-wasting organizational pitfalls to avoid. Based on years of study, research and documentation, the author communicates in an easy-to-understand, and cohesive manner how break the prevalent cycle of energy waste, and to make your employees both cooperative in saving energy, and accountable for the energy they use. Completely non-technical in its approach, his book focuses exclusively on how to manage the human element of energy consumption.< Less
Journal of Behavorial Studies in Business By Volume 6 October, 2013
Paperback: $95.00
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The Journal of Behavioral Studies in Business (JBSB) publishes original, unpublished manuscripts related to behavioral studies in accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing.... More > Manuscripts from a broad range of topics are appropriate for consideration in the JBSB providing the focus of the work is behavioral studies in business. This journal is listed in the Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities with an initial acceptance rate of less than 30%.< Less
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Measures of customers' repurchase intentions have become common in marketing research, particularly since long-term relations with customers are stressed as an important goal. Focusing on... More > consumers‟ repurchase intentions toward Mydin house brands and using the theory of planned behavior as its basis, this study investigated the relationships among attitude toward behavior, subjective norm, perceived behavioral control, and intentions, besides to determine which factor is most influential on repurchase intentions. Data were collected from 181 Mydin customers who have ever bought Mydin house brand products. Analysis of the data indicates that most of respondents intent to repurchase Mydin house brands. These intentions strongly drive by attitude toward the behavior, followed by subjective norm, and lastly perceived behavioral control. Meaning that, consumers who have ever bought Mydin house brands have favorable evaluation of purchasing Mydin house brands based on their experiences.< Less
Studies of Paul's Letters to the Thessalonians By Dennis Dinger
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The two letters from Paul to the Thessalonian saints contain details of the second coming of the Lord, and encouragements to proper behavior leading up to that day. The Thessalonian saints were... More > beset by persecution from rabble rousers and by deceptive words of false teachers. The letters contain explanations, words of comfort, caution, and command, and encouragements to watch, rejoice, walk, and please God. These letters are apropos to the 21st Century because today’s saints have similar interests and similar problems to those facing the Thessalonians of the 1st Century . . . plus we are now ∼2000 years closer to the Lord’s return!< Less
Psychology: A Study Of Mental Life By Robert Sessions Woodworth
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Robert Sessions Woodworth (October 17, 1869 – July 4, 1962)... More > was an influential American academic psychologist of the first half of the twentieth century. He studied under William James along with such prominent psychologists as Leta Stetter Hollingworth, James Rowland Angell, and Edward Thorndike. A graduate of Harvard and Columbia, his textbook Psychology: A study of mental life, which appeared first in 1921, went through many editions and was the first introduction to psychology for generations of undergraduate students. His 1938 textbook of Experimental Psychology was scarcely less influential, especially in the 1954 second edition, written with Harold H. Schlosberg. He is known for introducing the Stimulus-Organism-Response (S-O-R) formula of behavior. Excerpt from:< Less
Environmental Enrichment to Prevent and Resolve Fearful, Stereotypical, and Agnostic Behaviors in Long-Term Shelter Dogs By Sandra FORNES
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Long-term shelter stays increase the risk of dogs developing or intensifying kennel-induced behavioral problems. These problem behaviors are major reasons dogs are relinquished to shelters and... More > euthanized. The prevention of these problem behaviors in kenneled dogs is an important welfare concern. This study addresses the use of environmental enrichment to reduce, eliminate and prevent kennel0induced behavioral problems so as to improve dogs' physiological and psychological health, enhancing their welfare.< Less
ELM 200 WEEK 6 BEHAVIORISM SCENARIOS ASSIGNMENT-GCU Visit Below Link, To Download This Course: Or Email us on SUPPORT@TUTORIALSSERVICE.NET ELM 200 Week 6 Beha By Jon Snow
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ELM 200 WEEK 6 BEHAVIORISM SCENARIOS ASSIGNMENT-GCU Visit Below Link, To Download This Course: Or... More > Email us on SUPPORT@TUTORIALSSERVICE.NET ELM 200 Week 6 Behaviorism Scenarios Assignment-GCU ELM200 ELM 200 Week 6 Behaviorism Scenarios Assignment-GCU< Less

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