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Shades of Love PASSION book 2 By R.M. Simone
Paperback: $13.99
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Shades of Love - PASSION by R.M.Simone' Book 2 in the Fifty ride... Gabriella and Tristan move into the intimacy of this Tantra between them now. What is TANTRA? She is finding that there lovemaking... More > has taken on the experience of giving her VISIONS and new highs of energy which is her Kundalini Rising. It creates such a connection that now if they are apart for too many days, Tristan is feeling off his usual balance. She is dealing with her own issues of the boundaries and personal space. This strong attraction between the sacred sexuality is what is presenting in VEDIC Terms a Yoni-Lingam bond. Her heart is opening and maybe she is now falling into love with him and for the first time. Her writing is taking on a new level too and her assignment now is to write a BDSM book to test the market. Can she? Her genre is clearly romance and love stories. PASSION opens many doors for this relationship and their Hearts. A heady mix of Love and Sacred Tantra Sexuality. Roshandra warmly writing on. Author R.M.Simone< Less
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Ripples - Children of Y'Dahnndrya Book 1 By Robin McElveen
Paperback: $15.99
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In a world divided by Clan boundaries and strict taboos, the youngest daughter of High Priestess Shira prepares for her Visioning ceremony. Yetsye Shirasdatir must choose a path. Life and death are... More > in her hands. If she chooses life, something precious will be sacrificed. For while Azilet'zal always provides, a balance must be maintained. Thankfully, no child of Shira ever walks alone. And quests often open doors long locked by misunderstandings. With the aid of her siblings and some surprising new friends, Yetsye sets out. There are a couple of problems, though. This isn't the first time someone tried to unite the Clans. Their failure built the walls she's trying to knock down. She's also much younger and painfully shy. Will Yetsye be able to overcome her fear of people? Will she throw the stone that starts the ripples of change in her world? Or will the required sacrifice shatter her resolve? One small stone still has the power to stir the calmest lake.< Less
WILDLINES By Ytaelena Lopez
Hardcover: $40.00
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I love to push the boundaries of the perception of our own bodies and their influence in our social relations and our own emotions and fears. In my WILDLINES series I interact with my subjects to... More > make an imaginary topography of the person I see (kinda of soul cartography), using Kandinsky’s theories in "Point and Line to Plane" and a very physical, albeit elaborate drawing. For example, the Warhol ("My favorite Rogue") is mostly straight lines in angles, full of drama. It’s my way to narrate a subject full of contradictions, sometimes deep in relation to his context, sometimes shallow in his own intimacy. "The Kiss" is round forms in warm colors, that escalate their hues and curves in the place when passion reaches its peak. The image of David Bowie ("My childhood hero"), sexy and severe, done in a in a intricate triangular-line labyrinth, brings back memories of the singer as a villain dressed in tight leotard, as the king trying to subvert the basement of popular culture.< Less
Schön! Magazine 3 eBook By created by the energy of
eBook (PDF): $9.24
(1 Ratings)
Get Hypnotized Third time’s a charm, third time lucky. Three is, of course, the magic number. Along with all our impressive features and these encouraging superstitions we can’t help but... More > think our third issue of Schön! is one that will undoubtedly wow. has plucked a diverse collection of its members to contribute stunning photography and intriguing reports from around the globe transporting you to a land where creativity knows no boundaries. Take a trip down memory lane to your childhood, overhearing whispers of your favourite fairytales as you wander through our medley of lavish and thought provoking pieces. Look out for our exclusive photo shoot ‘Victoria’ by Toronto-based Arkan Zakharov, as well as a selection of fashion briefings from Asia, Australia and Brazil. Provocative and enticing; drift off and indulge in the magic-possessing creatives who give us belief that there will be a happy fashion ending after all.< Less
Peace as a Seventh Language; Lifting the Embargo on Humanity By Richard Salzman
eBook (PDF): $8.00
This is the sixth (and final) book in a series of books that represent my efforts to comprehend the language of peace. It's clear to me that as a child, I didn't acquire much fluency with peace as a... More > first language. Thus, the first book of the series is entitled, Peace as a Second Language. Peace may never become my primary gestalt, but with enough study and patient practice, I may be able to apprehend the sound of its two-cents-worth clanking with some consistency into the bottom of my cup. As I understand it, the vocabulary of the language of peace consists of any and every situation where our big willingness to narrow meaning (and become exclusive) is transformed by a little willingness to broaden and deepen meaning (and become inclusive). The syntax of the language of peace is clarified with every and any effort we make to break down the mentalities that turn permeable or semi-permeable borders for exchange, into impermeable boundaries. (Thus, the embargo reference in the subtitles.)< Less
Crossing My Jordan By Roberto Denaro Styles
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“As I have grown in my craft; I have so much love for a gift that allows me free expression without the limiting walls of boundaries standing in the way; this is my truths, my canvas and my... More > sanctuary. As I continue forward; my hopes that this love affair for writing remains with me for many years to come…. I not just love this, I am in love with it with all of my being; it gives me breath, reason and purpose; nothing else can compare.” In what is now his 15th book release; Mr. Styles takes you on a deep, intimate exploration; allowing his words to resonate deep within. In this title, in his own words “Life presents us with many challenges; especially the unexpected which can be a hindrance when we are least prepared. Even in our wilderness, before we can proceed beyond the forest; one must first address those painful moments, in order to advance to the next phase in our journey. In doing this, it doesn’t make us weak; if anything, we emerge stronger and wiser leading us to an even more victorious outcome.”< Less

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