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Extinction: What Happened to the Dinosaurs, Mastodons, and Dodo Birds? By Laura Perdew
eBook (PDF): $12.99
Have you seen a dodo bird recently? Do you have mastodons playing in your back yard? Not likely—these species are extinct! In Earth’s 4.5-billion-year history, more than 5 billion... More > species have gone extinct, some of them at the same time. In Extinction: What Happened to the Dinosaurs, Mastodons, and Dodo Birds? kids ages 9 to 12 learn about the scientific detective work scientists perform to find out why mass extinctions happen. Perfect for middle school science classes, homeschool STEM units, and any kid interested in paleontology, archeology, or biology! Fun illustrations, links to videos and other online primary sources, and lots of scientific trivia make this book fun, educational, and critical reading as we stand on the edge of what could be the sixth mass extinction. Try these hands-on STEM projects! • Draw a geological timeline • Create your own fossil • Investigate rock strata • Simulate the effects of ocean acidification • Build a pollution detection device • Make recycled paper< Less
Learning the Greek Alphabet By Maria Wood
Paperback: $13.87
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A beautiful book for children learning the letters of the Greek alphabet. It is written in Greek and designed specifically for young children who are learning Greek as a second language. Simple words... More > and large font size make this book ideal for young readers as well. The author, Maria Wood, is a teacher and tutor from Melbourne, Australia. She teaches students across all year levels in Mathematics, Biology, English and Greek. She is also a mother of two. She loved teaching her own children how to read when they were younger and wrote several Greek books in order to help them learn Greek as a second language. Other people also used these books with their children. This encouraged Maria to self-publish her books in the hope that they will help other young children to develop their language skills further. This is a fun and simple way to teach your kids how to read and understand Greek. A must have for all children learning Greek as a second language!< Less
Anthroposophia A different kind of love story One woman's psilocybin experience By Sandy Lundahl
Paperback: $24.95
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Sandy Lundahl lies on a couch, her eyes covered with a dark cloth mask and listening to classical music. An hour earlier, she had swallowed two blue capsules containing close to 30 milligrams of... More > psilocybin, the primary active chemical in Psilocybe cubensis and other "magic" mushrooms. Two experienced guides are with her: Mary Cosimano, a clinical social worker, and William "Bill" Richards, a scholar of comparative religion and a research and clinical psychologist. He's sitting cross-legged on the carpet in front of the couch, ready to help Lundahl--to help her remain focused on the scenes unfolding behind the mask. Lundahl's first psychedelic experience is taking place in the heart of the Behavioral Biology Research Center building at the Johns Hopkins Bayview campus in Southeast Baltimore. She's taking part in the first study of its kind since the early '70s--a rigorous, scientific attempt to determine if drugs like psilocybin can facilitate life-changing, transformative mystical experiences.< Less
“Kuttu” The Girl from Malaya: A Memoir By Elizabeth Goh Sharman
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An inspirational memoir of Elizabeth "Kuttu" Goh Sharman, from rural Malaya. Given away at birth by her biological parents, she is raised by a saintly aunt, Heok Ee. At birth, she was given... More > the nickname "Kuttu", by her great aunt, the word meaning head lice. The relative explained the name would strengthen her to overcome her weak health and poor prospects. The effect seems to work perhaps leading Elizabeth to great success on a larger stage, however possibly at the cost of an inferiority complex that with the name sticks with her all her life. Initially a poor student, several "guardian angels" come along to encourage her to believe in herself, work hard and persevere. She eventually excels at business school and qualifies for a top job with a UN branch in Kuala Lumpur then in Geneva. In Geneva she marries a renowned international labor organizer, an Englishman. She starts a family and travels the world with her new husband before settling down in the US as her American dream comes true.< Less
BIO 100 COMPLETE CLASS By unquite ltd
