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The Open Boat By Stephen Crane
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What Would You Do To Survive After a Shipwreck? Following a shipwreck, four survivors are adrift in a leaking dinghy—The Open Boat. The captain is hurt but still able to lead, the cook keeps... More > the boat afloat by bailing, and the correspondent and the oiler—a man whose job it is to oil machinery—take turns rowing. At first, angry at their situation and inclined to bicker, the men ultimately form bonds of empathy and, united, struggle to survive. Based on author Stephen Crane’s own experience of shipwreck off the coast of Florida in 1897, “The Open Boat” is considered by many to be his greatest work and the model of literary Naturalism. First published in 1897, it was based on Crane's experience of surviving a shipwreck off the coast of Florida earlier that year while traveling to Cuba to work as a newspaper correspondent. About the Author: Stephen Crane (November 1, 1871 – June 5, 1900) was an American poet, novelist, and short story writer. Get Your Copy Now.< Less
Mysterious Boat By Alexander Butziger
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The new Kevin Traynor novel: THE MYSTERY OF THE MYSTERIOUS BOAT Death from the fog? For decades, a ghostly boat has been haunting an old house in Malibu. Where others have failed, Kevin Traynor... More > takes charge. A sneaky star, an altruistic activist, a strange scientist — is one of them conjuring up the ghosts? From Venice and South Central to the Hollywood Hills runs the chase: Who is the cat, who the mouse? Fire, arrows, gunshot, and predators from another dimension: Wherever they go, Traynor and his friends are threatened by sinister stalkers. Finally, Traynor has to face the ghouls himself — and Traynor and company are on the menu! Plus a bonus story: THE SECRET OF THE LOST TRIBE Swallowed by the wilderness... Who in the world were the Anasazi? And whatever became of them? Kevin Traynor is bound to find out. Just follow the ghost riders through the badlands of New Mexico... Kevin Traynor. With the right to be politically incorrect.< Less
The Brimstone Boat By Will Alexander
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"Yet the voice of Will Alexander, who here commemorates Lamantia in his pluperfect poem The Brimstone Boat, rose hardly more than a quarter century later... In this automatistically extended... More > poem, we are witness to the passage of energies from the older to the younger poet, as Alexander charts Lamantia's life and writings across a Renaissance globe... It is here as well that Alexander succeeds Lamantia, who died in 2005, as America's greatest living surrealist poet--as the new poet at the helm on the brimstone boat, on a voyage of 'perpetual exploration.'"--ANDREW JORON The volume starts off with the 81 pages of the title poem, then 14 pages for three shorter poems, followed by 19 pages devoted to a glossary, then 50 pages for the content of four essays, and finally 3 pages of post-notes. On the cover, the frontispiece, and the end page, are three works by the American surrealist Marie Wilson; also included are eight pencil drawings by Will Alexander and two large photographs of Lamantia and Alexander.< Less
The boat they laughed at By max liberson
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Buying a 42' ferro-cement boat for £1500 and what started as a retort to a wind-up led to the adventure of a lifetime. RYA Yachtmaster Max Liberson had been drawn to the sea all his life, but... More > it was the chance acquisition of a yacht that apparently only he could see the potential of that allowed him to fulfil a dream. What followed was a true story of ingenuity, persistence and more anecdotal tales of woe than most sailors would want to admit to as their own. For anyone aiming to make a similar voyage, the story goes into detail of his plans beforehand and the many pitfalls and triumphs he encountered on his 9-month round trip from Battlesbridge in Essex over to the Carribean.< Less
Paper Boats By EJ Mack
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Trapped in a suffocating marriage by a domineering husband and the ongoing fight to save her younger brother from self-destruction, Rebecca Croft’s determination to do the right thing appears... More > unassailable. But when her carefully balanced existence is resolutely rocked by the arrival of a stranger from out of town, the opportunity to escape proves too hard to resist. By the time she discovers this meeting was no chance encounter, Rebecca is in too deep and quite likely in danger. ‘Paper Boats’ is the story of one woman’s internal battle of loyalty and responsibility versus dreams and self-fulfillment. If only someone had warned her dreams often come at a price.< Less
Night Boat By Ronald Griffin
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University student Gavin received a terse phone call from his mother demanding that he come home as his father was ill. Shocked for he believed his father to be a fit man. His father died soon after... More > his arrival home. He accused his mother of poisoning her husband, knowing she knew of a longstanding affair between her husband and his business partner the beautiful Madam-De-vere. He also suspected his father’s younger brother Rex of a sexual relationship with his mother, only to discover such an accusation refuted when Rex introduced him to his lover Robin, a young man many years his junior. A month later his mother died of a heart attack leaving Gavin sole heir to their estate. Rex helped him to come to terms with his bereavement and certain sexual aspects of Gavin’s personality of which he was soon to discover much his confusion.< Less
The Marriage Boat By Martecia Ann Belk-Cooper
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This book will help those who are in troubled marriages, stable marriages and those who are single and desire to be married someday. The advice in this book can also be used for boyfriend/girlfriend... More > relationships. The advice and revelations in this book were revealed to me by God to help others have lasting, Godly marriages and healthy relationships, the way God intended.< Less
The Slow Boat By MAJ Prodromou
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The Angry Boats By Charles Palgrave
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Australia, April 1942 - the unimaginable is now a reality. Japan’s attention has turned south to the Coral and Solomon Seas. The gemstone of the Pacific is Australia, the vast and only Island... More > Continent. With her fighting men serving in Europe and the Middle East, she is vulnerable. But the Japanese must first claim New Guinea. Survivor of the destroyer, HMAS Nerang, torpedoed and bombed into a burning hulk, Lieutenant-Commander John Roberts, DSC, has witnessed the brutal destruction of ship and crew at the hands of the Japanese. He knows the odds are against them. But the only course is to fight or lose. From raw recruits and the jaded orphans of lost ships a fighting group is forged – Special Coastal Forces is born from a ragged and depleted navy to represent Australia as the first line of defence. Their mandate - protect allied convoys. Seek out and destroy the enemy. Staying alive is subordinate...< Less
The Boat That Was Remote By Kevin Cookson & Gordon Walker
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Pippa has many incredible adventures - in this one she has to rescue someone at sea

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