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Blood of the Kevatha'dral By Kiyoko Silvers
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Princess Kesshi is the daughter of two powerful royal houses, and heir to the throne of Valgate. Despite having duties to her mother's kingdom, the blood of the Kevatha'dral, the warrior monarchs of... More > Kevatha, runs strong in her veins, making her restless in the political climate of Valgate. She longs for adventure, battle, and victory. Of course, her mother did always tell her to be careful what she wished for. When Kesshi finds herself kidnapped by bandits and sold into slavery while visiting another kingdom for a wedding, she must not only save herself, but the three other Princesses taken along with her. Unfortunately, these three girls have never pushed the boundaries of their closeted, privileged lives, and are worse than useless as allies to Kesshi in her fight for freedom. Isolated and without help, with three dead weights to protect from assassins and pirates and corrupt nobles, even the stubborn pride and fighting skills she inherited from her father might not be enough to get Kesshi home again.< Less
Bedtime Stories for the Adventurer By Cristina Caudle
eBook (ePub): $5.00
Come along on four adventures. Release your imagination with these four short stories for all ages. In the first adventure four orphans discover a map that leads them on an adventure of their... More > lives to find a golden skull hidden in the tropical jungle of Africa. Will they all be able to survive the plane crash into the cold dark blue ocean? Can they navigate the mighty Nile River, only to be captured by an ancient Aztec Mummy? The next story tests the boundaries of friendships. Can a friendship still exist when one friend is not alive? The adventure story takes place 2000 years ago with a young slave building a pyramid in the hot arid desert. She escapes back to her homeland only to discover nothing is the same. The last short story begins with a roar of cannon fire, three strangers are thrown together in life; escape off a side of a pirate ship, only to be washed ashore on a island. Are they alone? Will the Devil Pirate find them before they find the stolen treasure ripped from Alan's father?< Less
Whirled World (LP) By Hadley Hoover
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Daredevil? Not Theo Hesperton. Edgy? No way! He liked things orderly, safe, and sane—and made all the right choices to land a career and lifestyle which met that standard. To Theo, a focused... More > plan, a tidy schedule, and solid goals defined the borders of a satisfactory life. Staying within those borders and avoiding scandals or madcap adventures helped him excel at his job with Uncle Sam. Then, scams and controversies spread from headlines & talk-shows in the form of personal crises that invaded and destroyed those boundaries. External order became internal chaos that set the needle on his moral compass spinning wildly. Life doesn’t always play by the rules. Focused plans go whacky; tidy schedules get messy. As for solid goals? They can turn into tumult in the blink of an eye. Just ask Theo. Emotional calamity hit like a whirlwind. Satisfactory, and safe, and sane no longer described Theo’s world.< Less
I do like CFD, VOL.1, Second Edition By Katate Masatsuka
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Version 2.6 (Sep. 2018): This is a unique and highly technical book on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The first half talks about mathematical foundations and governing equations ranging from... More > simple model equations (advection/diffusion, Euler-Tricomi, Cauchy-Riemann, Burgers, etc.) used for algorithm development to the incompressible/compressible Euler and Navier-Stokes equations in various forms with complete Jacobians and eigen-structures in 1, 2, and 3 dimensions. The other half talks about general methods for deriving exact solutions (separation of variables, transformation, superposition, etc.) and numerous exact solutions that can be readily used for accuracy verification of a CFD code (Ringleb's flow, Fraenkel's flow, boundary layer, viscous shock structure, etc.). This book can be a very useful resource for students studying basics of CFD as well as researchers/practitioners in CFD. - PDF version is available at [Note: PDF does not contain some contents of the Printed version.]< Less
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Who Rescued Who?: Sashi’s Story By Juliana Morgan
Paperback: $12.00
