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The Colar Boys - Three Days of Discovery By Scott C. Anderson
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Written for all age groups. Three Days of Discovery continues from Two is Company. Larrytam and Aron meet a new ally in Myra Song. The inter-trader and negotiator in all things of value in the galaxy... More > will serve as a powerful ally. Larrytam fights his personal demons and Aron continues to grow as an independent man, all under the sponsorship of Captain Rollio Surlatan. Myra knows how to bring advanced toys to a conflict and uses her traded technology to free and advance her new Colar friends. Treachery and deceit are always brought to the table when dealing with the Colar, but new and even more powerful allies await the two men as they work through the obstacles of living free.< Less
The Colar Boys - One Way Out By Scott C. Anderson
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Written for all age groups. This is the first in a series of adventure with Larrytam and Aron. These two young Colar men were left behind and abandoned on a planet known as Earth. An older earth... More > woman, through a chance meeting with a race known as the Taman, will save the boys as they are rescued for reasons only known to the ancient Taman. In turn, the Colar boys will save this woman from a life of needless isolation and prepare an adventure befitting the strong widow from a small town in California. Finding work on a Florek merchant freighter, Larrytam and Aron will find safety and solace with the lone captain. Brave and free, Captain Rollio Surlatan will take the Colar boys to places they’ve never been, and confront the ideals that freedom is never free.< Less
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Boys and Girls Come Out at Play By Glynis Dunnitt
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Young man appointed as first male Master at The Alternative Academy, soon finds things are not quite what they seem: given a group of girls to teach, soon find out their sport is taking boys’... More > clothes, wearing them themselves—making boys wear their’s! He confesses he had exciting nightmares about it happening to him, when their age. In short order he is tricked and ambushed and wearing schoolgirl uniform, leashed by string around ‘her’ balls up and out of the blouse, so her ex-schoolgirl ‘boyfriend’ can keep her under control. Then he is paraded round the streets with another similar ‘girl’ and their two ‘boyfriends’ before the two ‘girls’ are put to bed in a caravan, whilst the ‘boys’ take their customary places; the first stage in a planned full takeover of their lives, leads to our young man being installed in the maids quarters, to learn that trade and life that life for the rest of her days—whilst his life and property is taken by the girl who ensnared him.< Less
A Group of Quebec: My First Case of the City Saint Anne of Beupré By Leonardo Assumpção
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It is a short story about a group of young people from Quebec. A boy drops the Michelle and he loses his key. Michelle begins looking for this boy along with his friends, she begins her first... More > adventure. It is a gentle story for teens to read.< Less
The Boys of San Rafael, Rough and Rowdy Rascals By Ann Winter
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Enjoy the mostly rowdy adventures of a group of boys growing up in Southern California after WWII. 8,773 words. 72 pages.
Super Useful Tips to Improve Boy Scouts By Edward Najera
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Are the parent of a male or female child? If you are, your child may come across a local Boy and girl Scouts group that is looking for new members. If your child is like many others, their interest... More > may peak. While a large number of parents give their boys and girls permission to join the Scouts of America without any thought, you may be looking for more information. With this ebook discover: - my top 20 boy scouts recommendations - Boy scouts tips that guarantee success - Mistakes in boy scouts that make you look dumb - How to become a Boy Scouts leader - And More GRAB A COPY TODAY!< Less
6-Six River Motor Boys on the Ohio By Harry Gordon
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In story six of the Six River Motor boys, the young men of the Rambler strike out to explore the Ohio rover. On their travels they run into and afoul of River men, pirates, moonshiners—one of... More > whom makes "aeroplanes" as he calls his liquor because it sends those who drink it sky high—giant cat fish, and strange trio of blue lights which suspicious folks say are the lights from the river cruiser, Mary Ann, lost to a mysterious explosion 20 years earlier. Each anniversary they make an appearance followed by an explosion. But, as the boys discover, it is a cover up for an even more nefarious group of people.< Less
2-The Boy Inventors and the Vanishing Gun By Richard Bonner
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In their second outing, the Boy Inventors agree to help a somewhat scatterbrained inventor when he runs into difficulties completing his "vanishing" self-moving gun for the Government.... More > While the gun is barely explored, the story is filled with mystery and many plot twists and turns as the boys try to track down a group of men who have stolen the invention's plans and model. Like the other books in this and other series, the story written in the early 1900s so there are some words that may seem to be incorrect, but that's just the way they spelled things back then. It also contains some wording that is racially insensitive by today's standards but has been left intact for historical purposes.< Less
Boys, Girls, and Everyone In-between By Caleb Blackwell
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This children's book is a simple, easy to understand guide to gender variance. The drawings are simplistic, and easy to recognize so that children of any age can learn the importance of living life... More > with gender variance in mind. Perfect for any age group (even adults!), this book gives a very basic glimpse into understanding key concepts regarding gender. I was very careful not to use any actual identifiers (ie transgender or transsexual) because people are SO much more than the words we put on them. Thank you for taking the time to include books like this in your child's upbringing.< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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