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Blue Bloods in Blue Jeans By Marguerite Harrington Benedict, Esther Buchanan, Ed.D.
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From Switzerland, England, and Ireland they came and landed on the east coast of the New World. When the West beckoned, they answered the clarion call. By boat, on horseback, in covered wagons, and... More > on foot they came to Texas and New Mexico. Their trials, struggles, successes, failures, and tragedies are my legacy. The value system of these western pioneers—adventurers, soldiers, ranchers, miners, cowboys, cowgirls, and entrepreneurs—formed the warp and woof of my life which began in the New Mexico Territory one year before New Mexico became a state. New Mexico and I grew up together; our histories are intertwined. Marguerite Harrington Benedict< Less
Purple Hearts, Blue Blood By Joseph Bryant
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From the author of the Gargoyle Philosopher and I Slay Therefore I am comes a new chapter on a more sober note.
The Blue Blood Mystery Of Suntrap By Justin Tully
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The Blue Blood Mystery Of Suntrap is the story of a group of students on a school trip to suntrap, but upon arrival they settle in and get up to no good only for another problem to suddenly present... More > itself to them. The Mayor Ian Haines checks into the hotel for one of his yearly stays at suntrap, but all isn't as it first appears to be. For the Mayor is hiding a secret one that ties him to the legendary Duke of London someone that was rumoured to have lived four hundred years ago, but never actually died. Soon things start to unravel and they are soon facing a dangerous foe one that isn't going to settle for being lectured by one of their teachers. Will they manage to escape from suntrap in one piece or will the legendary Duke of London have the final say about that...< Less
blood blue love By nathan neuharth
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A collection of poems and sketches written and experienced by Nathan Neuharth focusing on the subjects of sorrow, love, and loss.
In the Blue By Howard Freedman
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In the not that distant future, those of means are offered an insurance policy at the birth of their child. At the core of the policy is the creation of a clone to be privately maintained for the... More > purpose of medical intervention should replacement organs or blood transfusion be needed. Only sometimes, the policy is prematurely terminated and the clone is released from the Lifeline complex, whether they want to be or not. Especially if the one you've come to love is left behind.< Less
Blood & Dust By Silvia Flores
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Alpha and Beta are special. They are sisters with a unique past that they don't know about, but everyone else seems to know. When their best friend goes missing and comes back a rebel and ignoring... More > them- things begin to change. Tirakay isn't the same guy he was before summer started. The strange mark on his neck wasn't there either. Things REALLY turn when a famous man named Howard comes to town. Who is this man? And why is their mother so afraid of him? There is also talk of vampires roaming the hospital floors.. Will Alpha and Beta find out the truth of their past? Or will they come to realize that they might be more different than they ever believed..< Less
The Viking Blood By Frederick William Wallace
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The Viking Blood is a Story of Seafaring written by Frederick William Wallace. Author of “Blue Water,” “The Shack-locker,” etc. Published by HODDER AND STOUGHTON LIMITED ... More > TORONTO in 1920< Less
Blood Bride By Susan May Gudge
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The Vapirian are an old race, older than humans. They are not Vampires, although their culture has left reminders behind that gave birth to many of the vampire legends known on Earth. The planet... More > Vapir is a dimly lit world under a violet sky, a blue sun and a buttercup-yellow moon. The journey to Earth takes a little over a year but is considered to be a very important part of the Vapir culture. The people of Vapir are not able to bear female children, so when a young man reaches maturity at one hundred years of age; he goes to Earth to search for a Bride.< Less
Homecoming Blues By ANDY SCORAH
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Coming home from war can be hell. All Jimmy Dalton wanted after fighting for his country was a quiet life. But a notorious gangster has other ideas and Jimmy finds himself in a war of a different... More > kind. Set on a path of revenge that may turn the streets of London red with blood, a path that may not only destroy those he cares about but also his sanity and his very soul.< Less
THE BLUE FLAME By john oamen
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In a typical Nigerian University,Richard an accounting student falls heplessely in love with stephany West a student of banking and finance,but their love life is been threatened by the Don of the... More > most notorious cult in school THE BLOOD SUCKERS,and also the Dean of the Falculty of Social Sciences also want to have Stephany at all cost,will Richard and Stephany escape the wrath of the Don and the insatiable lust of the Dean.Find out in this simple but thrilling Novel that reveals how Love conquers all adversaries.< Less