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M icroorganisms are ubiquitous in nature; they inhabit soil, water, plant, and animals and sustain their lives on variety of available energy sources. When the growth conditions of these... More > microorganisms in reservoir are favourable, they amplified and disseminated from their habitats to other places. The release of these microorganisms from these reservoirs is either active (self) or passive (environmental factors) in nature. Aerosols formed when the particles of dusts, sprays, mists, smokes and fumes dispersed in gas. When, these organisms as a whole or its parts dispersed in air, known as a primary biological aerosol particles or bioaerosols. The organisms in bioaerosols may be saprophyte, opportunistic or primary pathogens in nature; comprises the agents such as viruses, bacteria, actinomycetes, fungal spores, algae, plant cells, insects, mites, and their fragments, endotoxin from Gram-negative bacteria, mycotoxins and glucans from fungi.< Less
Pharmacology Original Activity By Homework Help Classof1
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"An activity of 1000 Bq of a class-W aerosol (AMAD = 1 micrometer) is inhaled in a single intake a) According to the ICRP-30 model for the respiratory system what is the initial activity... More > deposited in compartment e. b) If the radionuclide has a physical half-life of 32 days, what fraction of the original activity in the compartment “e”, will still be there after 1 week. "< Less
E-book: BioNyt - Videnskabens Verden nr.147: COP15 Klimakonferencen 7.-18.dec.2009 i København By Ole Terney
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BioNyt - Videnskabens Verden nr. 147. Klimakonferencer i København: COP15 - FN-klimakonferencen 7.-18.dec.2009 og forskernes klimakonference marts 2009. Indhold: Resultatet af COP15 4,... More > Copenhagen Accord (oversat) 4-7, Ønsketænkning om klimaet 8, Havtemperaturen. Indlandsisen 11, Havstigning. Ekstremer. Økosyst. 12, Tippepunkter. Aerosoler 13, Samfundenes sårbarhed 14, Megabyer. Klimaflygtninge 16, Konflikter 17, Vi har før håndteret problemer 18, Drivhusgasserne 18, CO2-dræn 19, Målsætninger og handlinger 20, REDD-initiativet. Teknologier 21, Vedvarende energi. Biomasse 22, Politiske beslutninger 23, Lighedstanken. Synsvinkler 24, ANDRE ARTIKLER: Hund og kat - sammenligning 26, Virus mod antibiotikaresistens 28, Folkeforskning: Gravstene mv. 31, Autisme. Skizofreni. Depression 32< Less

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