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Boko Haram By John Star
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The world has tried to curb terrorism . It has made hard choices and painful concessions, sat down with the leaders of known and recognized terror groups or their representatives to reason with them... More > and sometimes appease them to stop the killing and shedding of innocent people 's blood . Some of the super power nations have had to support one terror group or the other to fight against another terror group with hopes to somehow stop the onslaught of innocent people by the act of terrorism . This option has actually done more harm than good because the terrorist have seen such moves as a sign of weakness on the side of the government. Nigeria is a country that has seen its share of terrorism and radicalism . From Biafra war , the Niger Delta insurgency and the Boko Haram terrorism . The country had tried to negotiate with Boko Haram several times for them to stop the killing . Instead of Boko Haram cooperating with the government, the talks actually led to defiance and have emboldened Boko Haram.< Less
Boko Haram: Beyond The Bomb Blasts By Steve Carlos
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A class of disenchanted Nigerian politicians vowed to make the country ungovernable for the incumbent if he got voted in. Close by is the Islamist Boko Haram with links to the al Qaeda. The Boko... More > Haram, having lost its founder in questionable circumstances following confrontation with security forces, is sworn to Islamise the country and obliterate all Western influences. From the succeeding wave of suicide bombings and related acts of violence aimed at spreading terror, there is growing suspicion of a working accord between the two. This angle with relevant data the present work explores intensely. But beyond the bomb blasts is an undercurrent of intrigues, the different ethnic nationalities scheming to make the best of the situation, even as the subversive activities of the Boko Haram threaten the corporate existence of the country.< Less
Nigeria: Boko Haram and National Security By DON MICHAEL ADENIJI
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Defining Terrorism is a challenge, several efforts at making meanings out of what pushes men to unleash terror on fellow men always ended in creating more questions than answers. Boko Haram Islamic... More > sect in Nigeria has since 2002 torment the people of Northern Nigeria and by 2010 became the most challenging security issue in Nigeria necessitating a state of emergency declaration in the area. Four years after, the end of hostilities in this area is not in sight and the casualties continue to rise giving rooms for questioning the policy and operation in the Sahel. Haram is the number one security challenge in Nigeria War on Terror. The Challenge to security of lives and properties in the Northeast region of the country has been on for over 4 years, with over 5,000 death and the end of this reign of terror not in sight.< Less
Facing Urban Terrorism: Root Causes With Boko Haram By Kelly NGYAH
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Understood that World Wars I & II, and the other major natural disasters around the globe made frightening human death tolls, the phenomenon of terrorism finally surfaces and soaks the world anew... More > in dread and increased need for security measures over populations everywhere. While major terrorist networks such as Al Qaeda and Taliban continue to impose terror across the globe, West and Central Africa falls into the hands of another terrorist sect called Boko Haram which though smaller, has succeeded in sending across a strong message to world leaders that, ‘size is not the issue’ but it’s how negligence on their part may make a tiny pin pierce deep in the skin and probably crumble the whole system. This study principally reflects to some root causes of terrorism instituted within certain United Nations Resolutions through transnational and organized crimes. It also emphasizes on societal psycho-behaviourial patterns towards rehabilitating youths in responsible urban communities.< Less
Boko Haram in Nigeria: Historical and Political-Economic Exploration By Kola Ibrahim
eBook (PDF): $6.00
This book traces the rise of religious fundamentalism and ethno-religious crisis to the economic, political and neo-colonial background of Nigeria. The book also proffered a working class and... More > socialist solutions to ending Boko haram menace. The book will be an important material for activists, socialists, trade unionists, students, researchers, academics, journalists and public intellectual, searching for an alternative narrative on the rise of ethno-religious forces and tendencies in Nigeria. It additionally serves as a source material for those wanting to know more about the political economic history of Nigeria, beyond the official and mainstream narration.< Less
Volume 0369, Böhlerwerk (Gemeinde Sonntagberg) --- Boko Haram By Deutsch Print Wikipedia
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Volume 0369, Böhlerwerk (Gemeinde Sonntagberg)---Boko Haram Print Wikipedia is a both a utilitarian visualization of the largest accumulation of human knowledge and a poetic gesture towards... More > the inhuman scale of big data. Michael Mandiberg wrote software transforms all of Wikipedia in thousands of print on print-on-demand volumes, drawing attention to the sheer size of the encyclopedia's content and the impossibility of rendering Wikipedia as a poetic material object in fixed form: Once a volume is printed it is already out of date. This German version encompases 3406 volumes that were uploaded in May and June 2016. Eine gängige Größenordnung für Enzyklopädien sind die Bände ihrer Ausgaben. Michael Mandiberg hat die aktuelle Version der deutschsprachigen Wikipedia in enzyklopädische Artikel umgerechnet und eine ganze Bibliothek des Wissens geschaffen: 3.406 Bände.< Less
Faith-based Responses to Displaced Boko Haram Victims: A Case Study of Baptist Churches in Ogbomoso Land Nigeria By Adebayo Ola Afolaranmi
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Concerns of many stakeholders in peacebuilding and conflict transformation processes have been on how to stop or minimize conflicts and make peace a lasting process. However, less attention is given... More > to persons that are affected by the conflicts and forcefully displaced from their locations. This research investigated the extent Baptist churches in Ogbomoso land Nigeria are responding to transforming the lives of a unique set of forcefully displaced persons from Boko Haram insurgency affected areas in the north-eastern part of Nigeria that migrated back to their ancestral homes.< Less
The Islamic State where Hate has no Home – A Message of Peace to ISIL, Boko Haram, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda By Dr. Mark O'Doherty
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In this work the author redefines ‘Islamic State’, emphasising what the true state of Islam is about: Namely, a mystic mindset allowing a communion with God so that peace and love can be... More > manifested; individually and collectively. This book also examines terrorist groups who justify their violent tactics through interpreting the Quran and Hadith according to their own goals and intentions; robbing, looting, extorting and killing people – hence this book contains suggestions to increase emotional- and spiritual intelligence; so that violent extremists may come to the realization that hitting, shooting and killing people is not a nice thing to do; and that manipulating easily influenceable souls into becoming suicide bombers is not only senseless, but also an act of disobedience towards Allah. How Western Society can improve its relationship with the Islamic World, and how the religions of Christianity and Judaism can contribute in this endeavour, are also explored in this work.< Less
Nigeria School Security By Temitope Olodo Esq.,
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With over 800 schools destroyed by Nigeria jihadist movement, Boko Haram, in 2014 alone; it has been estimated that appropriately 7% of the terrorist attacks are concentrated on educational... More > institutions. That said, 10 million children are out of schools in Nigeria and some of the reasons for safety and security concerns in the school environment goes beyond terrorism to include cultism, assaults, rape to mention but a few. The author explores the security challenges associated with school security and safety, with practical security tips for security practitioners, school administrators and parents interested in security solutions for the ever-growing security challenges in Nigeria schools.< Less
Homosexuality In Nigeria Community - My Story By Ajibade Lawrence
Paperback: $8.25
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This is the story of a Nigerian currently residing in the United Kingdom who is a proud homosexual and he tells about his journey to date and struggles, hurdles including daily prosecution he faced... More > for being openly gay< Less

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