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Big Data Overview: From a technical business perspective By Ali Roghani & Faraz Rabbani
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Big data is a relative term describing a situation where the volume, velocity and variety of data exceed an organization’s storage or compute capacity for accurate and timely decision making .... More > In this book we will have a journey to the newly created world of big data and take a look at it from different business aspects and examine the opportunities and challenges it can brig to enterprises< Less
High Performance in-memory computing with Apache Ignite By Shamim bhuiyan et al.
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This book covers a verity of topics, including in-memory data grid, highly available service grid, streaming (event processing for IoT and fast data) and in-memory computing use cases from... More > high-performance computing to get performance gains. The book will be particularly useful for those, who have the following use cases: 1) You have a high volume of ACID transactions in your system. 2) You have database bottleneck in your application and want to solve the problem. 3) You want to develop and deploy Microservices in a distributed fashion. 4) You have an existing Hadoop ecosystem (OLAP) and want to improve the performance of map/reduce jobs without making any changes in your existing map/reduce jobs. 5) You want to share Spark RDD directly in-memory (without storing the state into the disk) 7) You are planning to process continuous never-ending streams and complex events of data. 8) You want to use distributed computations in parallel fashion to gain high performance.< Less
Living With Big Data By TMI
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A graphical foray into data as obfuscation, instead of information.
Big Data Business Guide By Arzu Barské - Erdogan
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Big Data Strategic Business Development Business Guide, Explains the Big Data Mindset, Evolutionary point of Big Data View, Big data Data Key components, Across Industrial Data Exchange, Data... More > privacy, protection, Data as Currency and finalising with Big Data Business Case samples around the world< Less
Mongodb Simply In Depth By Ajit Singh & Sultan Ahmad
eBook (ePub): $3.99
This book really does cover just the MongoDB, simply in depth so it also wont take you very far. Throughout each chapter you will learn tons of new techniques for using MongoDB objects and the basic... More > CRUD techniques for DB connections. Later chapters even offer source code from multiple languages like Java, Python, and PHP. This lets you see how applications can scale using Mongo regardless of the backend language. You can learn sharding and replication for scaling databases. This book is very compact with less than 100 pages. But its also incredibly detailed and wastes no time diving right into the action and ease of use.. ● What's inside ■ NoSQL, Architecture of MongoDB ■ Standard DB operations, Indexes, queries ■ Map-reduce for custom aggregations and reporting ■ Java, Python and PHP Connectivity ■ Schema design patterns ■ Deploying for scale and high availability< Less
Reflexiones sobre la importancia de la enseñanza de las matemáticas y la estadística. Recopilación By ANTONIO MONLEON GETINO
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Este texto pretende servir para dar fundamento a todas aquellas personas que piensan que las matemáticas y en especial la estadística tienen un papel fundamental para entender el mundo... More > actual y avanzar en su conocimiento. Son complejas, abstractas pero necesarias e imprescindibles para avanzar en cualquier rama del saber.< Less
Biz Tech Revolution By Mauricio Gallardo C
Paperback: $20.00
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Technological revolution has given a lot to talk about in recent years. The truth is that custom could have given us another lesson on how not to do things. The new generations are the first to... More > capture this new feat, although care over time, will be much more thorough. The truth is in our sight, it is here to stay and not to take a step back and this advantageous truth. Certainly, to adapt to it, the best antidote is the preparation, and what better than reading about it? @mgcconsultingcl< Less
Big Data Handbook By Arzu Barské - Erdogan
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The more companies are becoming transparent, the more there is a need for a company their business in future, based on a rapidly changing business environment. Moreover, every time the business comes... More > up with new products or campaigns, or wishes to evaluate its existing business strategy, it has to deal with the following questions: What kind of products is my target-market interested in? In which distribution channels are we supposed to invest, which one is the most sales-generation effective? Where should I open a new store next year? What is the best way of transporting my products? How can I use my resources more efficiently? How can I stand out from my competitors in the market? As a consequence of rapidly changing technology, the effect of Social Media 3.0 and Cloud, storing amazingly big volumes of data, a big fact is born, called “Big Data”. The term “Big Data” is itself a general recognition of this revolutionary change period of present IT technology in human history as a part of human evolution.< Less
Big Data Processing with Apache Spark By Srini Penchikala
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Apache Spark is a popular open-source big-data processing framework that’s built around speed, ease of use, and unified distributed computing architecture. Not only it supports developing... More > applications in different languages like Java, Scala, Python, and R, it’s also hundred times faster in memory and ten times faster even when running on disk compared to traditional data processing frameworks. Whether you are currently working on a big data project or interested in learning more about topics like machine learning, streaming data processing, and graph data analytics, this book is for you. You can learn about Apache Spark and develop Spark programs for various use cases in big data analytics using the code examples provided. This book covers all the libraries in Spark ecosystem: Spark Core, Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, Spark ML, and Spark GraphX.< Less
Visión cliente 360º en el Big Data Analytics By Lantares
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Anticiparse al deseo del consumidor es la clave del éxito en los negocios. Con la llegada de grandes volúmenes de datos, los responsables de negocio están accediendo a... More > herramientas inteligencia empresarial cada vez más sofisticadasque ayudan a los responsables de negocios a diseñar una estrategia más efectiva. Descubre cómo llegar al cliente de una manera integral mediante las soluciones Visión Cliente 360º en el Big Data Analytics, soluciones integradas que te permitirán tener información completa de tus clientes. ¿Qué podrás encontrar en esta guía? 1. La promesa del Business Intelligence: predecir el comportamiento de tus clientes 2. La relación entre el Business Intelligence y el Big Data Analytics 3. Cómo optimizar la gestión del ciclo de vida de tus clientes 4. Principales desafíos para lograr una gestión eficaz del ciclo de vida del cliente 5. El impacto de las soluciones Visión Cliente 360º en toda la empresa< Less

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