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Bipolar Disorder Treatments By Lennox Lewis
eBook (PDF): $7.80
Do You Suffer From Bipolar Disorder? In Bipolar Disorder Treatments, you will know more about this disease and how it affects a patient. You will learn:- How Bipolar Disorder Affects A... More > Patient Are You At Risk Of Bipolar? The Cause of Bipolar Should You See A Doctor For Treatment? Common Bipolar Disorder Treatments Like Medication and Psychotherapy Why Is It Important To Understand Bipolar To Cure It How Sleep Affects Your Bipolar Treatment Using Support Group To Improve Your Chances For Cure This book is the perfect book to understand the basics about Bipolar Disorder. In fact, this is all you need.< Less
Beating Bipolar Disorder By Dr. Phillip Botha
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Bipolar is one of the most serious but misunderstood illnesses of our modern time, with very little facts known about it, and that which is known, is at best inadequate and controversial. There is... More > ongoing speculation as to what causes Bipolar Disorder, so at best, one can only react to the symptoms of the illness, and after thorough diagnosis. The symptoms of Bipolar Disorder can have a very negative effect on people’s lives, jeopardizing their relationships, and putting their work at risk. In this book, Bipolar Disorder is examined, including the different types of Bipolar, and the known and proved ways of dealing with Bipolar in all its stages.< Less
Bipolar Disorder Uncovered By Best Publications
eBook (ePub): $3.99
You are about to take an in-depth look at bipolar disorder. It's all you need to know about bipolar disorder to help you or a loved one lead a normal life. It doesn't matter if you or a loved one... More > have been recently diagnosed or been struggling with bipolar disorder for years - This guide will tell you everything you need to know, without spending too much brainpower This Is Just "A Little Taste" At What You'll Discover With Bipolar Disorder Uncovered. The Medical Side Of Bipolar Different Causes Of Bipolar Disorder Recognize if You Are At Risk Of Bipolar Disorder When You Should Seek Medical Attention For This Disorder Understanding Where You Should Go To Get Help. Why It Is Important To Seek Help With This Disorder Treatments Of Bipolar Disorder Different Medications That You Might Encounter While Getting Help With Bipolar Disorder Psychotherapy And How It Helps Deciding What Type Of Help Will Be Right For You. ...< Less
Bipolar Disorder: Everything You Need To Know About Bipolar Disorder By Sally Pederson
eBook (ePub): $8.50
Bipolar disease is defined as a person with moody or even insane at times, nature. Bipolar disease, its affects, causes, symptoms, disorders associated with this disease, and what should one do if... More > he/she is diagnosed with this disease. Read about how the life of person with this disease is affected and how one can be get this disease. The symptoms of this disease are discussed in detail. Find out what disorders are associated with bipolar disease and compare bipolar with other similar type of diseases. This book compares bipolar depression disease with celexa, pediatric bipolar with asperger and more.< Less
What Is Bipolar Disorder - Everything About Bipolar Disorder From Understanding Bipolar Disorder Symptoms To Treatment By Bill Bryanson
eBook (ePub): $9.97
Do You Suffer From Bipolar Disorder ? Do You Have A Loved One (Family Member/Partner) Who Has Bipolar Disorder ? Do You Know What Happens If Bipolar Disorder Goes Untreated For A Long Time? Bipolar... More > Disorder is no laughing matter. It is an illness in which only those who suffer from it would know difficult it is. It creates a lot of problems in their lives, as well as for their family members. In What Is Bipolar Disorder: Everything About Bipolar Disorder From Understanding Bipolar Disorder Symptoms To Treatment, you would learn everything about bipolar disorder and understand how to cope with it. From this book, you would learn:- * What EXACTLY Is Bipolar * How Are Bipolar Patients Affected * Understanding The Causes of Bipolar * Understanding The Common Doctor's Treatment * What Are The Common Sympthoms Of Bipolar Disorder * What Goes On In The Mind of A Bipolar Patient * How Can You, As A Loved One, Help A Person With Bipolar Disorder * Having Close People Around You To Support You< Less
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Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety Owner'S Manual, Symptoms, Side Effects, Conventional and Alternative Treatments By James N Dollhausen
eBook (ePub): $10.99
Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety. Owner's Manual . Symptoms, Side Effects, Conventional And Alternative Treatments. This 47 page book analyzes Depression, Bipolar Disorder General, ... More > Social Anxiety and Panic Disorder, including their symptoms, causes, diagnosis and alternative methods of treatment. The book lists and discusses the drugs prescribed for each disorder, along with their side effects, withdrawl symptoms and risks. Alternative natural methods of treatment including nutritional programs, food supplements, vitamins and herbs, exercise, and therapy that have no side effects, withdrawl symptoms, or transition symptoms are also presented. These alternative programs have been proven to be just as, if not more effective than prescription drugs. The purpose of the book is to help save the reader from the misery caused by a combination of the disorder's symptoms, drug side effects , withdrawal symptoms, and feelings of public embarrassment.< Less
Grounded: My Wings Are Drooping, and I'm Too Fat for Flight. Facing the Down Side of Bipolar Disorder By Kaidlin Rainne
Paperback: $11.50
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Living with the lack of zip that can be caused by taking some psychotropic meds on top of experiencing the normal downs that come with the bottom of bipolar cycling can be devastating to a productive... More > and satisfying life. In this book I describe some of the ways I try to circumvent this dampening of mood that can destroy the creativity of a high-functioning bipolar person. This is the second in a series of books that describes my bipolar experiences. In the first book, Skewed: I'm Not Bipolar; I'm an Astral Traveler, I mostly describe how being manic got me in trouble most of my life. In this book, I mostly dwell on the depressions, and how they prevented me from living up to what I think was more potential than I have realized in my life. In my upcoming book, yet to be named, I have come to a balance in my illness that I have yet to define completely, but is definitely there.< Less
Right Before I Was Diagnosed Bipolar By Captain Jack
eBook (ePub): $0.00
If you are hoping this book is a look at the Diagnostic Criteria of Bipolar Disorder, then I recommend that you stop reading after this opening paragraph—seriously, you do not have to read any... More > further. This book is a short composition of my 10 journal entries that I wrote BEFORE I was diagnosed Bipolar. I say “diagnosed Bipolar”, because it is an identity change—but talking about labels from the DSM in detail is a whole different subject. I am not in favor of labels. I hate the DSM. Enough has been said about labels from the DSM—or if you want to be fancy smacy then you can call it “The DSM-IV-TR” (and if you want to be a sound really smart you can say that this version is not important right now because a new version is rumored to be coming out this summer of 2013). In the recent past, I did not have a mental disorder. I was not yet diagnosed when I completed these 10 entries, I was not aware that I was headed towards a manic episode. . .< Less
High Times & Rough Rides of a Bipolar Addict By Kerry L. Barger
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"If anyone can prevent even a single child or teenager from repeating the mistakes described in this book and avoid unnecessary suffering, then my struggles will not have been in vain." ... More > Imagine being arrested, handcuffed and locked behind the bars of a dark, cold, jail cell. The next day you are thrust into a 4' x 8' steel-walled cage. Claustrophobia causes you to panic and scream. The prison guard says, "They are going to lock you up and throw away the key!" A psychiatrist prescribes mandatory shock treatments. The first electric voltages pass through your brain, and your heart stops. You are revived, then given a series of nine more ECT treatments without anesthesia. Each one feels like a sledge hammer to your head. Your memories fade into a fog. You remain confined indoors and drugged for months... all due to being misdiagnosed as schizophrenic, but you are bi-polar. Substance abuse soon triggers an obsession with suicide, and you are compelled to act on it.< Less