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Development of Biologically Active Benzoxazole Derivatives By Dr Swathi Konda
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Targets containing the Benzoxazole moiety, either isolated from plants or accessed by total synthesis have remarkable biological activities. For example Gram-positive antibacterials polycyclic... More > antibiotics, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatories, elastase inhibitors and H2-antagonists containing the benzoxazole fragment.< Less
BMCC BI102 - Concepts of Biology By Michelle Miller & Sascha McKeon
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OER for BMCC non Majors Biology course BI 102. Course emphasizes diversity, ecology, and environmental science. Topics covered include: cell physiology, classification of viruses, bacteria,... More > protists, fungi and plants. This includes an investigation into ecology, community structure and plant anatomy and physiology.< Less
Fusarium: Genomics, Molecular and Cellular Biology By Daren W. Brown & Robert H. Proctor
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-908230-25-6 EAN 9781908230256 In this book, an international group of researchers critically reviews the most important current research on the genomics and molecular and... More > cellular biology of Fusarium. The opening chapter provides a fascinating introduction to the organism. Subsequent chapters deal with: sex and fruiting; genome structural dynamics; molecular genetics and genomic approaches to study pathogenesis in wheat; proteomic analysis of the fungus-host interaction; Repeat-induced point mutation, DNA methylation and heterochromatin in Fusarium graminearum (Gibberella zeae); nitrogen regulation network and its impact on secondary metabolism and pathogenicity; diversity of polyketide synthases; and plant responses to Fusarium metabolites. This volume is essential for everyone working with Fusarium and other filamentous fungi. A recommended book for all biology, agriculture and medical libraries.< Less
Molecular and Micro - Biology / An International Edition By Prof.Ajit Pandya & kavya Pandya
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Molecular Biology - Introduction. Basics of ………Nucleic acids. Genetic material……..Nucleic acids DNA ………The Master code 3 D - Structure... More > of DNA Properties of DNA RNA………The Second Master code Central Dogma of Life……RNA based Replication of DNA DNA to RNA…….the Transcription Post transcriptional Modification Industrial applications of BT Translation…………………… Characteristics of the genetic Code. Post translational modifications Proteomics & Genomics Cell Theory & Cell Structure Biological evolutions… Mendel's Experiments. Bacterial as genetics RECOMBINAN DNA TECHNOLOGY Restriction enzymes o Microscope and Microscopy …… .. page 6 o Morphology & Structure of Bact o Nutrition of microbes …………..... o Stain, Dye, & Staining .…………... o PIGMENTED MICRO- WORLD….….… o SALIENT FEATURE& IMP OF MICROBS. o STERILIZATION & DISINFECTIONS… ..< Less
The North American Grouse: Their Biology and Behavior By Paul Johnsgard
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This book summarizes the ecology, reproductive biology, and social behavior of all ten of the extant North American grouse species. It also describes the current status of grouse populations, some of... More > which are perilously close to extinction. The social behavior of grouse is of special biological interest because among these ten species there is a complete mating system spectrum, from seasonally monogamous pair-bonding to highly promiscuous mating patterns. The latter group illustrates the strong structural and behavioral effects of sexual selection resulting from nonmonogamous mating. These influences reach a peak in the development by some grouse species of engaging in mating “leks,” arena-like competitions performed by males while attempting to attract fertile females, and also provide opportunities for females to select optimum mating partners. The book includes 16 range maps, 37 line drawings, and 38 photographs by the author, as well as nearly 1,400 literature citations.< Less
Myxobacteria: Genomics, Cellular and Molecular Biology By Zhaomin Yang
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-908230-34-8 EAN 9781908230348 In this book, expert myxobiologists describe important recent advances in understanding the behaviour of these bacteria at a molecular and cellular... More > level. The book covers ecology, genomics and cell biology as well as modelling and simulation on topics including motility, development and their associated genetic regulatory networks. Authors provide the most up-to-date overview on myxobacteria and highlight open questions in the active areas of research. The book will serve as an essential reference for everyone working with myxobacteria. Chapters have been written and structured to be accessible to teachers, graduate and advanced undergraduate students new to myxobacteria, as well as experts in other fields including physical and computational sciences.< Less
Designing Nanosensors for Chemical and Biological Applications By Sergey Yurish
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The present book aims at providing the readers with some of the most recent development of new and advanced materials and their applications as nanosensors. Examples of such materials are ferrocene... More > and cyclodextrines as mediators, ionic liquid crystals, self-assembled monolayers on macro/ nano-structures, perovskite nanomaterials and functionalized carbon materials. The emphasis of the book is devoted to the difference in properties and its relation to the mechanism of detection and specificity.The chapters of this book present the usage of robust, small, sensitive and reliable sensors that take advantage of the growing interest in nano-structures. Different chemical species are taken as good example of the determination of different chemical substances industrially, medically and environmentally.< Less
The North American Geese: Their Biology and Behavior By Paul Johnsgard
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There are eight currently recognized species of North American geese: emperor, greater white-fronted, snow, Ross's, Canada and cackling, barnacle, and brant geese. This book describes each... More > species’ geographic range and subspecies, its identification traits, weights and measurements, and criteria for its age and sex determination. Ecological and behavioral information includes each species’ breeding and wintering habitats, its foods and foraging behavior, its local and long distance movements, and its relationships with other species. Reproductive information includes each species’ age of maturity, pair-bond pattern, pair-forming behaviors, usual clutch sizes and incubation periods, brooding behavior, and postbreeding behavior. Mortality sources and rates of egg, young, and adult losses are summarized, and the past and current populations of all species are estimated. The book includes 8 maps, 21 line drawings, 28 photographs by the author, and more than 700 literature citations.< Less
A natural biological control to mosquito larvae By Fawn E Caldwell
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Controlling mosquitoes by unnatural means poses many problems to people's health and the environment. Here is an approach using the mosquito larva's natural predator, the copepod, to effectively... More > control the emergence of adult mosquitoes. Just a simple enhancement to the waterways of the world that contain this little plankton naturally, will do a world of wonders to help eliminate the dangers and deaths associated with Malaria. This research shows how the copepod works better than any introduced species, such as the mosquito fish, or any form of insecticide in hopes of eradicating the devastating health issues governing Malaria.< Less
Pathogenic Treponema: Molecular and Cellular Biology By Justin D. Radolf
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-904455-10-3 EAN 9781904455103 This volume is the first comprehensive review of treponemal research to be published in more than twenty years. Written by leading experts in the... More > field, this book presents the current state of research on these organisms that affect the health of millions of people worldwide. The structure and metabolism of the treponemes are explored in light of the comparative genomics data now available. The newest information concerning their pathogenic mechanisms, as well as the complex innate and adaptive immune responses they elicit, are detailed. Essential reading for all scientists and researchers working on trepenomes and other spirochetes and a recommended reference book for all microbiology laboratories.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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