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Romance: A Billionaire’s Secret Love By Jessica Hollinder
eBook (ePub): $3.99
It was a warm and sunny day in Los Angeles. It was around noon. Cindy was a beautiful woman in her 30’s. She had long, blonde hair that she wore in a ponytail; a beautiful, slender figure; she... More > was tall; and she was a violinist. She was wearing a pink shirt that day with blue jeans and tennis shoes. Her blue jeans caressed her figure like the bark hugs the trunk of a tree. She was alone. She decided to bring her violin, her foldable violin stand, and her violin music in a backpack with her to the park. She thought that she could find a picnic bench in some quiet place underneath the oak trees and near the tall rocks where she could practice the violin. There were not many people around, so that seemed like a good place to play the violin in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere.< Less
Saved by the Billionaire: A Gritty Erotic Romance By Ashley Alberti
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Amanda has been on her own ever since she ran away from her lecherous foster father at age 15. With no family of her own, she doesn’t remember how to love or be loved until famous author Blake... More > Andrews rescues her from her life as a prostitute. He gives her a home and a place to feel safe. Amanda wants more from the man she is falling in love with, but he is determined to keep the relationship platonic until one fateful night when they fall into each other arms. Will Blake show Amanda the love and passion she has never known? Warning: This short story contains explicit sexual content and is for adults only.< Less
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Date With a Billionaire By Sydney Lawrence
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Brant Harrison is a guy anyone could fall in love with-tall, dark, handsome, and rich. One fantasy-filled night with Brant is going to knock Elana Prescott out of her boring, little life. But could... More > the joke be on Brant when his mystery date might turn out to be the love he's searched his whole life for? A clean, Christian romance.< Less
The Billionaire's Secretary By L.J. Love
Paperback: $11.00
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As Guyton Industry’s senior executive assistant, Aurora Aldridge has been privy to all the goings on in the company for years. Her boss, John Guyton is an aging tycoon with three sons and is... More > seriously considering retiring to his Florida mansion. For years Aurora has been at her boss’s side; she has been everything he needed, when he needed it and her career and influence in the company has grown and solidified. But with Mr. Guyton’s looming departure, what does the future hold for her?< Less
Blackmailing the Billionaire By Marie Kelly
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Joy Reid had a plan, a simple plan to help save the life of her beloved nephew Ricco. To get close to the only man who could save the small boy’s life she will blackmail the billionaire Carig... More > Calle. However, simple plans have a tendency of falling apart, and there was nothing simple about Carig Calle. Gorgeous, charismatic and a playboy, Joy soon discovers that the simplest of plans can sometimes create the most complex of problems.< Less
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Chamie Savvy and John Savvy struck it rich when they meet after John Savvy made a huge book sale.
Saving the Billionaire By Marie Kelly
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Sally Rodgers has led a nomadic life for four years. A contract Personal Assistant, she is sought after and well respected, but hides a secret, one which if discovered could destroy not only her but... More > everybody close to her. Emilio Muniz is still reeling from the death of the woman he loved and the knowledge that he was betrayed by someone so close to him. Now left to bring up his sick child, he needs to relocate his life from New York to England. However, he is not only battling the demons from his past, but also new threats to his future. Now Emilio needs help. He needs a personal assistant he can trust, and he only trusts Sally. Sally has always respected and liked Emilio, probably more than she should, believing him to be the best man she has ever known. However, can the two work together so closely every day without succumbing to the ever-present desire for the other? And will the ghosts from their past tear them apart or bring them together?< Less
Billionaire's Revenge By Marie Kelly
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Six years ago the task of firing Darius Larosa had fallen on Sara. Now he is back, and hell bent on revenge. The Company he just took over is in turmoil with Sara’s sister facing prison as an... More > accomplice to her absconded husband’s fraud. Darius however, wants revenge on Sara, not Angela so he makes her a deal – her in his bed or her sister in prison. With little choice Sara moves in with the billionaire, but she has plenty of secrets, one of those being what really happened six year’s ago. Will Darius finally have his revenge on the youngest Balfour daughter, or will he find that perhaps his assumptions are not as clear cut as he first thought.< Less
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