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The Ultimate Prevention and Wellness Program By Michael Goldberg
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This book provides specific techniques to prevent and reverse chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are at epidemic levels in the USA and include cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression,... More > anxiety, insomnia, ptsd, MS , fubromyalgia and others. The program is designed to bring robust energy, vibrant good health and a strong immune system. It is designed to balance and improve brain chemistry at the same time. The book lays out the causes of chronic diseases and provides detailed antidotes for each of the causes. The book works on the cellular level and boosts cellular energy. All disease starts with inflammation, oxidation and free radical damage at the cellular level. The techniques in this book will reverse cellular inflammation, oxidation and free radical damage of the cells. The techniques in the book protect and enhance the organs and bodily systems – including digestion, metabolism, circulation, nervous and immune system.< Less
Superfoods : A Complete Superfoods Diet Superfoods Diets Are The Most Effective Method Of Weight Loss By Anna Gracey
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Superfoods Diets Are The Most Effective Method Of Weight Loss Super foods are very rich in nutrients and are able to help in the fight against aging as well as a number of illnesses. They have a... More > large amount of flavonoids and micro and macronutrients. However, they still manage to be low in calories. They have the capability to boost the immune system and as such, it helps to so many different types of sicknesses. Some super foods include spinach which contains 100% of vitamins K and A and pumpkin that has all the nutrients that your body requires daily. Turkey is also another super food. This is a very good source of protein and it does not have as much saturated fat as red meat. Very importantly for many persons, it has in selenium.This is a trace mineral that greatly helps the body to fight against certain cancers and also helps to boost energy and brainpower. Other super foods include blueberries that are either frozen or fresh.< Less
100 Best Paleo Smoothies Second Edition - Drink Healthy Smoothies That Will Help You Lose Weight and Feel Energetic By Mariana Correa
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Regardless of your fitness routine, if you’re interested in losing weight or just need an extra boost of energy after an intense workout this book with 100 Paleo smoothie recipes has a recipe... More > for everyone. Smoothies have fantastic benefits such as: - Smoothies can help build muscle and improve your overall athletic performance. - They are delicious and low in calories but very filling, making them a great option for losing weight. - Smoothies are a great way to introduce more fruits and vegetables into your diet. - They will allow you to detox. - They can help boost your immune system. - Smoothies will make you look fantastic! By supplying your body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs you will begin to glow from the inside out. The recipes are fast and easy to follow with healthy and affordable ingredients such as free radical-fighting raspberries, calcium rich spinach and delicious coconut milk.< Less
Otto By Eckhard Marthen
eBook (ePub): $17.32
Unless you are an asthmatic, laughter is the best medicine. This is what reading 'Otto' will do for you. It'll make you laugh. For a once only charge (the price of this book) 'Otto' will reduce your... More > blood pressure, produce disease-destroying antibodies, increase your muscle flexion, boost your immune functions, trigger the release of endorphins, reduce stress hormones ... the list goes on. Go and ask your GP to do that for you, and he will either laugh you off his premises or charge you a fortune. Otto is the story about mischief, sex, drugs & rock'n roll ... and the perpetual attempts to get as much out of life as possible.< Less
44 Testicular Cancer Juice Recipes: Naturally Prevent and Treat Testicular Cancer Without Recurring to Medical Treatments or Pills By Joe Correa CSN
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Your diet, lifestyle, and overall health condition are extremely important in order to prevent testicular cancer. There are certain foods that are proven to be extremely effective against this type... More > of cancer. These foods include basil, garlic, onions, chives, berries of all kinds, green and black tea, apples, turmeric, cumin, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, citrus fruits, etc. Having this in mind, I have created this cookbook with delicious juices recipes that will help you heal your body and prevent having cancer. Within just a couple of minutes, you will have a truly valuable nutritional drink that will boost your immune system and give your body everything it needs in order to function properly.< Less
The Green Smoothie Girls By Zina DiTonno Kim Lemberg
eBook (PDF): $12.95
A guide to getting your 7 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Green smoothie benefits include; boosting your immune system, increasing sports performance, improve your mood, more... More > energy, better sleep, weight loss, just to name a few. Over 85 recipes of all plant based flavors from sweet to savory. Also, over 40 pages of health and nutritional benefits, food prep tips, and food descriptions. FYI since this is a DRM PDF book, it cannot be printed, just viewed on your reader.< Less
Meditation Hacks and Natural Healing Remedies from the Realm of Chaos - The Ultimate Book of Meditation Hacks and Natural Healing Remedies By Larry Lewis
eBook (ePub): $12.99
This book will teach you how to reach altered states of consciousness through meditation hacks that you have probably never thought of trying. If you have reached an altered state of consciousness... More > before, then these hacks should increase your experience. But that’s not all! There are tons of natural health remedies within this book for things such as weight loss, decalcifying pineal glands, hair growth, stopping toothaches, curing sexually transmitted diseases, boosting the immune system, joint pains, Headaches, and much more. I hope you enjoy this book. Those within the realm of Chaos believe you will and say they look forward to seeing you again.< Less
58 Unique Prostate Cancer Juice Recipes: All-natural Home Remedy Solutions That Will Get Your Body Stronger and Healthier to Fight Cancer Cells By Joe Correa CSN
eBook (ePub): $4.99
These juices are powerful enough to boost up your immune system within a couple of days and help you prevent and fight prostate cancer. Eating the right amounts of fruits and vegetables will... More > definitely reduce the risk of prostate cancer. The recommended daily amount of fresh fruits and vegetables is about 4-5 cups. Most people have busy schedules and that is why I definitely believe that juicing is a great option. Although many kind of fruits and vegetables are extremely healthy, knowing which ones to combine to get the most benefit is the key. Green, red and orange fruits and vegetables are loaded with carotenoids which are especially beneficial for prostate cancer.< Less
7 Day Fall Detox Cleanse By Jennifer Lannon
eBook (PDF): $2.49
Prep yourself for a "Winter of Wellness" with this easy-to-do, delicious 7 day Fall detox cleanse. Gain energy, boost immunity, jumpstart weight loss, detoxify your body, gain mental... More > clarity and re-energize yourself. You will create vibrance from within and feel better than ever! Includes a meal plan, grocery list, recipes and other great detox strategies to take with you for the rest of your life! Don't wait another day, take care of yourself NOW! You won't regret it!< Less
Vitamin a Skin Science: A Scientific Guide to Healthy Skin By Dr Des Fernandes & Dr Ernst Eiselen
eBook (PDF): $27.20
Vitamin A Skin Science is the combined knowledge of two dedicated and experienced medical practitioners whose firm belief in the beneficial properties of Vitamin A and other anti-oxidants for the... More > skin has led them to want to share this vital information with the world. It is the result of many years of intensive research in both the laboratory and private practice. The book lays out, in detail, how these humble, but critical substances can repair the skin, strengthen it and boost its immunity to disease. The information in this book will change the way skin professionals treat and deal with skin problems. It is essential reading for Dermatologists, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Cosmetic Doctors and Nurses, Aesthetic Physicians, General Practitioners and Beauty Therapists.< Less

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