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Waves Below By Scheree Reeves
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A mermaid themed sketchbook featuring sketches and artwork by Scheree Reeves.
A Time Below By Ken Ludden
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"A Time Below" was first presented in 1999 at the President's AIDS Update Conference in San Francisco, as the centerpiece of the AIDS Theater Festival. The play, taken from the popular... More > novel Mary Go-Round, made waves at the time as controversial. Set in 1982, the play deals with the fact that many in those early days were so afraid to be tested they ended up paying with their lives. But the play goes deeper, showing that every life into which AIDS comes is a full and complex. Courtland Kendoll works for his Congressman, a homophobe and bigot. He falls in love with a black man, which sends his family into a tail spin. Amidst this culture clash, young Cory suddenly finds himself in a head on confrontation with AIDS and his Southern roots. This play is an excellent case study from a recent historical past that speaks to all eras of prejudice, fear and the truth of the heart.< Less
Waves Beginning By Erin Wyllie
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“I would never hurt you… I mean it. Never.” Deep below the surface of the sea, far beyond the reaches of man, lays a city ruled by a king. A servant named Mina has a terrible... More > secret. Every day, she worries that someone will find out and kill her because of it. Eventually, she tells her best friend, Prince Hans. Yet, this is only the beginning of their troubles. As much as she would like to, Mina can’t just leave her past behind her. Soon, she has to turn around and face the past, along with the decisions she has made, good and bad. The arrival of the sirens, beautiful and vicious, provides new challenges for Mina and Hans. Only they can turn the tide of the impending battle. Everything is changing… And difficult decisions have to be made. Mina and Hans want to help – but dare they expose the situation they have managed to put themselves in?< Less
Beneath the Blue & Grey Waves By Adam Grohman
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The navies of the North and South shifted from sail to steam and from wood to iron as they battled for a strategic naval advantage during the American Civil War. Beneath the Blue & Grey Waves... More > provides an in-depth study of the sub-marine warfare that occurred during the Civil War. Included is new information regarding a submarine vessel not previously identified by historians. Beneath the Blue & Grey Waves is an excellent way to dive below the surface and learn more about the exciting and pivotal submarine technology that played an important role in the naval war of the conflict.< Less
A Red Light Heavy By Evey Lockhart
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"Well, littl'n', it just happened, all of a sudden. The source of all life flipped the bitch on us, every one, and with unexpected speed. We had no time to run. The closest colonies off Earth... More > were just as fucked as those on the surface. The missions further out into space? Who the fuck knows? Some desperate fools really hope they're gonna find a way to save us. Not me. The sun turned baleful and red. They're gonna keep as far away from that hateful orb as possible. On even days the thought of people, somewhere else, living life without the weight above and the blood-colored light; well, it gives me hope. On odd days it makes me wanna breathe the deep. "Well, we fled to the only place left, the bottom of the goddamned sea... "Don’t rightly know how long it took, but folk sorta fell to the pressure. You can’t help but feel the weight of it, wherever ya go. And the heat, awful damn hot down here; air’s sweaty, too thick. And them lights, it‘s all blood or black and hateful heavy. People went strange."< Less
Fred and The Blue Whale By Ged Austin
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When Fred meets a blue whale, the reader goes on a magical tale of adventure and mystery deep below the waves of the sea.
Cecil and Bird Rescue the Prince By Kelly Morris
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When the Sea Turtle Prince finds himself in trouble below the waves, his mother, the Queen, asks Cecil and Bird to help. Before long the two girls are off on an under-sea adventure.
The Sorcerer's Submarine By Alyn Lewis
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The land of Urtal_Ir beckons. Come along on Santino, Herb, and Appleton's latest adventure. Santino builds a submarine! Above deck drama and below the waves adventures follow!
Top 50 Surfing Destinations of 2016 By Scott Casterson
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Surfing, as we all know is a water sport where a surfer ‘rides’ the surface of a wave. This is usual done in the ocean, but can be achieved in lakes and rivers as well. For ideal surfing,... More > riders seek the best tides, wind Many destinations have become popularized due to this sport and the top 50 will be outlined in the article below.< Less
In the Trenches By Derek Des Anges
eBook (ePub): $1.40
Deep sea exploration engineer Euan navigates the various tensions aboard a vessel which houses both those interested in the future of the oceans' wildlife and those only interested in profiting from... More > it, and on dipping below the waves discovers that they're not the only ones with an interest in the contents of the abyss.< Less