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Ultra Orthodox Rabbi Jacob Emden meets Apostle Paul By Michael Adi Nachman
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Here we look at the thoughts of the highly respected and highly controversial Rabbi Jacob Emden. Rabbi Emden, Yabetz is as orthodox a Rabbi as there ever was. He loved truth and vigorously opposed... More > what he understood as error among his own people. When he did his study of the New Testament the results were shocking, and yet he risked his life to publish the fact that the teaching of Paul was exactly in line with ancient Jewish halakha. In his Megilat Sefer Rabbi Emden explained the threats to his life and livelihood which came from the publication of his short response to the position of the New Testament on the Torah.In the second paper we enter another highly controversial issue. Does the New Testament apply the Tetragrammaton, as Philo of Alexandria called the Divine name Yahuah [Yehovah, Yahweh], to the resurrected and ascended Jesus of Nazareth. This idea was peer reviewed in the paper "Reflections on the Use of the name Yahuwah[Yahweh] or Iao in Early Christian communities".< Less

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