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Sex in the Bible By James E. Smith, Ph.D.
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A discussion of the sexual content of the Bible and the theology of sex.
Sex in the Bible By James E. Smith, Ph.D.
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A topical discussion of the biblical reports, teaching and terminology regarding sexual matters.
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SEX SECRETS OF THE BIBLE articuates and brings to the fore the laws of sex hitherto hidden in the various layers of human cultures which is found in the Bible as well. Further more, Love and how best... More > to love is also one of the best secrets of the Bible you can discover in this book< Less
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Sex Secrets of the Bible is all about the best way to enjoy sexual intercourse from the Biblical point of view. The unique features of this book is that it propagates uncommon theology on Sex. The... More > theology as well as the philosophy you will come accross in the this book will most agreeably change your perpestive of sex and how to go about it. Sex Secrets of the Bible simply captures the A-Z on sex, that is if you are interested maximizing the fun, joy, pleasure and ovation that goes with it. The philosophy in this book cuts accross all religion, therefore you don't need to be a member of any particular sect, or religion to find this book interesting and at the same time fulfilling. Another interesting thing about this book is the interactive nature; you will find that I will always read along with you, each time you open this book.< Less
Sex and Money: A Bible Study By Nick Ricci
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Join Nick as he lays a foundation in Genesis and then goes through each verse in Proverbs all the while weaving in his many adventures in the mountains of Idaho with an amazing trapper named Willard... More > (shown on cover) and other firefighters, loggers, and beautiful women.< Less
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'Sex-Sex-Six' is a sexadelic Satanictry pop art collection of photographs from the Los Angeles substraits, containing hidden cyphers with undercurrents of code, photographed by Winter Laake.
Sex and this Generation By Bill Vincent
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Learn What The Bible Really Says About Sex! How should Christians view and treat those living in defacto relationships? Do men and women today really have to wait until they are married... More > before having sex? And what happens if they don't? Have you ever wondered why Jesus gives an 'exception' for divorce in only one gospel? Or why men described as 'righteous' in the Old Testament were allowed more than one wife? And have you ever pondered how these and other biblical teachings on sex can be translated into your life today?< Less
Sex Talks By Matthew Hosier
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This is a book about sex, written by a Christian. Everyone is talking about sex, from funny TV programs, to magazine agony aunts, your friends, your family, even your Church. In fact there are... More > hundreds of Christian books all about the dos and don’ts around sex. So is this just one more Christian sex book in a sea of them? I hope not – I have tried to be brutally honest, giving unashamed truth to real questions asked by real young people with real desires, interests and confusion. Are you prepared to be challenged? It might be that you are a Christian, but are confused about sex. Or you might make no claims to follow Jesus, but are interested in what it is that Christians believe. Either way, this book is for you.< Less
Sex & fornication By Lee.A. White
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A spirital book about relationship, for a positive view for young people that Jesus was proud of.
Is There SEX In Heaven? By Tom Gruber
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Is There SEX in Heaven? Giving up sex for lent is one thing; it’s quite another to give up sex forever. Nevertheless, most Christians believe Heaven is sex-free. Author Tom Gruber makes a... More > biblical case for lovemaking in the afterlife. This book refutes the most common objections of the opposite camp: • Arguments from apathy. • It's impossible to know anything about the afterlife. • Most experts say there is no sex in Heaven. • We won’t have bodies. • We won't be male and female. • We won't be breeding. • The Beatific Vision will be so spectacular that we won't care about sex. • Jesus said there is no sex in Heaven. (Actually, Jesus said no such thing. Find out what Jesus "really" said and what Jesus "really" meant.) • There won't be marriage in Heaven. • We’ll be married to Jesus. • Sex is too earthly to be heavenly. If you're curious about lovemaking in the afterlife, this book is a must-read.< Less