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Eight-year-old Jillian Miller has just moved with her family to a new house in a new town. Jillian doesn’t really like change that much, but she likes her new room, and she knows she’s... More > going to have to make it work. As she settles in and meets the new neighbors—including their dog—she hopes that one day she’ll have a dog of her own. Then, one morning on a local TV show, Jillian sees a dog available for adoption and just knows that this is the right dog for her. She and her family go to meet the dog and then adopt her, calling her Sashi—and that’s when their lives begin to change. The Millers have their work cut out for them in helping Sashi adjust to a new life, but they know it will be worth it. After all, Sashi is a very special dog! Based on a true story, this book for young readers shows that things don’t always turn out as planned and that love knows no boundaries in either human or animal world.< Less
Davidson County, N.C. - Road and Bridge Records - Vol 2 (1841-1906) By Stewart Dunaway
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Davidson County Road Records contain early 19th century records, since its formation in 1822. Davidson County was formed in 1822, from Rowan County, and was never subdivided into any other county,... More > thereby retaining its original boundaries since then. This collection (NCSA) is a rather large collection of records, containing one box of bridge and Ferry records (contained in this book) and five boxes of road records, of which the very first (and oldest) box is contained in this book. Box 2 contains records from 1841 to 1906. However, there are records only for 1841-1888 and then a folder for 1905-06. Box 3 contains records from 1907-15, Box 4, 1916-29, Box 5, 1930-39. These more modern boxes contain typed documents and reports. It should also be pointed out that a Mill Book for all the mill records (1831-1839) has already been published for this county. This volume contains all the records in Box 2, and I have made the decision not to go any further forward in time – as this is the last book for Davidson Co.< Less
The Account of Cabeza de Vaca By Mark Lacy
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Cabeza de Vaca gives us perhaps the most intriguing account of the inhabitants of the North American continent during the earliest contact with the Spanish. His report covers nine years, from 1527 -... More > 1536, and his route over the bays, rivers, marshes, prairies, woodlands and along major Indian trails may have spanned 6,000 miles or more. Through his account we learn that there were important cultural centers within our modern boundaries. Though Cabeza de Vaca himself did not visit them, he would later misrepresent the pueblos in the interior as places of great wealth. Within a few years of Cabeza de Vaca's arrival in Mexico City, Spaniards such as Francisco Vásquez de Coronado and Hernando de Soto would terrorize the interior lands. The conquest would be in full motion by 1540 and many indigenous populations would seek refuge from the Conquistadores in the new Christian mission settlements, where they hoped Dios (God) would save them from slave raiders and killers.< Less
Flying on Fabric By B. K. Bryans
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Since 1943, the U.S. Navy publication Naval Aviation News has carried great stories, pictures, and art about the Navy’s pioneering first pilots, airplanes, and aircraft carriers. Retired... More > Captain B. K. Bryans has compiled these public domain works into Flying on Fabric. Flying on Fabric contains 124 true stories of those glory days, including several written by Harold “Kiddy” Karr, who flew combat with the French in WW I and became the Navy’s first enlisted pilot. And there are the legends: Glenn Curtiss and Eugene Ely kick-starting it all, “Spuds” Ellyson and “Al” Cunningham pushing the boundaries, and of course, Ken Whiting, a true pioneer of naval aviation. Retired Rear Admiral J.R. Tate tells of his misadventure with an early parachute and of Admiral “Bull” Halsey—the only senior officer of the time to earn Navy wings by flying the entire syllabus. This is history presented as a set of remarkable, but true, stories of and by the men who learned to fly and fight on fabric-covered wings.< Less
Land Record Research - Orange and Alamance County, NC By Stewart Dunaway
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This book is a compilation of my deed research in North Carolina. It contains my personal notes, research, and plats. I used a computer plat program to create plats from deeds. This book also... More > contains maps of deeds placed in their modern location. The deeds I worked on I include a transcript (of the key info), and then it's indexed. Therefore, the index has all key info, such as "pile of stones" so that you can search survey information- easily. This book is meant to assist researchers, not a complete book of every record etc. A lot of Clapp, Holt, Albright, Linn, Keck, and many others of today's Alamance Co. are included in this collection. A separate book is dedicated for Guilford County, although SOME Guilford deeds are included here(primarily for county boundary research). NOTE: this book is the result of my 3 years of research, which continues today. THEREFORE it will change - via Edition number. NEW PLATS * TRACT 11 info 2012 *< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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