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BIO 100 COMPLETE CLASS To view more, visit following link or email us BIO 100 COMPLETE CLASS BIO 100 Assignment: The... More > Scientific Method BIO 100 Exercise: UNESCO Research BIO 100 CheckPoint: Living Organisms BIO 100 Assignment: PopEcoLab BIO 100 Assignment: Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration BIO 100 Assignment: DemographyLab BIO 100 Final Project: UNESCO Paper BIO 100 CheckPoint: Theories of Biology BIO 100 Assignment: Pearson Lab Scavenger Hunt BIO 100 CheckPoint: Plants vs. Animals BIO 100 Week 2 Discussion Questions BIO 100 CheckPoint: Mitosis and Meiosis BIO 100 Week 4 Discussion Questions BIO 100 CheckPoint: Basic Processes BIO 100 CheckPoint: Patterns of Evolution BIO 100 Week 6 Discussion Questions BIO 100 CheckPoint: Origin of Life< Less
English Dictionary, Phrases, Grammar, Learn Before and After Exams By Gintaras Kavarskas
eBook (ePub): $20.90
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Dear reader, you can easily have this most famous ebook; get this English Dictionary, Phrases, Grammar, Learn Before and After Exams because this ebook is valuable for readers, students, learners... More > for: TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE, and state examinations, entrance examinations, some types of tasks in online exams for a certificate, the British and the American exams. You will understand how to pass exams, how to write a good composition, an essay, a good short story, articles at upper intermediate, advanced, and proficiency levels because the book has the most important, popular and the best topics: environment, holidays, entertainment, social events, sport, TV shows, famous ways, free time, feelings, likes, relationships, clothes, food, travel, travelling, medicine and biology, business and finance, games and sports, law, social life and education, school, college, job, vocation, interview, career, services, correspondence, business, immigration, tourism for tourists. The book is to all readers.< Less
The Ramblings of a Shropshire Naturalist By Edward Wilson
Paperback: $3.97
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Edward A. Wilson was born in 1904 and educated in Cambridge at Fitz-William College where he obtained his M.A. degree and Teaching Certificate. He was senior biology master at Ellesmere College for... More > the last 20 years of his distinguished career in teaching. During that time he visited and studied the natural history of the meres, mosses, canals and hills of Shropshire, and formed a Field Club at the College which accompanied him on many occasions. E.A.Wilson died aged 70 years in 1974. Wilson recorded many of the natural history outings in his field notebooks and diaries which after his death, were given by his family to Pam Bowen. In the box of materials was a typed collection of excerpts from his extensive writings, which Wilson himself had prepared, possibly for publication, entitled ‘The Ramblings of a Shropshire Naturalist’. John Harding retyped these into electronic form, produced again here and it is hoped that they will serve to entertain, educate and inspire, much as E.A.Wilson did in life.< Less
Paperback: List Price: $8.06 $7.25 | You Save: 10%
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PSY 622 GRAND CANYON ASSIGNMENT SEXUAL DEVIANCE Just Click on Below Link to Download This Course: URL=... More > Contact US HELP@TUTORIALSEXPERTS.US PSY 622 Grand Canyon Assignment Sexual Deviance PSY622 PSY 622 Grand Canyon Assignment Sexual Deviance Details: In 750-1,000 words, do the following: 1- Define sexual deviance in your own words. 2- Describe different forms of sexual deviance that exist. 3- Analyze whether sexual deviance may derive from psychological or biological issues. 4- Analyze whether the field of psychopathology can provide solutions to the problem of sexual deviance. Use three to five scholarly resources to support your explanations. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.< Less
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PCN 500 GRAND CANYON WEEK 2 COMPLETE WORK Just Click on Below Link to Download This Course: URL= Contact... More > US HELP@TUTORIALSEXPERTS.US PCN 500 Grand Canyon Week 2 Complete Work PCN500 PCN 500 Grand Canyon Week 2 Discussion 1 According to Adler, what is the difference between biological and psychological birth order? Describe how Adler’s theory of psychological birth order (the family constellation) shapes the family member. PCN 500 Grand Canyon Week 2 Discussion 2 While there are many neoanalytic writers, they can be divided into two general categories. Some are objective positivist thinkers while others are relativistic/constructivist thinkers. Philosophically, what is the difference among objective positivist neoanalytic writers and relativistic/constructivist neoanalytic writers?< Less

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