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The Beliefs! By Teymur Roshdi
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'The Beliefs!' is a philosophical article I wrote based on the analysis of the films 'The Exorcist' and the 'Omen' trilogy.Here I treat the power of superstitions in human societies.I hope that... More > someday the quantum physics would give a better explanation for all paranormal phenomena.< Less
Beliefs By Stefano Longo
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Knowing and believing. Besides “love”, they must be among the most used and abused words. Knowledge acquired through experience, through reason, through data, through proofs, through... More > authorities, through intuition, through insight, through feelings, through instincts, through enlightenment, through faith, and more. How can we find our way through this jungle? If knowing was only a theoretical issue, we would probably be stuck in the jungle forever. But knowing is above all practical, which makes it so essential for each of us in the way we live our lives. How do we find our way through the jungle of different forms of knowing, then? Through believing. We manage our way through the jungle by holding fast to our beliefs. We reach all sorts of different beliefs, some very deep and strong, some less so, some from a source some from another source, often from conflicting sources. But somehow we build a balance among them. If our balance breaks, we are then in serious trouble.< Less
Belief By J P
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A collection of plays........................................................cover art by Courtney Oquist
Of the Belief By Chelsea Bathurst
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A graphic design exploration of lying, truth telling, parenting and relationships.
Of the Belief By Chelsea Bathurst
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A graphic design exploration of lying, truth telling, parenting and relationships.
Peregrination of the Deliverer #4 By Make Belief Studios
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“Perga-what?”  Peregrination of the Deliverer!  Or ‘Journey of the Hero’, if you will.  Meet Sainida!  After disaster strikes her cozy Water Village home,... More > Sainida decides to band with five other village members and set out on a journey across the globe.  Hoping to reach the world renowned Ice Village to find help (neither a simple task), they must first deal with the brutal journey: the aggressive Desert Village - the uncertainty of unknown lands – and, ultimately, their own emotions. After making it through the Desert Village the Water Villagers are confronted by a nomad tribe looking to do business. What are they after? Well, nothing less than Sainida, of course. Features a bonus mini comic by ECKC. Don't want to buy the comic? That's okay, it's free online! yah!< Less
Islam beliefs By Mostafa Mohamed
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Islam beliefs,
At the Speed of BELIEFS By LL Mitchell
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We have no manual for our times! You are about to go on your own philosophical and spiritual ride in this book. Today our greatest need is to be open to new possibilities and transcend old structures... More > of beliefs. Those who are finally awakening to the enormity of the world’s problems are becoming overwhelmed with doom and gloom. Denying reality allows the world to continue to form your life and manipulate your future. There are answers, and they come from your beliefs. We live in a maze of our repetitive thoughts and we have become trapped in dead end loops created by unquestioned beliefs. Whether they are group beliefs or individual choices made long ago, they keep playing in the background of our habits and reactions. To break free, we must get out of the maze of beliefs. •Includes the SpeedShifting™ technique to remove the triggers of beliefs. Unknown, bright new possibilities and powerful new futures can be born and then your life can unfold at the speed of your beliefs.< Less
Beliefs Of An Athiest By Brad Levine
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This is a collection of ideas I would like to share with my children. They already know I don't believe in magic or the supernatural. I wanted to share the things I do believe in.
Experence belief By Paul Mathews
eBook (PDF): $0.00
A collection of belief statements by designers from Maine College of Art.

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