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A closer look inside a suicidal heart and mind By Rashida Denise Myers
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This book is for Suicide prevention, understanding my suicidal heart and mind. I don't claim to speak for all people. This can be used for Educational use, and psychological profiling for Schools,... More > Doctors, and parents and help save a life. Broken hearted people will find answers and healing, options, and wisdom from The bible scriptures. Sharing nonfiction stories at a deeper level of honesty. Suicide statistics are rising especially amongst our youth and they need someone who understands and speaks for them and to them. For our Parents, loved ones, the community don't understand why would anyone take their own life, I give my reasons and solutions.and this information is prevalent today! I share why I want to live today and how I focus on my purpose and destiny rather than my past pains. I worked on my pass pains in my first book, There's a Tear in Angel's eye. Today I can move forward and pray this book can and will help save someone life!< Less
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Wounded Soul: Death Lived Inside Me By Charles R. Myles II
eBook (ePub): $11.99
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Charles R. Myles II shares his life story of growing up as a young man drowning in hurt and pain in this memoir. In sharing the obstacles he’s overcome, he explores how focusing on the stigma... More > of the past prevents us from moving forward. He also celebrates his love of the Lord, sharing how lessons from the Bible apply directly to our lives. Throughout his journey, he encourages readers to reflect on questions such as: What are some instances where you have been wounded and not healed? What dark periods of your life have negatively shaped your thinking and actions? Have you ever wanted to cause pain or harm to someone because of what they did to you? In life, we do not always get to choose how we learn: Some classes we sign up for and some classes are thrust upon us. When you truly think about it, no matter what kind of class it is, there is always something to learn. Join the author as he shares the pain he’s overcome and how others can escape the darkness to find a path that leads to a better place.< Less
The Albuquerque Years By Sharon Lippincott
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The Albuquerque Years is Sharon Melton Lippincott’s story of life as a precocious preschooler in Albuquerque immediately after World War II. She blithely recounts a time of pure happiness in an... More > era without television, battery operated toys, preschool, play groups, swing sets, or frozen foods. She tells of her daddy’s vegetable garden, and how chicken feed bags provided fabric for her next dress, how she caught her first fish, how she learned to count while gathering eggs, to read by copying words from Mommy’s magazines, and to sew at Mommy’s knee. She takes readers along to the laundry, out to the chicken yard, and off to a neighborhood Bible School. She visits the zoo, climbs a tree, and sneaks into a deserted Air Force barracks. This ingenuous narrative is told with the simple candor and color of a child’s Crayola drawings, without analysis or guile. It includes a summary of her Internet-based print-on-demand publishing experience.< Less
A Son's Reflections By Berine Sutterfield
Paperback: $12.00
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So I have made it near 75 years now, up one hill and down the next. Sometimes pulling, sometimes coasting, along the way the age old question came to me. Just who is man that God is mindful of him?... More > The Bible says that he made us a little lower then the angels I have some questions about some of those angels. My thought ran this way; he must have had a purpose for us. I am not convinced that our purpose was to make money and raise a family that is the way lives roll on. So his purpose must be of a higher calling. Was his calling to get a good education and do something to help mankind maybe? Was it to paint some great painting that hangs in some dusty museum that the world flocks to see? Or was it to build some great structure that is amazing? I think not. ************************************************* A Great look at a man growing up in Missouri with his family and the stories that come from it.< Less
Blessed to be a Blessing By Rebecca Ann Noon Buck
Hardcover: $45.98
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“I am the most blessed man on earth!” I’ve heard my dad say that hundreds of times. This simple statement sums up what he thought about his life. For many years he would get up... More > early and go for a walk. During those walks, he asked God many times, “Why me? Why have you blessed me so much?” Then he would come home and open up his Bible. There, he would find the answer to this question: “Because I love you, son.” This is the story of an amazing man. God did indeed bless him in many ways throughout his life. He loved his heavenly Father dearly, was deeply devoted to his wife of nearly 60 years, and was a shining example of God’s love for his children and grandchildren in the way he loved and nurtured his family. On September 9, 2009, my dad went home to be with his heavenly Father. I miss him deeply, but rejoice in one day joining him there. I’m writing this so that future generations, who never had the privilege of knowing this man personally, can get a glimpse into his life and be blessed as well.< Less
Saved By Her Love: Four Historical Romances By Vanessa Carvo
eBook (ePub): $4.99
The Sharp-Witted Cowboy & The Little Widow Lady From Virginia - This is a bitingly satirical story about a cowboy who wants a wife and chooses one – a mail order bride from Virginia. What... More > he doesn’t know is that the woman is a little person. The Purple Ribbon & The Mail Order Brides – A man’s aunt tries to help him find a bride to love, as he relies on the bible to also guide him. Big Enough For Love - Sick of the taunts from the inhabitants of her small town, above average weight Jocelyn had endured numerous insults since she was a small child. Bugged Out In Nebraska - A garment factory worker, not a fan of insects, heads out to a farmer in Nebraska, where the area appears to be under an imminent threat of attack by locusts, at least if the couple are to believe a crazy beekeeping old man who dresses up in a giant locust costume, and who keeps on yelling “They’re Coming”, every chance he gets.< Less
Think and Grow into Real Estate Riches By Sheldon Blackwood
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Do you believe real-estate investing is for the rich only? Are you tired of watching others around you become wealthy and successful while your still living paycheck to paycheck? Then I really... More > suggest you purchase "Think and Grow into Real Estate". This colorful exciting book will quickly become your real-estate bible. When applied everything in this manuscript will be the holy grail to riches. In this great self help how to guide, you will learn easy steps to becoming a millionaire. This book teaches you to become financially free from debt using simple yet practical buying and saving techniques. If you ever wanted to liberate yourself and have a wonderful time doing so I recommend reading "Think and Grow into Real Estate Riches". This book was written for adults yet so simple and easy to read that even your kids will have a fun time understanding and practicing real estate. Make this a bed time story after family fun game nights preferably after monopoly and children will love it not to mention the parents!< Less
French Travel Guide - Ebook By Tom Castor
eBook (PDF): $0.99
This Travel Guide helps introduce readers to the Bible. Chapters tell how the Bible is put together, along with a look at the story the Bible tells, from the beginning to the new beginning.
Sadhu Girish - Nepali By Aadaan
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Sadhu Girish Story by Aadaan (Loknath Manaen) Story in Nepali-on life and living based on the holy scriptures. Dedicated to the first translator of Nepali Bible, Padre Ganga Prasad Pradhan and his... More > co-workers – celebrating 100th anniversary of the first Nepali Bible (1914-2014)< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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