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Towerld Level 0012: The Twisted Tyrant and Damsels In Distress By Doctor Deicide
eBook (ePub): $2.00
Whatever has happened to the Pluck Princess, who is now missing? Who can possibly knock unbeatably fleet Wendy unconscious? Hector_1304 and the strange companions head for the barrier-free floor, to... More > search for the Pluck Princess and to apologize to Towbie about failing the mission. The Stairway Shieldian speaks of his life story and the history of Towerld. What are the stairway floor and the ‘treadnauts’? The ongoing feud between the disabled and the able-bodied people is sinfully deep, as much as the grudge between the wheeler-dealer and the Stairway Shieldian. At the entrance of the barrier-free floor, they encounter the gizmo goons in black suits. The one behind this innovative method of ‘subhuman’ resource cultivation is shocking and expected. Towbie the Twisted, who is even outdoing the drug lord, reveals his spies and the secrets involving the feminist floor. What is his method of “the wrong people in the wrong places”? By the way, this is time to worry about Gideon, not the wedding.< Less
Towerld Level 0002: My Master Is the Postal Princess By Doctor Deicide
eBook (ePub): $0.00
"Wendy, will you marry me?" What is the matter with a lad named Hector_1304, after successfully escaping from the flooded floor and entering the factory floor? What has contributed to his... More > change of heart? Whatever will happen to his mission of climbing Towerld toward the invisibly distant top? Besides, who is a girl named Wendy? Hector makes a career change from a fisherperson to a mailperson. When Hector tries to deliver a VIP (very important package) to a suite on the floor above, he encounters a berserk forger named Gideon. When he starts the special delivery to the upper floor, he runs into vicious dogs trying to tear outsiders apart, mysterious agents in black suits attempting to confiscate the delivery package, and that nemesis he once avoided on the flooded floor. Will he be able to fend off the obstacles and move on to the next floor? Hector and Wendy just have to keep on running and climbing, to continue the journey to the upper floors.< Less
Towerld Levels 0001-0010: The First Decalogy By Doctor Deicide
eBook (ePub): $10.00
Only the failures and reality exist in the colossal construction of Towerld. A lad named Hector_1304 escapes from the flooded floor, and then feels the wanderlust to continue to go to the upper... More > floors. He meets the postal princess, a gigantic forger, and the exotic diva. Together, they form an expedition team to participate in a ritual to be held on a distant floor. The enigmatic Stairway Shieldian, vicious dogs, the Theriocephalic Thugs, the drug lord, agents in black, a brigade of freaks, the wizard on a wheelchair. Various types of adversaries stand on the way. In order to clear the formidable barrier-free floor, Hector_1304 intrudes into the feminist floor, while dressed in drag. Does his adventure end long before he gets closer to the destination? At the end of the decalogy, the interpretative article “The Novel That Spans a Millennium” by Ryusui Seiryoin (the chief editor) is featured. At The BBB website, you can download a musical track, composed and performed by the Pluck Princess.< Less
The Help Book for Patients, Nurses and Doctors By Michael O. Chapman
Paperback: $19.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
The purpose of this book is to help those who may have a difficult time communicating in the hospital or nursing home setting. It is fun and effective in getting messages across even if you do not... More > speak English. Take it on your next visit to the doctor's office. You will never leave home without it. Now in black and white.< Less
Black Orchid By Ian Millsted
Paperback: $9.54
Prints in 3-5 business days
‘Why didn’t I leave after the cricket?’ Murder in a country house. Steam trains and vintage cars. Gentlemen playing cricket. Hidden passageways. What could be more familiar or safe... More > to the 10 million viewers who watched this on its initial broadcast in 1982? But this is Doctor Who, so nothing should be taken at face value. With a tragic figure imprisoned in a secret part of the house, Black Orchid (1982) is clearly mining literary traditions. The portrayal of mental and physical injury invites the viewer to examine their own prejudices. Similarly ambiguous is the representation of the native South American outsider who guards the former great white explorer. Oh, and there may be the odd mention of cricket as well.< Less
Monthly Discussions on The Human Anatomy with Doctors Merit Ptah & Peses-Het (The Divine BlackMothers) -Black & White version By Maniga M. Otep
Paperback: $2.35
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Anatomy: There are 11 major systems of the Body. Each system contains approximately 15-20 parts on average *We encourage FOCUSED DISCUSSIONS MONTHLY using the Anatomy lessons provided (11 Body... More > Systems -1 system each month) -over the course of years of learning/discussing the same systems, our children’s natural curiosity & conversations will be guided into productive directions. Look up the Socratic Method! Perfect for the Homeschooler who wishes to make a career in medicine or the medical field an easy CHOICE for their loved ones!< Less
Across the Wide Zambezi: A Doctor's Life in Africa By Warren Durrant
Paperback: $18.01
Prints in 3-5 business days
A British GP, 39, unmarried sees advert in The British Medical Journal for a medical officer in West Africa. At the London office finds he is the only applicant. Flies out to Ghana, where he finds he... More > is to be the sole doctor in area as big as an English county. He will do everything from major surgery to public health. This is to be the pattern of his life for the next twenty-two years. Work described and life of people, white and black: many characters. After 18 months returns home. Discovers Africa is in his blood. Goes to a mine hospital in Zambia. Life and people described. Safari to East Africa. Returns home after two years through Congo. Goes to Rhodesia. Appointed district medical officer. Civil war. Gunfight at the Troutbeck Inn. Peace. Rhodesia becomes Zimbabwe. Romance. Marries matron. They have two children. Family life. Returns to England with family. This book describes much medical experience but is above all a human story, with many adventures and characters.< Less
The Black Monk By Anton Chekhov
eBook (ePub): $1.37
The philosophy student Kovrin is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. His doctor suggests a rest in the country and so Kovrin decides to visit his childhood friend Tanya Pesotsky on her father's... More > estate. While there he tells Tanya the legend of the black monk: a desert monk whose image has been reflected in mirages for a thousand years and who will soon return in the flesh.< Less
Untold Story of the War 1812 By Doctor Frank V. Beckles
eBook (PDF): $9.00
An untold and inspiring story in Black History of The War in 1812.
Doctor Who Fanzine Collection: The Nethersphere Issues 1 to 7 By Doctor Who Club of Australia
Hardcover: $29.26
Prints in 3-5 business days
All seven issues of the Doctor Who Club of Australia's fanzine The Nethersphere have been collected here in one volume. Featuring news, reviews, articles and interviews, these issues cover the full... More > scope of Australian fandom throughout 2015 and 2016. These pages contain a wealth of information for fans everywhere, drawn together as a labour of love by editors Dallas Jones and Roger Reynolds. This is the black and white edition.< Less

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