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The Best Diet Is No Diet By Dr. Jennifer Awk
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What is dieting? Well basically dieting is the practice of eating food in a temporary regulated fashion in order to maintain, lose or gain weight. Mundane right? And that's why dieting has become a... More > dirty word, and a source of pain for many people just like you. And because diets are temporary, people who follow them will usually experience temporary weight loss, followed by a much higher increase of weight after the diet has stopped. What does this show? Diets don't work. You need something much easier and more effective to implement in your lifestyle in order to maintain weight loss AND to continue it. The idea is to implement certain foods, drinks and exercises in your daily regime, to maintain a healthy body - that doesn't accumulate fat but rather goes to the body weight that it's naturally comfortable with itself. Your body is a machine. Give it a tune up and let it do it's job! The best diet is no diet.< Less
Child Diet Dilemma By Best Publications
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“Discover How A First Time Parent Managed To Took Back Control Of His Children Health As Well As Their Wellness Using These Secret Strategies For Coping Well!” Finally You Can Fully... More > Equip Your Children With These “Must Have” Tools For Their Diet And Live A Life Of Healthy Lifestyle That They Deserve! Here’s the good news, NO.I want everybody to be able to have access to this great tools and strategies for overcoming the problems of children health because I knew what it was like, struggling as a hopeless parent without anyone to guide me… Now that I’ve found the way, I want this ultimate guide to “jump start” your success regardless of how bad a situation you are in. Your friends will be begging you to tell them your secrets to having your children in top shape! With your new found freedom, the amount you save on your lack of knowledge will more enough cover the investment in this guide! ...< Less
Your Best Pregnancy Diet By Miranda Miller
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Everything You Need to Know to Stay Healthy and Fit Through Pregnancy... and Beyond! Packed with nutritional charts, recipes, safe food handling guidelines and more, Your Best Pregnancy Diet is your... More > all-inclusive guide to healthy living during this important time in your life.< Less
Best Male Impotence Diet: Erectile Dysfunction Diet By Christopher Teller
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If you don’t have any love life, because you lost your hardness, now is the time to do something about it. Don’t think you have lost it for good. In this book, I will show you how you... More > can become the man you once were. There is no need to worry, stress, or be ashamed of what has happened to you. It does not matter if you have lost confidence in yourself and now feel embarrassed or fearful of what your partner might think. But you have to take action now. They say, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” Be aware that your hardness problem is not likely psychological, but more physical. The cause of your hardness is linked to your physical make up, the foods you eat, the drugs you use, the illnesses you have, and the exercise you don’t do. But all of this can change with the information I give you. Losing your love making ability does not happen all of a sudden, it happens slowly over time. You can turn it around, but you have to be motivated to do it.< Less
Best Paleo Diet Recipes On a Budget By Russell Dawson
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“Best Paleo Diet Recipes On A Budget” is another great book from Russell Dawson that gives not only gives the reader an insight into the nuances of the gluten free Paleolithic diet but... More > also provides some great recipes. As more individuals are trying to find healthier ways to eat, the Paleo diet has become more popular as it is being promoted as one of the better options or those seeking that healthier lifestyle. The author provides the reader with a bit of history on the origins of the Paleo diet before getting into the great gluten free recipe options. The fantastic thing about this diet is that although it does have a few restrictions it is much easier to make the transition to as many of the foods that are allowed are all products that would already be on the shopping list. The right solution is the healthy solution and the gluten free Paleo diet is the right option.< Less
The Best Dessert Recipes for the Paleo Diet By Jan Phillips
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The Paleo Diet focuses on how our ancestors ate. No processed foods, and very limited grains. Many people worry that this means they cannot eat foods that they enjoy, or that their days of desserts... More > and snacks are over. This is not true at all. There are so many different recipes that follow the rules of the Paleo Diet. The most important thing to remember is that you can still enjoy foods of all types.< Less
Best Diet for Life: A Weigh to Health - Special Edition By Aunt Julie
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Immerse yourself in nutrition and make healthy choices. Fat Burning Foods 6 Flat Belly Foods 20 Super Foods For Weight Loss 5 Healthiest Fat Burning Foods Rev Up Metabolism Negative Calorie Food... More > Anti-inflammatory Foods Pro-inflammatory Foods Longevity and Anti-Aging Foods Natural Diuretic Boost Immunity & Brain Booster This book is for information on my journey to health and weight loss. See your doctor before starting any health or weight loss plan. My mother, my four sisters, and I have been dieting for years. They all work. Eat healthy, exercise, and watch your portions. I realized that all the diets and everything I have read took me back to the basics. Everything I learned in school about a balanced nutritious meal is what I have to do every day. Doing this brings about weight loss, health, and energy. Eat Healthy, Feel Better, and Live Longer. It is a constant battle and something we have to be aware of daily. Good Luck and God Bless!< Less
Best Diet for Life A Weigh to Health Special Edition By Aunt Julie
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Immerse yourself in nutrition and make healthy choices. Learn about fat burning foods, healthy eating, and natural enhancers for longevity! Find natural diuretics and learn to boost immunity and... More > brain function!< Less
A Dancer's Diet By Ken Ludden
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The Academy Method coursebook series is designed to educate the dance student about various aspects of the study of dance. One key element in becoming a dancer is diet and nutrition. And in fact, the... More > information in this book is useful to anyone who wants to lose weight, maintain a dancer's body, and blend diet with exercise to be in the best shape possible. A Dancer's Diet will give you the way to have the one thing most people want - A Dancer's Body!< Less
Quick and Easy Paleo Diet Recipes : Best 30 Paleo Recipes By Aritsara Suepsuan
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The Paleo diet is based on foods that hunter / gatherer ate in the Paleolithic era. This is basic food, simple and healthy. If you can not catch it, grow it, or pick it up is not part of the Paleo... More > diet. Includes, organic poultry meat, fish, seafood, seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits and oils.< Less