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The Freaks - A Gay Novella By R. W. Clinger
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When cute and sexy Curt Wilde is dumped by his boyfriend, Bradley Goode, he begins to understand The Freaks in his life.Nothing's going right for Curt. Bee Breen, his best friend, is on a rampage... More > about Tommy Trap, her boyfriend, and Lead, Curt's older brother is sent to The Fern Hill Home in Samoy, New York because of The Freaks inside his head. Will sanity ever be found in Curt's crazy world? Will he be good to Bradley again? As a school year continues in Mt. Airy, Pennsylvania, only time will answer these questions.< Less
Love's Heat - An Italian Nights Novella By Ophelia Sikes
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Hannah and her sister, Megan, have been given the trip of a lifetime. They are cruising the Mediterranean Sea. Starting at Rome, they are working their way counter-clockwise through Florence, Monte... More > Carlo, Barcelona, Sardinia, Sicily, and Pompeii. Life is their playground. And then Hannah meets Brandon. Brandon is strong, intelligent, loyal, and everything Hannah could possibly dream of in a man. He has also just walked in on his fiancee in bed with his best friend. Hannah is willing to wait as long as it takes for him to work his way through this betrayal. And then all Hell breaks loose ... Half of the author's proceeds of all Ophelia Sikes books benefit battered women's shelters. Love's Heat is the first novella in the Italian Nights series. Due to the strong sexual content and adult situations, this book is recommended for readers aged 17+. The first four novellas have cliff-hanger endings, which lead to the final novella with a happily-ever-after.< Less
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Their Solitary Lives By Zelophehad A. Sampson
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A school head expels four teenagers for reasons that become apparent only as the girls begin their individual, out-of-school lives. While their destinies, those of community health workers and of... More > family members swerve in gruesome directions, how will he survive the consequent conflagrations that threaten to consume his institution and surrounding communities? "Their Solitary Lives" guarantees an exhilarating literary experience never before encountered. Read your way to soulful excitement forever.< Less
Beneath the Surface By Christiana Harrell
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All your favorite characters are back with a few more new faces to thicken the plot. Fabian feels like he’s living the dream, finally getting the woman he loves over the broom with no... More > secrets, but the honeymoon will soon be over. The mother of the bride still has her suspicions and she will not quit until she figures out what it is about Fabian that rubs her the wrong way. Marcus and Mercedes moved out of the fast lane and are trying hard to blend in with other normal couples, but it seems almost impossible to escape their past, especially when questions of what really happened to Cinnamon start to surface and the money starts to run out. Patrick is scarred for life, literally and still has not learned his lesson, starting over with a new set of women to womanize, forgetting all about Nicole and hoping she has forgotten all about him. Find out what happens when these three best friends find themselves right back where they started and wondering will it ever end.< Less
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button By F. Scott Fitzgerald
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"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" is a short story first published in 1922 in Collier’s Magazine. It breaks from Fitzgerald’s traditional style in that it is a story of... More > fantasy – a man is born old and ages backwards in the course of his life. Fitzgerald himself called it the "funniest story ever written". When "Benjamin Button" was anthologized in Fitzgerald’s collection Tales of the Jazz Age, Fitzgerald wrote that he was inspired to write it by a remark made by Mark Twain: "It is a pity that the best part of life comes at the beginning, and the worst part at the end." "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" stayed under the radar of popularity until 2008, when director David Fincher made a film of the story starring Brad Pitt. The script made major changes from the original story, but hopefully it inspired you to read "Benjamin Button," the original.< Less
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The Shipwrecked By Joe Labriola
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An author visits his ancestral homeland hoping to learn about his family’s past but he discovers much more than he had ever dreamed he might find – He discovers the tale of The... More > Shipwrecked. After several long years of scrupulous editing, this brilliant young man has translated the incredible story of a renaissance Italian taleteller. Through multiple frames comes an old man’s epic about an unlikely group of 16th century New World refugees who become stranded on a native-inhabited island. From knights, sailors, tribesmen to temptresses, this ragtag cast faces physical, emotional and spiritual dilemmas that few are prepared to survive. The Italian taleteller’s verse begins as an enjoyable tale for his wealthy host and his company, but soon swirls into a stunning story rife with adventure, romance, war, science, religion, mysticism, love, loss, death and rebirth. The voyage of the shipwrecked is hardly an easy one, but it is certainly emotional, beautiful, and most importantly, epic.< Less
Dreams By Madam Jamei
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I awoke feeling the sperm running down my thigh. It had happened again, a wet dream that I’d been having three times a night. It always started the same way, I would be in a bar getting a... More > drink, and once I sat down in an alcove that was situated at the back of the bar, someone would get under the table and start to give me the best damn blowjob ever. But I couldn’t see who it was, and when they’d taken me to the very edge, I would cum for real, and wake up. I cleaned up the mess, and then lay there wondering why I should be having such vivid and incredible wet dreams. It wasn’t because I didn’t get laid. On the contrary, I had my fair share of sex. Also I was twenty-one, and had never experienced a wet dream in my life.< Less
After Life By Simon Funk
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Also available free online at "A postcyberpunk Extropian sci-fi with psychological and philosophical suspense" -Sandra Kiume "One of the best... More > stories I have ever read." -- Johnny Authement "Frankly it was just brilliant." -- Chris Pugmire, author of The Sentient Advantage "Among the best sci-fi I've ever read!" -- Michael Anissimov, Lifeboat Foundation "An excellent and gripping novella which I quite literally could not stop reading...the most interesting thing I have read in ages." -- Adam Jackson "One of the best books that I've read in a while." -- Eric Rauch, lawyer "I was bummed when I had finished because my mind-blowing trip had come to an end...gotta be the best story I've read in years" -- Aaron Kinney, Kill the Afterlife< Less