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Handbook of Biological Statistics By John McDonald
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This is the 296-page, third edition of the Handbook of Biological Statistics. You can view the entire content for free at, download a free pdf from... More >, or buy it here. The pdf and printed versions are formatted for print and omit the decorative pictures of the web version, but otherwise the content is the same. I make it available in print as a convenience to you, not as a money-maker for me, so don't feel obligated to buy it.< Less
Mathematics & Statistics (Biology, Psychology & Chemistry) By James F Frayne
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‘Mathematics and Statistics in Biology, Psychology and Chemistry’ comes as the third in the series, following in the footsteps of ‘Easy as You Go!” and ‘A-Star Question... More > Bank. It fills the vacuum which exists, being caused by the apparent difficulty in professional Biologist, Psychologist and Chemist to effectively teach the necessary Mathematics for their students to pass examinations. Much of the mathematics and statistics for students’ studies is admittedly complex, and often it is laid out in course books in a confusing manner. With the exception of Physicists, scientists can be excused in not being as effective as their counterparts in the Mathematics arena. Considerable effort has therefore been exercised in an attempt to address this situation. In Biology and Psychology sections, tables have been used to simplify many of the otherwise daunting procedures. In Chemistry a ‘step-by-step’ approach as been adopted.< Less
Statistical Problems in Genetics and Molecular Biology By Norman Drinkwater, Carter Denniston
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This book evolved from the notes for a course of the same title that we’ve taught for the last eighteen years at the University of Wisconsin to graduate students in cancer biology, genetics,... More > molecular biology, and other biomedical programs. We concentrate on a class of statistical methods, so-called nonparametric statistics, which requires us to make very few assumptions regarding the model that gives rise to the data. These methods are also attractive because they are usually simple to apply and have considerable intuitive appeal.< Less
Statistics With Applications to Gambling, Biology, Business and Other Stuff By Steve Feremonti
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This little book is a brief and a "direct to the point" guide to learning statistics. Wherever possible, many difficult concepts have been explained in the simplest way without loss of... More > content. The idea is to take a full semester of undergraduate statistics topics and remove all of the extra "fluff". Many "real world" application problems such as gambling, biology, business and psychology (among other topics) have been included and worked out in full detail. A very minimal knowledge of algebra would be helpful but not required.< Less
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The phrase biodiversity hotspot was coined by the British biologist Norman Myers in 1988 for a geographic region that exhibits exceptionally high proportion of endemic plants and experiences serious... More > levels of loss in natural habitat. The word biodiversity is a contracted form of the term biological diversity. After a general acceptance of the term hotspot for locations that show exceptional characteristics, It became common to use the term in different domains of investigation. Some of the most common usages are found in the studies of environmental hotspots, hazard hotspots, disease hotspots, accident hotspots, crime hotspots, and so on. The Food and Agricultural Organization stated However it is viewed, the hotspots concept can be used to identify situations that, if left unattended, could prove harmful, both to the environment and to those dependent on it to describe an environmental hotspot. A hazard hotspot is a part of the Earth that is very dangerous.< Less
Fundamentals of Biometry By DR. BABITA MARUTIRAO SAKDEO
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Statistics is the science of figures which deals with collection, analysis and interpretation, of data. Data is obtained by conducting a survey or an experimental study. The use of Statistics in... More > biology is known as Biostatistics or Biometry. Biological research in every field must plan carefully to ensure that the quantity and quality of data may obtain are adequate to meet their requirements. They find the techniques and concepts of a management information system appropriate for this purpose. Researchers use the scientific method.< Less
To Help You Decide By James F Frayne
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Reference book on titles released by author.these include 'Easy as You Go!', 'A-Star Question Bank', 'Mathematics & Statistics for Biology, Psychology and Chemistry', 'Selected Topics - Advance... More > Level Biology', 'Chinese Hell Bank Notes', 'Romancing the Wood', 'The Indian Hundi', 'Jenny Two-tails', 'Tall Grows the Grass'.< Less
Linear Regression By Homework Help Classof1
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Linear regression was the first type o0f regression analysis to be studied rigorously and to be used extensively in practical applications. This is so because the model which depends linearly on... More > their unknown parameters are much easier to fit than the models are non linearly related to their parameters and because their statistical properties of the resulting estimators are much easier to determine.< Less
Introduction to Bioinformatics for Children By Ryan Shuell
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Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that develops methods and software tools for understanding biological data. As an interdisciplinary field of science, bioinformatics combines computer... More > science, statistics, mathematics, and engineering to analyze and interpret biological data.< Less
Disaster & Recovery Planning A Guide for Facility Managers Fifth Edition By Joesph Gustin
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Newly revised and updated, this best-selling book devoted to exploring the complexities of disaster preparedness and business continuity, now includes the latest information on the threats associated... More > with dirty bombs, as well as chemical and biological agents and weapons. Also updated in this edition are disaster planning and recovery issues, regulatory influences and emergency preparedness. This text speaks both to disaster prevention, as well as "controlling" the effects of a disaster on a company's operations. Statistics are presented which exemplify the outcome of past disaster/emergency declarations such as Hurricane Katrina. Other critical areas covered include statistical data on workplace violence, regulator influence, effective mitigation strategies, contingency planning, loss prevention, facility evacuation, employee training, computer and data protection, bomb threat response, standby power, self-inspection, enlisting the media's assistance in recovery planning, and more.< Less