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Yoyo & Make Overs By Cindy Wolsfeld
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[Fr.] Brochure (2nde Edition 2016) de ma série d'Art Contemporain 2015, intitulée maintenant "Yoyos,Make-Overs & Fast-Food Seduction", concernant le sort de la femme... More > moderne à son alimentation et son image corporelle. [Eng.] Brochure(2nd Edition 2016) of my 2015 Contemporary Art series, now entitled "Yoyos,Make-Overs & Fast-Food Seduction", adressing the plight of modern-day women regarding nutrition and body image.< Less
NACHT NACHT By Grady Gordon
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This is a collection of pieces made over the last two years. The work is solely comprised of monotype prints. A monotype is a single run printing process where an image is made on plexiglass and then... More > sent through an etching press. The result is a one of a kind print that can never be reproduced again. I utilize the subtractive method when cteating these images. My process begins with laying down a solid black form and removing ink with a variety of tools. This markmaking process gives me unlimited freedom to create anything from my imagination. These are examples of NEOTROGLOCISM: sophisticated mark-making, crude objectivity. The characters contained within reference many different cultural mythologies. My love for the unseen is a driving force in my creative process. My goal is to illuminate the faces and bodies that live in our collective subconscious. Thank you and enjoy.< Less
Nouvelle Mythologie Comparée / New Comparative Mythology n°3 By Patrice Lajoye et al.
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Bernard Sergent, "Tetewatte et les Lupercales" Julien d’Huy, "Première reconstruction statistique d’un rituel paléolithique : autour du motif du... More > dragon" Ana R. Chelariu, "Metamorphosis amid myths, initiation rites and Romanian folk tales" Nick J. Allen, "Why the Telemachy? Vyāsa’s Answers" Thomas Gamelin, "Appliquer le mythe grâce au rite... ou l’inverse? L’image égyptienne face à celle de ses voisines" William Sayers, "King Geirrǫðr (Grímnismál) and the Archaic Motif Cluster of Deficient Rulership, Maritime Setting, and Lower-Body Accidents with Familiar Iron Instruments" Patrice Lajoye, "Sanctuaires slaves et sanctuaires celtiques. Une approche comparative" Marcel Meulder, "Horatius Coclès, gardien de la frontière romaine?"< Less

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