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万神说·上册(不可知论的“神学”)A Theory of Ten-Thousand Gods(part 1) By Xuanjun Xie
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谢选骏此书通过对于世界各种神话与宗教的梳理,说明这... More >样一个观点:和其它的“有神学支持的神话不同”,贯穿《圣经》的,其实是一种“不可知论的神学”。圣经的神是没有名字的,圣经的神也没有可以把握的确切内涵。圣经的神不像其它神话里的神那样,具有系列的故事。圣经所讲述的,是神与人的关系,而不是神的自身──因为“不可知论的神学”否决了人类能够知道神自身的秘密,而最多只能透露一些“神与人相关的启示”。 Synopsis: This book of Xie Xuanjun's attempts to, through cardings of various mythologies and religions in this world, illustrate this point: unlike other mythologies corroborated by a theology, what is inherent in the Bible is actually a mythology of the agnostic. God in the Bible does not have a name, and does not really have a definite, graspable connotation. There are no series of stories about the Biblical God as about gods of other mythologies. The Bible is about the relationship between God and the humans. Mythology of the agnostic rejects the idea of humans' ability to know secrets about God, and what it can offer is, at the most, "some revelations about the relationship between God and the humans".< Less
The Alien Suite By Adriana Zanese Inserra
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The Alien suite (or Abduction). The term “abduction” means earth inhabitant kidnapping committed by Extraterrestrials. Two writers, one a successful man, the other a dropout, confront... More > their own intellectual (and maybe sexual) diversity in the contemporary consumer society, which regard them somehow as Aliens. One of the two writers is by chance in dangerous touch with them. The story begins with a detective being hired by a stranger on a call: he is due to spy on an unknown man. His investigation starts off and develops in a kammerspiel-like atmosphere, not free from humour, in which bible mythology –say fire carts seen in the sky- enter along with mysterious experiments carried out by U.S. navy on matter disintegration. A theatrical comedy readable like a novel.< Less
History of Islam (Adam-Mohammad) Part-2 By Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal
eBook (PDF): $10.00
In this book the Stories of the Prophets ie their mission & vision on earth, their life style, their style & efforts to guide the misguided mass to the right path through their God gifted... More > knowledge & power, sign & miracles etc. all are describes here in chronically & sequentially in the light of Quran,Tawrah, Jabur, Bible & other Holy Scriptures that does an event more authentic, more reliabile, even fills the gaps between events throughout their life period & thus you will find here a complete Prophetic life that’s are more colorful, more interesting, more challenging, heart touching & more memorable that you ever known before & you also find here a new dimension of your way of thinking ie a different angle to understand the Gods will as that clearly reflects here to the reader.< Less

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